Where am I?

  • Reverse image lookup has got a lot better, apparently it's


    View of a horseman near Qunu, Transkei, South Africa, 1988. During the apartheid era, Transkei was one of several government-designated 'homelands.' It is now located in the Eastern Cape Province which remains one of the most rural and poorest of the 9 provinces. It was Nelson Mandela's ancestral homeland and birthplace.

    His funeral had been somewhere in the same region a couple of months before your post (but still quite a long gap)

  • I tried reverse look up too but didn't want to spill the beans :P still not good enough in my opinion considering it can't find basic facial images.

    Maybe I had Labi Siffre on repeat when I posted it. Still perculiar I would say I was there mentally.

    "It’s only when the tide goes out that you see who was swimming naked."

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