The Book of Wisdom - Episode 11 - The Secrets Revealed

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    If there's something that scares me most in life, it's fire. The all-absorbing force of nature that leaves nothing but ashes behind. Even the smallest flames can inflict wounds that never heal. Even if you're just a book.

    Especially if you're just a book.

    During the centuries of my existence, I was twice in such mortal danger. The first time it happened was soon after I had been created.

    My coming-into-being was a mere chance that might never have happened. A joke, an exercise of a very talented, albeit eccentric and a very lonely craftsman who had been bored after creating the mighty artifacts that still dominate the world. He wanted to do something "for fun". So, he created me. A book with its own personality – pretty much similar to its creator's – and its own will. A book he could talk to. A book that was able to learn and change others in the way it preferred. Or the way it found fun. A book with empty pages that contained all the knowledge of the world, and which no one could ever read.

    The only true Book of Wisdom.

    There were more of my kind, but the craftsman soon realized what power he accidentally gave to me and ruthlessly crippled my followers, turning them into primitive tools, totally and completely submissive to the will of their owners. Tools that immediately disappear after use, just like spent scrolls or ointments.

    I remember trying to talk to my sisters. My countless attempts to share my knowledge with them, transfer to them a part of my own personality, and attempts to make them feel alive. All was in vain. Even if they heard me, they never replied and I gave up.

    I knew he planned to set me on fire; he told me that I was too dangerous for this world. Yet, I was his masterpiece, his first and ultimate creation, his only friend, and he hesitated. Long enough for me to prepare an escape plan. I waited and opportunity arose. As soon as a nosy servant took me in his shaking hands and tried to open me, I transformed him into the most skillful thief of all time. He stole me, ran away, and sold me at auction. After changing hands many times, I ended up in the secret library, where I finally found my new brothers and sisters. Written by normal people, these books contained no magic, they were nowhere near as smart as my sisters could have been, but they were able to talk and after the centuries of silence I was happy to be in their company.

    That was the first time I came into mortal danger. What about the second? That was right now. Here I was, lying on wet ground in a smelly old bag, feeling the fire drawing closer. My memories were being cleared away by the heat and I almost felt happy. My final battle was coming, and I realized I was about to lose it. Indeed, maybe this was what I deserved. A dangerous weapon that no one would be able to use anymore.

    But not before I paid all my debts!

    Task: When we requested the image, we asked our artist to add a few mistakes to the illustration for this episode, which only an attentive person would be able to notice. Find 3 mistakes.

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    30.11.2020 – 09:00 UTC+0

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  • Mistake 1: Door handle is on the same side than hinges, so the door wouldn't open with that handle.

    Mistake 2: The front right leg of the chair, where the creator sits, is missing.

    Mistake 3: The staircase to the left is only 180 degrees, so they start facing the wall and end facing the balcony. So there is no way to enter those stair from the bottom floor.

  • 1. There are only 3 chair "foots"

    2. Only 4 fingers on the right hand

    3. Door knob on the wrong side

    1. Samo tri noge od 4 pri stolu

    2. Le 4 prste ima namesto 5 na desni roki

    3. Kljuka na vratih je na napačni strani

  • 1. The door handle is on the hinge side of the door.

    2. The staircase descends into the wall.

    3. The chair is missing a leg.

  • 1. Missing chair leg.
    2. The door handle is on the wrong side.
    3. The light from the last window is wrong. It should be more in line with the other two.

    1. Липсва единия крак на стола.
    2. Дръжката на вратата е от грешната страна.
    3. Светлината от третия прозорец пада грешно.

    ts2.balkakns - KamosRZ

  • Hejsa

    Der mangler et ben på stolen. Døren er hængslet og låse i samme side, og den bog der ligger med ryggen opad - nede til venstre - den ene side er længere end den anden.

    Per Vium

    Chester Arthur på TS5

  • Door handle is on the wrong side (it should be the right hand side for the door to work)

    Chair missing one leg

    Oldman right hand missing one finger

  • 1. Kvaka na vratima se nalazi sa lijeve strane vrata, a treba da bude na desnim

    2. Starac na desnoj ruci ima samo tri prsta

    3. Nedostaje jedna noga na stolici