Cage Craft? Trapper's BUFF + Workshop new use

  • Why not just make an option cage craft in game? :item09::item09::item09::item09::item09::item09::item09::item09:

    Gaul's trapper get fast useless after early game, of course always will be the fear on attacking a Gaul and get a bigger number of your troops captive.

    Imagine, Gauls special building allows player to craft Traps or Cage by choose early in the game, so they can decided if prefer nature's troops rather than Traps, allowing them easy ways to clean oasis early game.

    Obviously it will be Overpower compare to other races that cannot, that's why Romans and Germans can use the workshop at level 5 (investigate on academy) the option too to craft Cages.

    About balance... Elephant are best value to use Cages (worth 11 :gau01: 4k ) compare to a Rat (worth 1/2 :gau01: 0,16k)

    So decide a value in resources should be something between 1k-2k (250 :lumber::clay::iron::crop:???). This cost is high so Traps over Cage still cheaper to Craft, but can be cheap too ( 0,5k? worth an :elephant: ). Cages can be sold.

    Additional, should be a number max of animals allow in village (like natural population balance), after that maximum :nocrop::nocrop::nocrop: need to be added or ZOO will become the new defensive meta. Actually it is, but payed with DOLLARS :crocodile:

    Leave Comments please :)

    This is where after investigated on academy, should Cage appear to craft, just like rams and catapults.


  • this is an interesting concept. It also adds a variety in the game. However, they may outplay the human soldiers. It is also not feasible to tame a pack of rats, serpents, or swarms of bats and spiders. the big beasts from boar to elephant are realistic enough. Maybe there should be another job that captures and cultivate the smaller creatures from bats to rats but they act as traps that would swarm invaders when triggered.