📖 The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands 📖 Chapter III: Shadow Empires

  • 📖 The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands 📖

    Chapter III: Shadow Empires

    Bewildered at first, after looking at the new map, that he had to acquire when he entered the lands called Shadows Empires, he finaly arrived to his destination, a Hun village in the faction called Horde, he could knock on his friends door.

    "Welcome old friend" said the man who opened the door, and continued; "It looks like you where able to find the way". "Well, it wasn't easy" said the Historian and said "Could not believe what I read in your letter, that the local Natarian King decided to changes how people in these lands could gain dominance over each other". "It is an interesting concept, and were sceptical at first, but since it was a decree from the king, we had to accept it and try it out" answered the old friend. "Since it is late, we should go to bed" said the old friend. And the Historian agreed and they went to bed.


    The next morning, both the Historian and the old friend heard a few knocks on the door, and to the Historian's surprise, it was a herald, who somehow managed to find him. "Here is the scroll with these lands information" said the herald and handed the scroll to the Historian and left. "Well", said the Historian, and continued; "I better get started with the Hall of Fame", and sat down and took out his book and ink he had in his satchel and then rolled out the scroll and began scribbling down in the book.

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