Architect's challenge contest results

  • Dear players,

    As you might remember, on the 20th of February we initiated the Architect’s challenge contest where we asked you to think about a tribe-specific building that fits the game and that could possibly be implemented in the future.

    The contest got a lot of attention from the community and we would like to thank all participants who invested their time and effort into developing the new building ideas. We received 293 ideas in total that met the requirements of the contest!

    Unfortunately, back in February 2020 we still didn’t know how much the real life situation would interfere with our plans of implementing new buildings in the game. We all had to adjust to the changing conditions across the world and we are very sorry that we couldn’t finish this contest the way we had originally planned and define the final winner.

    Still, we would like to complete this contest in the right way and grant prizes to 5 ideas (instead of one) that have been selected – one new building idea per tribe.

    After thorough consideration and consulting with Game Design, we defined 5 ideas as the final winners. Please, keep in mind, that at times players offered similar ideas with minimal differences. In this case the winner has been chosen randomly from those players.

    And now, on to the final winners:

    Tribe Building Concept Player Community


    Colosseum (only capital)

    Gives Culture bonus to Great and Small Celebrations.




    Potion boiler (only capital)

    Gaul alternative of the brewer. Increases the defense bonus of Gaul troops. The effect lasts for 72 hours. During this time, the Trapper and the Cranny can be selected as a target and chieftains are less persuasive.




    Steel factory (any village)

    Reduces training time for rams at 1% per level.




    Attila's Camp (only capital)

    Requirement: Academy 20

    Effect: Decreases training time in Barrack and Stable




    Pyramid (only capital)

    Gives additional bonus when attacking with Nomarchs.

    безумный кот


    The winners will be contacted via forum PM to hand over the Gold vouchers.

    The winners were defined based on the buildings descriptions/characteristics that matched the contest requirements. The development team can't promise that those ideas will be implemented in the game or/and when it happens. Sorry for this misunderstanding.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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