Day 44 leaders' views maps

  • Flufie is really upset. He can't understand why anyone would want to ask the views of leaders when he has already told you what's what.

    I think the leaders almost all took it seriously. (Can you spot which one didn't?) Massive thanks to all who responded.

    In all maps, own alliance members are in light blue/cyan, confeds are in dark blue, NAPs are in yellow, alliances at war with are in red, and neutral players are in dark green.

    In alphabetical order..


    I received two replies from 2.01 representatives. (I wrote to more than one wing.) This map shows the first. The NAP with DND is described as being unofficial, and a reflection of a mutual disliking of TEN.

    Their second representative described them as being alone.

    In any event, it is clear where their attention is directed.


    I wrote to DND and DSD separately, and they gave slightly different replies. They agreed about the NAP with Gunners and war with TEN, but only DSD mentioned the war with NE.

    I should also have included, but didn't, DSD mentioned members not attacking 2.01. This is purely to avoid helping TEN.


    I don't really have anything to say about this one. Probably best ignored.


    This may be over simplifying things a little, but I think is probably a fair reflection of the situation right now. IKEA are taking pretty much all the attention of Goats. That won't last forever, though.


    The reply I received in-game was not from a leader, but from a very well informed and influential member. They describe the alliance as being at war with everyone, but currently Duat most of all.

    This position was essentially backed up by comments from Ajax in this forum.


    IKEA's representative sent a considered and very detailed message outlining their take on current situation, and also some considerations and future expectations.

    They were the only group to offer the names of support/tech wings for me to include. I prefer to say support, as they are described by IKEA as being more like proper members than purely there to boost 'main' accounts. I have amended the map to include all these hidden accounts which were specified in blue, making no distinction between them and any other IKEA account. I do not consider it my place, however, to name them.

    The way they describe the situation, the current war with Goats is not something they are committed to long-term. They are open to future cooperation or aggression with anyone. Doors are not closed to anything.


    The war with DND is described as being due to geographical positioning.

    Flufie's thoughts

    Overall, leaders are describing relations as being far less friendly than is generally depicted in this forum. No one claims to be part of a huge zerg meta type thing. Almost no one talks about having confeds.

    IKEA have named discreet tech/support wings. Would others be prepared to do the same?

    No one seems to like TEN :)

  • Gunners are at war with DND as you can clearly see.

    We cata'd all the village who were at our side of the NE quad and they got rid of all the villages we had at their side.

    Many .nl servers 🙅🏻‍♂️

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  • Thanks for the effort Pippin Lots of ground work made talking to leaders directly. Did you ask gow/goats/ten about screen shots I have ? I dare say tho they will prob prefer to hide that one from you.

    Some nice honest replies from dnd and dsd aswell. And interesting to hear that dsd are still doing battle and preoccupied with ne meta atm.

    Definitely War with ten is on the cards for dnd albeit eventually. I’m legitimately concerned though for dnd, by the time they start doing battle with ten it could be way too late.

    2.01 will likely be contained by then. Or worse another team like ikea or duat could start side tracking DnD from any mission, if an alliance like ikea takes heat off goats and goes for dnd, could be well after artis before dnd can even look at ten as targets again.

    No disrespect to dnd they are a known to hold back for a while, previously as vices they didn’t do many ops until much later in the game, one of the best supreme ninja turtle alliances I’ve seen and I mean that as a compliment, many have a preference to play this way, it’s given them a very successful edge especially by late mid to endgame.

    Where as alliances Like Gow/Gunners/ikea/duat are capable of significant ops well before artis.

    com2 there is no time here to be slackers, it’s fight first ask questions later, unfortunately for the goats they learnt that lesson the hard way, will dnd be next in line to learn that lesson too ?

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  • Cant belive some leader would answer sarcastic, damn trolls.

  • Cant belive some leader would answer sarcastic, damn trolls.

    Agreed. The nerve on people these days...

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  • I haven't played the game for a long time, it looks like a lot has changed. How do you get these maps?



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  • I haven't played the game for a long time, it looks like a lot has changed. How do you get these maps?

    I make them using an old mapping tool TrUtil to see where villages are and then edit them using GIMP. It takes a while.

  • It's quiet in here!!

    Flufie says it is time for an update. I'll be writing to people in each alliance in preparation. Even Set from Duat :)