The Book of Wisdom #10 - To the fire

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    Sometimes you prefer people knew exactly what your real price was and stopped wasting your power for nothing. But when you end up in the right hands, you suddenly realize that blissful negligence is what you really prefer.

    My current owners knew exactly what I am capable of. To some extent, that worked in my favor. They fixed my clasp, brushed my cover, stopped holding me in the inventory with weird stuff, and finally I experienced way better treatment than I had ever received during my previous past months of endless auctions. Did I feel happier? Quite the opposite, it frightened me out of my wits!

    So far, though, they had more urgent topics to discuss rather than decide my fate.

    "The approaching fight will be more intense than ever," said an old gray-haired Gaul, looking gloomy and tired. "We need to consider who we are siding with. The last thing I want is to repeat last year's story when our supposedly best friends and allies simply stabbed us in the back in the end and launched all their armies against our Wonder of the World. Not only did it cost us victory, it almost completely eradicated our armies. It took me a while to gather my followers back. But this time, all that my people want now is simply revenge."

    "If our primary goal were revenge, would we really need to side with anyone?" A blue-eyed Roman was lazily gazing at the others and seemed indifferent. "We can just establish our base, advance into our rival’s territory, and fight our best. I'm fairly sure that would make their chances of victory rather slim."

    "I don't agree," a Teuton woman, tall and strong, still beautiful in her mid-50s, stood up from her chair and came to the fireplace. "As much as I understand your feelings and your desire to take revenge, only aiming for victory can bring satisfaction to me and my people. I do not want our rivals to lose. That wouldn't be enough. I want them to see us winning."

    "Revenge would be nice, but building Wonders of the World is what we, Egyptians, have the best skills for," finally, the fourth and last person in the room spoke up. "I do not want to lose that opportunity. I'm for fighting for the win. But I guess we're two versus two here, so we should probably roll a dice? And, by the way, why are our enemies so scared of some old book that they're taking such extreme measures to make sure it gets burned? I saw lots of fires everywhere while I was traveling here."

    The old Gaul smiled.

    "This book, when used at the right time, is able to turn all their commanders into peasants forever, we just need to use it at the right time!"

    A knock interrupted him.

    "By the order of the king, open up!" A loud voice was heard clear behind the wooden door. "We have the order to arrest you for keeping forbidden manuscripts and to set the book on fire!"

    "How do they know we're here? Another betrayal?" "Get rid of the book immediately! The rest we can explain!" Those were the last words I heard. The Roman removed me from the shelf, put me into another dirty bag and threw me out of the window. I landed next to the pile of books that were waiting to be burned.

    TASK: This is the draw of the dice. Find which dice(s) it belongs to on the right.


    Detailed information

    Start Date / Time:

    October 5th, 2020 - 09:00 UTC+1

    Check with your local time here

    End Date / Time:

    October 12th, 2020 – 09:00 UTC+1

    Winners announced on:

    October 13th, 2020

    Winner chosen:

    We will pick 6 random winners among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

    Gold Voucher valid until:

    April 30th, 2021

  • excuse me for the double message there is 2 answer the E and the F

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  • NOTE: In English, the plural is "dice" and the singular is "die."

    Die A: No, the 2 would be diagonal in the opposite direction

    Die B: No, the 6 would run horizontally not vertically

    Die C: No, the 2 would be diagonal in the opposite direction

    Die D: No, the 6 would run horizontally not vertically

    Die E: YES, this is an accurate picture

    Die F: YES, this is an accurate picture

  • The answer is F


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