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  • Dear players,

    We know this question has been raised almost daily within the community. What happened with the buildings’ appearance? You ran a survey, why were the results not shared just yet? Why is nothing being done about it?

    Believe us, we are not shying away from these questions. It is just that so far we could not give you any clear answers.

    Let’s start by saying that a lot has been done already behind the scenes, but no changes have been finalized or applied just yet.

    First of all, we have identified the two main issues in regards to the building look:

    • We want to acknowledge that a few tribes have been designed with color shades that are too similar and the community identified the Teutons buildings as the most problematic.
    • Some building shapes and details are too small to be recognized at first sight, which makes the buildings hard to find in a village filled with other buildings.

    The topic was handed over to our Director of Player Insights & Optimization, Steven. He started doing some research and internal tests to identify exactly which buildings needed a shape change to be more recognizable and to make sure we work on exact points that will improve the situation. Those tests gave us interesting results, but…

    Well, life got in the way. Unfortunately, Steven was unable to work for a long period and he is still not back to his duties (he will be soon). As soon as Steven is back, he will catch up and follow up on the topic.

    You may ask, why didn’t we hand the topic over to someone else. The answer is easy. There was no one else that could take over this matter.

    We are deeply sorry that you are still waiting, but we want to make sure you are aware that we are not hiding the topic under the carpet. Our number one priority is tackling it the right way and solving it once and for all before we start applying visible changes.

    We will keep you informed about this topic, as soon as Steven is fully back and starts working on it again.

    You can discuss this here.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Your Travian: Legends Team


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