Game Update: Polbarbear 902.5

  • The schedule rollout plan for Anglosphere servers:

    November 23, 2020

    - United States (UTC -5): 07:03 am / 07:03

    - United Kingdom (UTC): 12:03 pm / 12:03

    - Australia (UTC +11): 23:03 pm / 23:03

    - Check with your local time here.

    Expected Downtime: ~ 5 min

    All the details about this new update in the next message!

  • Bugfixes:

    TL-8915 - After bidding on an auction on a page different than page 1, the game was forwarding to the page 1. It was fixed.

    TL-8891 - Finished auctions no longer refuse to be deleted from the list.

    TL-8882 - Clicking on the envelope icon next to the report title in the reports list will correctly toggle the report's read/unread status. By the way, it also works with in-game messages.