Artifact Spawning Locations Guide

  • Hello,
    Great guide.
    Do you know how is the rotation to each server please?

  • I think the first one is chosen pretty much at random. Then all the others are worked out from that one.

  • hi ,

    very untersting ! thanks
    I will do excel table with all the cases uniques articfacts (56 cases) , and i will do graphics with positions

    i don't understand one sentence :
    the Rival's Confusion artifacts are at a radius of 3.5Ru

    what dost it means ??

    I understand that Ru is the radius of the circle of unique artifacts , yes or not ?
    circle of unique artifacts has a radius between 40 to 70 , so radius of big artifacts is between 3.5*40 to 3.5*70 ? ?? not possible, i mistake somewhere but i have some difficulties to translate !!

    (sorry for english, I'm franch, I do my best ! )

  • Yes; it just means 3.5*40 to 3.5*70 so between 140 and 245 squares from 0,0 for the large rival's confusions

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    Posted by: lyli
    On: 24.08.2013 09:10 PM

    Hi every boby

    I do the same work with artifacts and buildings'plans (plans de constructions des merveiles du monde) on french server;
    It's the same as your analysis

    the link of french forum :