improve choosing village for sending troops and resources

  • I think, it will be much better if I can choose my own village when sending troops or resources

    you should check how many times users use finding village by name (in percentage) and maybe remove it


  • If you are in the marketplace tab for sending resources or in the rally point tab for sending troops, you can simply click on your villages coordinates on the right hand side of your screen. (the coordinates should be highlighted in bright-green)

    it automatically puts the coordinates into the X / Y fields and does exactly what you want. just even faster.

    so the function is already there :)

    they implemented it earlier this year i think.

  • This feature came out in January. :) Click here for the patch notes and explanation.

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  • "This feature is available with the Travian Plus"

    I have many UI and UX recommendations, but I think travian owners will never implement them, because they do not care about "ease of play" .. owners just want money

    every year they are adding something new/better, but you have to pay for that

    no improvments for better playing

  • Yeah that's how it works.

    Consider the game with travian plus to be the way the game should be played.

    Premium features are their business model. The only adds they have are for other games by the same company.

    An account without gold should feel like you're playing a demo.

    You shouldn't expect free stuff.