The Book of Wisdom - Episode 9 - The hint

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    The sun had just risen, and all the other visitors of the local inn were still sleeping. There was no one in the hall apart from the innkeeper – an old gray-haired Gaul – who was busy firing up the furnace and was humming an ancient melody of his tribe. A small pile of books was lying nearby on the floor. The innkeeper seemed to be indifferent to what the only other visitor was doing, allowing Quintus Maximus to fully concentrate on his thoughts.

    The old soldier once again looked at the map. This huge map was one of the main objects of interest in this local inn, which was generally unremarkable apart from the fact that it was located on the border that exactly separated two parts of the world. The left part was where Wonders of the World still dominated everybody’s life and the right part was where people were fighting for their factions.

    The events in both parts plotted a course toward global war. In the ancient lands of Europe, factions broke first lances with each other, fighting for supremacy and control over the regions. This time, there was something unusual about the whole situation: Battles were happening everywhere at different paces. The Huns and Egyptians – or the "new" tribes as people kept calling them although both had been quite present almost everywhere for a number of years – had bizarrely decided to avoid battle in some lands and not support anyone there. Would the rest survive without the famous Egyptian economy? Would the Gauls again show their skills hunting the sleepy garrisons instead of the mighty Huns? Only the time would tell.

    In some other lands, people were preparing to fight for construction plans in order to bring victory to their Wonder of the World and secure their position. This is where the Egyptians expected to shine as usual. Over the past years, whenever the new tribes took part in the race to build a Wonder of the World, the Egyptian tribe easily surpassed the others with its stunning architecture.

    The book could easily be taken to any of those lands. Quintus Maximus frowned. What should he do next? The trail of the book's current owner ended here, and no one knew where he had gone next. Factions or Wonders of the World? Which direction: right or left?

    He suddenly noticed a tiny corner barely visible under the large figure of the Egyptian Wonder of the World – one of the main decorations on the map. A very old piece of parchment that looked as if it had fallen out of an antique book. What's this? Another code? He took a closer look and noticed a small note in one of the corners of the parchment: "Odd number – left, even number - right".

    Was this a trap from a formidable enemy? A dirty trick? Or was the book itself giving him a hint? But why? What happened?

    Meanwhile, the innkeeper finally kindled a fire and did something Quintus Maximus had least expected him to do. He began to burn the books. The innkeeper looked back at the amazed Quintus Maximus and shrugged indifferently.

    "Oh, haven't you heard the new local decree, sir? The heralds announced it only yesterday. Any book older than 20 years is to be burned. Anyone found keeping such a book is to be sentenced to death without trial. The strangest decree ever, but what can we do?" He shrugged again and threw the last book into the fire.

    Now Quintus Maximus realized. The book was in fatal danger. And it was crying for help.

    Task: This is the code on the parchment, which was hidden on the map. Solve the code.


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    22.09.2020 - 09:00 UTC+1

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    28.09.2020 – 09:00 UTC+1

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    We will pick 6 random winners among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

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