Are You A Fighter Or A Coward?

  • Hello! We landed to play on the server

    However, there are no rivals. Are there worthy people here who can compete? or like others ... scary?

    ru8(2011-2012) - Art13 (Капибары) ру17 2012-2013 - M&P(Бациллы)
    ru3(2011-2012) - Скифф (Кресты) - Strateg (Pluto)
    ru9(2012) -ЮморIst (Капибары) ЧМ (2012) - Lexter ( EA LEGIO)
    ру8(2013-2014)- Черный Пес ( Остров) ру1 МРП (КиШ) 2015
    Group D 2015 Sabaton (КиШ)

  • You choose the wrong server if you want competetion comrade.

    Com2 currently have 8-9 metas where alot of the players in every meta usually plays anglosphere.
    Anglo6 is currently still going where one of the stronger teams on anglo plays.
    Anglo3 is currently going with another few teams.
    Anglo1 just ended so thoose teams most likely want a break/plays com2 instead.

    Just delete & get ready for finals instead 8)