Ambassador - Workshop #5 - Marketplace & Trade Routes Highlights and results

  • Our last Workshop was about marketplace and trade routes.

    The things we discussed in workshop:

    :arrow_right: What are the must have of a reworked system?

    :arrow_right: What are the nice to have of a reworked system?

    :arrow_right: What is not necessary in the system?

    :arrow_right: What are the possible feature/improvements that could be tested on Annual Special?

    Here is a list about what we decided to put on "Must have" -list and these things have highest Priority:

    Trade routes - want to batch edit my trade routes (included enable/disable multiple trade routes)
    Trade routes - want to improve editing like for farm list. Possibility to give names to trade routes
    Trade routes - want to be able to delete trade routes to specific destinations (filter villages, or sort by villages)
    Send Resources - When filling the amounts of the resources, I want to click the resource icon to fill the field with the remaining merchant capacity instead of full merchant capacity.
    Send Resources - want the page to not refresh when you are in the middle of entering information
    Send Resources - want to be able to cancel sending merchants [FOLLOW UP NEEDED – this can only be set with exceptions which need to be further discussed.]

    You can find the results of the discussion here

    and the whole original post from here

    You can also talk about these things in this thread or comment for example the option to be able to cancel sent merchants - pros and cons?

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