Mitigate the usage of techs ideas

  • A few ideas to mitigate the impact of tech usage:

    No animals in oasis the first week

    Nobody can send ressources to each other the first week (except through normal marketplace offers)

    Remove (or in some way change) vacation mode

    Bring back the idea of "An account needs to be played for the benefit of its own" and just be more strict with the bans.

  • That rule, as written, was a nightmare to enforce, or even to interpret. And it was usually invoked by someone that was losing,or that took it literally. Taking that rule literally, you could not help your teammates with anything. Because it took away from your own account.
    Point 2: Tech accounts and vacation mode are separate issues.
    Now on to the basic assumption your whole post is about. And that is the assumption that tech accounts are bad things.
    An actual tech account is an account played by a real player for the benefit of a team or of an individual account. Some people just go crazy when others settle village 2 ahead of them. Well, I've got some news for those players. You can settle late on day 5 or on day 6 WITHOUT using a tech. Which means only a very small number of players will get ahead of you if you are good at your starts. It also sounds like you want to keep the rest of your alliance from helping the laggards get out the door. You want to see outrage among the player base, you just go ahead and change the rules so you are unable to do that.
    This is a TEAM game. The teams that are best at helping each other out are the teams people want to play with. And they tend to be the teams that win.
    Learn the game. Find a good team. And I think your opinions will change.