[TSE] Rumors from America x1

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    Use this thread to share any big and small happenings on America x1. Remember this thread is English language only.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Is there anyone playing this server? :popcorn:


    HksHks (Andreu) on ets company?

    Path to Pandora Wolfs CDH :teu01::teu06:

    Codex Victoria Irrelevantes N.S.N :hun01::hun04::teu01::teu06::rom03::rom06::egy03::egy06:

    Codex Victoria x2 Helio IQ :rom03::rom05::rom06::hun01::hun04::hun01::hun06:

    TX3.IT Irrelevanti ZUG :teu09:

  • yes!

    .pt4: Maximus :teu01:/.fr3: Medianus :rom02:/.fr6: Minimus :rom03:/.ptp: Medianus:egy02:/.as7: Minimus :gau02:/.2019 Qualify Group A: Azor Ahai :hun01:/.as4: Pissed Pigeons :teu01:/ .2019 Finals: Makhai :egy02:/.ts20xv: Apocalypse :hun01:/.as3: Legion :rom02:/ ts3: ??