[7Days] Rumors from 7 Days

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    Use this thread to share any big and small happenings on 7 Days during its seven days run. Remember this thread is English language only.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Mucha propaganda para algo que durara solo 7 dias :/

    ¿Alguien sabe que alianzas iran? :P

    Lots of propaganda for something that will last only 7 days :/

    Does anyone know what alliances will go? :P

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  • if its a world with normal rules its us against time and wilderness to get a second villages ASAP

    Why :teu06:Teutonic Knight :teu06: Move At 9 Units ?


    I'm Sure He Is Riding The Sword And Attacking With The Horse!

  • Does anyone know what alliances will go? :P

    Since its 7days x1 speed - I don't think anyone is in need of an alliance.

  • no ww, no arties, normal speed 7 days which should be 5 days of bp i believe ... I want to do it to practice starts.

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    s1r11 - Asmoti
    s19 - Tequila

  • Is this so slow for everyone else that it keeps timing out? Took me 12 minutes just to register. And I've timed out 4 times waiting for actions of any kind to happen after I click anything.

  • Sorry for the double post. But the server will no longer allow any actions. Can we get a rollback when you have it fixed so we all start on the same basis?

  • there is no register for server

    register came late
    email came late
    when i got in first in rank was 95 Population
    but none of them matter because

    The new system of daily tasks is excellent and plays a big role in the development of the village in the early days, both in terms of population and resources, and in terms of the experience of the hero. However, it is still in beta and has not been completed. I hope it gets better and better as well

    thanks to developing team for this changes:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Why :teu06:Teutonic Knight :teu06: Move At 9 Units ?


    I'm Sure He Is Riding The Sword And Attacking With The Horse!

  • so far I only come across two things that is hard for me to wrap my brain around..
    1) why is the task of getting residens to level 12 ?
    Makes no sence as it's only needet in lvl 10 to settle 2nd village

    2) not as much an issue as a question...
    when clicking the forum page link IG, a new tab with the same screen is just opened

    else the new system works great, and the new tasks with citywalls and crannys are excelent for new players, as the old tasks only told one to build them, and not to witch lvl that might have fooled ppl to thing a cranny in lvl 1 was enough

  • We have to hold a Protest against level 12 Residence Task:evil::evil:

    Why :teu06:Teutonic Knight :teu06: Move At 9 Units ?


    I'm Sure He Is Riding The Sword And Attacking With The Horse!

  • How did y'all pull this off? I'm not even close in terms of CP without the +500 from tutorial

    Avant, dans cette signature, y'avait des liens vers des RPs cool sur l'ancien forum.
    Mais ça, c'était avant :(

  • Pop 250 to 280
    CP 200+ per day
    Resources 2700+ per hour
    4 parties


    egyption hero factory8)

    just make warehouses and do some task from new task system hero will lvlup and make more resources

    sit let him fill warehouses and party all time

    in 4 days you can settle second village

    Why :teu06:Teutonic Knight :teu06: Move At 9 Units ?


    I'm Sure He Is Riding The Sword And Attacking With The Horse!