Are You A Fighter Or A Coward?

  • Hello! We landed to play on the server

    However, there are no rivals. Are there worthy people here who can compete? or like others ... scary?

    ru8(2011-2012) - Art13 (Капибары) ру17 2012-2013 - M&P(Бациллы)
    ru3(2011-2012) - Скифф (Кресты) - Strateg (Pluto)
    ru9(2012) -ЮморIst (Капибары) ЧМ (2012) - Lexter ( EA LEGIO)
    ру8(2013-2014)- Черный Пес ( Остров) ру1 МРП (КиШ) 2015
    Group D 2015 Sabaton (КиШ)