๐Ÿ“– The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands ๐Ÿ“– Chapter IV: Factions

  • ๐Ÿ“– The Historian's Adventures in Travian lands ๐Ÿ“–

    Chapter IV: Factions

    Finaly he could put the last number in the book, then looked over the Hall of Fame for mistakes, what was new, is the factions ranking, five of them, so he asked his old friend; "say, why are these faction named Empire, Rebels, Marauders, Horde and Dynasty?" "When the king decided to split up the lands, he also had to name them, and he used the what is known from the past on what tribes called them selves, e.g. Romans used to be called the Empire, Huns the Hordes, Egyptians the Dynasty, Teutons the Marauders and Gauls the Rebels. A war happend that split each factions into the tribes we now are known as." answered the friend, and added on "with the reintroducion, the king's decree also mention, that this time any tribe village can be part of the faction they choose, e.g. Teutons in Empires or Rebels in Dynasty, and form alliances with other tribe to gain dominions over other factions together."

    Both the Historian and his friend continued discussing the factions for a few hours, that they both heard a loud quarrel outside the door, so they opend it, and to their surprise, there where 3 persons aguring and that they were heralds, and they where all donned in thier respective tribes uniform. One was a Roman, another was a Gaul, and the third was a Egyptian. The Historian had to stop them, so he asked them; "What is the reasons you three are aguring over".

    "Well," said the Roman herald, "we are discussing on who is first to give you our scoll" and then the Gaulish herald cut in "and it should be me, as I came here first!", and the Egyptian herald didn't say anything.

    "no you didn't, I did" said the Roman herald and drew his Gladius, while the Gaulish herald drew his spear and them the Egyptian herald decided to intervene and told them "since he is here, why not just give him our scroll at the same time? And since we are under protection from the Natarian kings, we can't really die as long we are heralds". The other two heralds agreed and withdrew their weapons, and all three took out their scroll from the their satchels.

    "On the count on three, we will hand them over to him" said the Egyptian herald, and the other agreed.

    "1" said the Roman herald.

    "2" said the Gaulish herald.

    "3" said the Egyptian herald.

    And at the same time, they handed their scrolls to the Historian. Now could the Historian begin making three Hall of Fames at the same time too, and off he went to the table, and continued scribbling in his book.


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