Game Update: Release 819.9 Polarbear

  • The schedule rollout plan for Anglosphere servers:

    September 18h, 2020

    - United States (UTC -4): 09:03 am / 09:03

    - United Kingdom (UTC +1): 02:03 pm / 14:03

    - Australia (UTC +10): 11:03 pm / 23:03

    - Check with your local time here.

    Expected Downtime: ~ 10 min

    All the details about this new update in the next message!

  • Bugfixes:

    TL-8654 – Fixed issue where building demolition would sometimes instantly complete.

    TL-8628 – Fixed bug where WW villages had displayed incorrect resource fields.

    TL-8682 – Bug, where helmets would make the hair of the hero disappear, is fixed.

    Shadow Empires bugfixes:

    TL-8679 – Farmlist: Fixed wrongly displayed tribe of troops from villages of a different tribe than the account original tribe.


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