📖 The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands 📖 Chapter I: The Natarian king's big mistake

  • 📖 The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands 📖

    Chapter I: The Natarian king's big mistake

    After having travled for a week since he left his Tower of Archive, the famous Historian came to the Travian land COM4, so he could watch the final brick be placed on the Teutonic Wonder of the World. that was owned by the alliance TDE-SW, and at the same time visit the local Natarian king. At the Natarian captital, he could see armies after armies being against the Natarian enemy Wonder of the World in the hope to delay them.

    However the Historian wondered he though, why did he not begin to build the Natarian Wonder of the World, so he asked the king; "Why havn't you started building on your Wonder of the World, your majesty?"

    "Well", said the king, and continued, "I want to give them a tiny chance, and make them believe they even had a chance to win over the Natarian tribe".

    But the Historian didn't belive him; "but, havn't you given them enough time? Afterall it seems they need a few hours before they finish" said the Historian. "I do admit it seems odd we havn't begun" said the king nervous, while he looked at the Teutonic Wonder of the World". But then a Natarian Knight hurred in and said "my king, our amy has just been destroyed at their walls, and now are putting the last brick on their Wonder of the World!", by these words, the king knew he made a very big mistake in not immediately gave order to build his Wonder of the World the moment the Construction Plans was found by the tribes.

    "Well", said the Historian, "it seems my visit is over here, as it seems you will not claim victory" and then he left the Natarian king and went to the Teutonic Wonder of the World and told the winners, he has come to collect information for his Archives and to present the world the winners in form of a Hall of Fame.


    The COM4 (March 2020 - October 2020) has ended, and you can now find the Hall of Fame on COM4: Won by TDE-SW (March 2020 - October 2020).

    Did you play on COM4 and want to share your experience, reports or honor your alliance member for their good work? Then you can do it in this thread.


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