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  • why not turn around settlers if you bounce on the way to a new village? It totally sucks to work your butt off to get sets fast then bounce halfway to a cropper and have to finish the walk. If you sent on a boonies cropper and bounce...your round may be over...nothing Is worse than watching your settlers walk 7 hrs to a cropper and watch it dissappear 2 hrs prior to your arrival and having to wait 9 hrs to resend....but its ok...watching every 150% go bye bye while your waiting is fun entertainment...I love it!

  • It's a risk/reward assessment. Do you go for a close by cropper with lower % or one further away with higher % bonus. Do you go for a central cropper, or a border cropper, which probably has a lot of people going for it, or one further out - etc.

    However, I do think it would be fine to change it so the settlers start returning as soon as the village is settled - i.e. reducing the impact it has, while still keeping the risk/reward aspect (it seems like this is what you're suggesting too, but I have seen even more radical suggestions, e.g. to have them return instantly, and I don't like that personally).

    Edit: TG did bring this up for discussion with ambassadors, as it was a very popular discord request (and I said the same as I did above - it's okay to reduce the disadvantage you get from it, but not removing it completely).

  • I’ve personally always thought there was still plenty of risk if you send the settlers on a 36 hour walk only to have to wait 36 hours for them to walk back. Seems quite excessive and by that point you tend to be better off deleting - which is counter productive for the game.

    Let’s say the turn back once it’s settled is implemented. Let’s say you are beaten by 5 minutes on a 24 hour trek. You save a whopping 10 minutes out of 48 hours. At that point (and for a fair bit of time before then), this change would be useless.

    Instant return while an odd mechanic in some ways would still punish you with settlers out of play for 24 hours + the walking time to a new location. Still plenty of risk and punishment if you get beaten imo.

    Alternatively and perhaps as a “compromise” of sorts would be for settlers to return at 2x or 3x speed, either when they reach the settled village or as soon as it is settled. A 48 hour round trip can turn into a 36 or 32 hr trip for the first option or something less for the second.

    I’m personally still partial to the instant even if it’s an odd mechanic but I know there are people who are/would be against it. (I would say they are wrong and trapped in the past, which I must say it’s refreshing to be able to say)

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  • Instantly is stupid as freak, they just need to turn back around at their regular walk speed once the location they are walking to has been settled by someone else.

    People need to get punished big time when going for risky croppers, everything else would damage the game.

    High risk, high reward.

  • Yes. I dont think instant returns is the answer. Just a turn around like on arties. Imagine artie day if you walked all the way to the artifact even if it was already gone. That would suck..but.. Same high risk high reward concept.