Day 100 maps, facts and artefacts

  • Hi. It looks like stuff has changed, so here's a Flufie update! Thanks to Mist who compiled some data on the initial spread of artefacts after they have been taken.

    Here is an some general data around the groups which are being looked at, in order of total population:

    The column on the far right shows the average number of combined off and def points per member, which could be argued as being a measure of how much fighting has been taking place. This could be disputed, as of course these points can come about in a number of ways. We, for the purposes of this post, are interpreting higher average as more aggressive/having to defend, and lower average as more simming/calm.

    Flufie says we should no longer go quad by quad, as those artificial boundaries are not so important.

    All diplomatic relations illustrated in the maps below are based upon what leading representatives from the alliances themselves describe.


    A leader from Gunners simply says war with GoW and DND, so all others are shown in grey.

    Gunners are surely to be taken seriously, with the highest total population and the most offense points. And their biggest asset of course, Batman. Flufie says he'd like for Batman to write a novel concerning the adventures on com2.

    Gunners have a disappoinntingly mediocre average kill rate. Are they just warming up?

    TEN and 2.01

    A leader of TEN describes the two as being allied. Here you see TEN in blue, and 2.01 in green.

    Second largest alliance, TEN, and 2.01 between them are the largest group on the server. Will 2.01 end up being the subervient member of the team? Flufie thinks so.


    I had two replies from GoW members, with nothing really to say. It is well documented they have been struggling to control Duat - what they will do now is a mystery to Flufie. They have a high average population, and are good at going somewhat unnoticed.


    Diplomatic efforts were very dramatically affected at the time of the IKEA attacks. It seems that not only did Goats lose their ally in IKEA, but they became hesitant to do much of anything. Still, they are a large group with strong members, and managed to get the greatest number of artefacts.

    Will Goats manage to move on from the betrayal, and will they have the impact on the server they are capable of? Flufie certainly hopes so.

    Duat and IKEA

    Here they are. The bad boys and girls of the server! Depending upon who you ask, you will get very different opinions of these alliances. It has been confirmed however, they are now allied, so here you see them together (IKEA in blue, Duat in green).

    Their strategy is bold. Some say they might struggle to make friends, Flufie says they probably don't care about such trivial things as being popular. IKEA have a very high aggression score and average pop, Duat not so much. Maybe Duat just had an easier time? (I have included NoSpies and Strange with Duat, which will have affected the numbers.)

    These come across as probably the best prepared and most well planned groups.

    Perhaps as expected, they have taken the majority of the unique artefacts. Below is a further map making clear the extend of their ambition in this department, which may give some hint as to how well they think they can achieve more broadly.


    Errm.. they don't like Gunners! Batman seems to know a lot about them.


    They seem to be losing any significance. Heading the same way NE alliance and ZEN went?? Flufie thinks so.

  • Hi,

    Flufie said it was taking too long yesterday and ran away to hide. He has now been saying he wanted to include a few charts showing some of the data he gathered. There was talk of giving every alliance group a Flufie rating and rank, and putting them into order, but we agreed that would go too far outside of remaining impartial observers.

    The data in the extract from a spreadsheet in the above post treats all alliances as autonomous. However, it is surely fairer to also show the impact of those who are now known to be allied together.

    These are, again, in order from largest total population to smallest.

    It can clearly be seen that Gunners are no longer to be regarded as the largest, in any regard. They do not have the most members, they do not have the most population, they do not have the highest average account size, they do not have the most of any type of artefact, they do not have the most off or def points, and they have the second lowest average kill rate per member.

    Perhaps it is time to stop speaking of them as if they are the runaway favourites? Flufie is interested how Batman will spin things now. Most likely with eloquance and plenty of war rhetoric. No doubt he'll say they do have the most gunning power, or something to that effect, though Flufie says their advantage here would be easily overstated.

    TEN and 2.01 are the biggest group, looking ready to fight.

    Duat and IKEA have the most unique artefacts, including the Unique diet control and The trainers unique talent. These could make a real, tangible difference to game dynamics, so says Flufie. The Nordic alliance, surely at this stage, can no longer claim to be small nor underdogs?

    Goats and GoW are showing they are not to be underestimated.

    Others have said it many times already, and we now agree, this server is starting to look very interesting.

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  • How does Gow have 118 members only ?

    Im counting 174 here, and im not even sure if the ally WoW and GOVV are with them either, if we wanna count them too thats 190 accounts lmao

    Meanwhile gunners have more than 197 accounts too, around 220 if im sure.

    Many .nl servers 🙅🏻‍♂️

    NoMercyy | comb | 2014

    msB |Winner of com2 | GUNNERZ | 2017/18

    msB | com3 | PP | 2018/19

    Nomercy | comx | IDTS | 2019 winter

    msB |Winner of com2 | TEN | 2019/20

  • Apologies, looks like I missed GoW.. wing. In all previous analyses I included GoW, GoW. and GoW.., and I think they are all in the maps, but not in the data here.

    I have never heard of WoW being part of them, nor of GOVV.

    Previously I have asked representatives of all alliances featured in my maps whether there are wings I don't know about/techs, and only IKEA was forthcoming. Plus I know pretty much about Goats. No other group named any extra wings. As a result of this, I am not including hidden wings in any group, to maintain fairness amongst them within the analyses themselves.

    Are GOVV known to be part of GoW, or is this speculation?

    With Gunners, I looked GUNNERS, GUNNERZ, GUNN3RS and Goofers wings. Right now, there are 206 members in those wings. Maybe some have joined, or some were temporarily away at the time of my analysis?

    Can you say where you get 220 from? If there are known wings I am not including, then certainly I would like to know about them so they can be included in the future. If, however, they are hidden or techs, I am not interested, unless a comprehensive list of all hidden and techs on the server can be provided to maintain fairness,

  • Thanks. I'll include them in anything done in the future.

    You’ll need to include wow too since they’ve also joined in together with gow ops.

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  • Ök then. If people here in the forum are willing to help, I will add the tech/hidden/support wings of alliances to my list, which I use when making these analyses.

    The AID number at the start is what I actually use to identify a group in-game. It is more reliable than an alliance name, as it cannot be changed (without abandoning the alliance and starting a new one).

    This is what I have at this stage. Confeds (Like IKEA and Duat) are shown apart as they have different leadership, though would maybe be put together at the time of showing stats/maps.

    If you know of any other wings of any of these groups which should be included, please just reply saying who and I'll update accodgingly.


    AID 33 Gow

    AID 69 Gow.

    AID 131 Gow..

    AID 533 GOVV

    AID 3 Duat

    AID 107 NoSpies

    AID 244 Strange

    AID 236 WoW


    AID 218 Goofers




    AID 18 DND

    AID 60 DSD


    AID 64 Goatters


    AID 29 GOATZ

    AID 8 IKEA

    AID 315 ME

    AID 469 ME 2

    AID 13 Potpot


    AID 5 TEN - AD

    AID 24 TEN Y

    AID 73 TEN X

    AID 141 TEN-TSE

    AID 124 2.01-X

    AID 132 2.01-A

    AID 444 2.01-D

    You’ll need to include wow too since they’ve also joined in together with gow ops.

    I think we've both been playing long enough to know that joining in some attacks together does not make them the same group.

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  • Well I think it took people like 70d to realize potpot was IKEA so maybe it will take 150d for people to realize that WoW is GoW techs. Or maybe they're not before the end of the server thread, whatever

  • Well I think it took people like 70d to realize potpot was IKEA so maybe it will take 150d for people to realize that WoW is GoW techs. Or maybe they're not before the end of the server thread, whatever

    you insluting us by thinking WoW are our techs!!