Looking for a dual GMT -6/+6 timezone (Upcoming closed tournament server)

  • Hey there,

    We are currently playing on the qualification European Group Tournament Server and will qualify for the closed tournament. Sadly we have lost our 'nightdual'. Hence we are searching someone that has a timezone which is different than ours, something like GMT+/- 6.

    You will be joining an account on which there will be three other players all originating from different countries. We communicate through discord (and occasionally teamspeak and whatsapp) and speak english with each other. We are a semi-professional team that will play most likely as a roman once again.

    In case you have not qualified yourself or missed this server but would like to play on it with us, just hit us up and we can see if we can work things out. Possibly we could also get two extra guys from this timezone, so you can help each other. So if ur with a friend or so, that would be allright for us as well.

    You can contact us either by posting on this server, sending us a message, messaging us on discord (Kazziman (Bart)#8604) or steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/edricc/).

    Kind regards,

    Bart, Mert & Janzka.

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