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  • Dear players,

    we are happy to announce that in the next release (already available on PTR) we will implement 2 changes that have been requested by the Ambassadors and the Community.

    The first change is about the behavior of settlers

    Source Code: Release 936
    TL-8795 - Settlers start returning home immediately if their target spot is taken

    This change was requested both from the Ambassadors and as well from the community, below you can see the Discord voting in regards of it.


    What does this mean exactly?

    Imagine you send your settlers on a 10 hours trip. After 1 hour into their journey, someone settled exactly where you wanted to settle.
    The settlers get informed about it, and u-turn to travel back home. They will return in this case after 1 hour.
    If someone settles 1 hour before their arrival, therefore 9 hours after your settlers left their home village, they will travel back for 9 hours instead of the full 10 hours.

    The second change is about informing the Alliance Leaders that a member of their alliance got punished or warned

    Source Code
    TL-8773 – When an alliance member is banned, the alliance leader will be notified with an IGM

    This is pretty straight forward, all players with the status alliance leader will receive a private message when a member gets a punishment or a warning. The message will not contain sensitive information and it will look as the image below.

    To note:

    • Only Alliance leaders with "assign to position" rights will receive this notification.
    • Alliance leaders will not be informed about payment issues related bans.


    As soon as we will have a full release schedule we're going to post it as usual in the Patch Note Section, on the Trello Calendar and on Discord.

    You can discuss the changes on Discussion: Change of settlers behavior and more transparency for Alliance Leaders.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


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