How does hero raiding oases work?

  • Hey guys,

    I am active t4.5 player and i focus a lot of my hero training and raiding on oases. i was working on calculators to do just that. but one thing i can not find anywhere is how does hero combat works when it comes to fighting oases.

    I understood all of the bonus to a defensive from this article: Combat System: Formulas when it comes to basic combat. But it speaks nothing about reducing attackers combat.

    Note that at one part it talks about amount of troops effecting combat, but from my testing what effects your attacking points is the amount of defensive points not a troop count. you can check it by testing with bats and elephants that represents same amount of defensive points.

    What is strange that when hero basic stats and bonus from items is reduces the less defensive power oases have. I would like to understand in formulas how that works.

    What i notice is that if i select certain amount of troops and my hero, the more oases defensive power is from nature the more offensive power my hero would have.

    Simple example (add this to calculator and see for your self

    If you add hero of 10,000 (roman at 99 points to strength no items)

    and 10,000 points of defensive against cavalry (1 spider, 4 bat, 39 tigers)

    Yet your offensive points in calculators comes up to 7,951‬ points instead of 10,000.

    But if you keep increasing the amount of defensive points that also changes your offensive points. (good way to use beers as it is 200, and every 5 adds 1k exactly)

    What strange that increasing defensive points actually increases offensive points beyond actually hero points that you can see on a hero menu.

    So how does this work? there is some hidden formula that compares attacker points and defender points and gives bonus or decrease to attacker comparing how much defensive point oases have.

    I would appreciate some insight for those who understands this as it seems kirilloid have got it almost right missing it by 1 troops from my tests.


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  • This is ROUGHLY the formula:

    Morale penalty = 1 - 0.33 * (1 - enemy pop / your pop)

    1 is the max and 0.67 is the minimum.

    If you want to figure it out exactly I'd suggest you use the combat sim to create datapoints and then do a nonlinear regression.