๐Ÿ“– The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands ๐Ÿ“– Chapter II: The fastest world

  • ๐Ÿ“– The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands ๐Ÿ“–

    Chapter II: The fastest world

    After spending his time in a gallic inn, the Historian happens to hear about an odd rumor about what lies beyond the nearby forest, so he decided to leave to investigate it. When he arrived to the forest he meet an old teutonic man who hailed him to stop.

    "It is a good thing I stopped you before you went into the forest" said the old man, and the Historian asked; "Is it because of the rumors about what lies beyond the forest?" "No" answered the old man, and continued, "it is because, that anyone that goes in, will never return back". "That dosn't sound well, but I have deciced to go in" said the Historian and sterred his horse towards the forest entry, while he heard a low sigh from the old man and said "here goes another one".

    A few days later, the Historian was still in the forest, and began to think, he may have made a mistake, but has he thought that, a bright light blinded him and he was no longer in the forest, but on a hill where he could see armies of diffrent tribes clashing each other and faraway, he could see some Wonder of the Worlds being built very very fast. But what surprised him, the lands was covered in brown leaves, which was odd, as it was still summer, but here it seemed to be autumn, and whats more surprised him, the day and night cycled so fast that it him remember this isn't first time he has seen this and how annoying it was to be disturbed by wounded heralds. After all, his Tower of Archive is bording to four lands that had this fast day and night cycle. It already seemed to be years ago he last was home, perhaps the speed is affecting him he thought, and steerd his horse to the egyptian Wonder of the World which looked like it was the one who will end the wars in this land. As the Historian got closer to the gate, he could see the globe on the Wonder now was covered in running water from the top, and then knew it was time to honor the winners and the fallen and ask the guard to be let in, so he could collect informations for his Archive.

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