Battle Simulator option for Alliance scoutings.

  • Low priority thing, but would be convenient.

    When you scout a certain village, report looks like this:

    You can see everything and you have the Battle Simulator icon available to use, which already neatly fills out most of the simulator fields.

    However, when an alliance member scouts a certain village, you get this:

    As you can see, the Battle Simulator button is now gone, meaning if you were to attack this after someone else scouted, you'd have to input everything in manually, opposed to already having that button do it all for you.

    It's not a problem to do it by hand from scratch of course, but if we already have the Battle Simulator button feature, might as well use it for all alliance members as well.

    Sure, 2 more buttons are gone, but you can't use Attack again, because you weren't the one attacking in the first place. The Add to farm list however is also something that could potentially also be available to others inside the alliance, but that isn't as inconvenient, as you can click on village name and select ''Add to farm list'' from there anyway.

  • Information is vital key information in battle. I think this is going to be too advantagious for raiders. However, scouting is also a key part of warfare so I'm conflicted. I like the idea but maybe it should be vague like on a scale from absent to abundant?