Game Update: Polarbear 936.1

  • The schedule rollout plan for Anglosphere servers:

    December 18, 2020

    - United States (UTC -5): 07:03 am / 07:03

    - United Kingdom (UTC): 12:03 pm / 12:03

    - Australia (UTC +11): 23:03 pm / 23:03

    - Check with your local time here.

    Expected Downtime: ~ 15 min

    All the details about this new update in the next message!

  • Features:

    TL-8773 – When an alliance member is warned or punished for violating the game rules, the alliance leader will be notified about it with an IGM.

    TL-8795 - Settlers traveling to create a new village will turn around and go home immediately when their target spot is taken.


    TL-8893 - Fixed IE11 issue where video confirmation box text would overlap 'don't show again' checkbox.

    TL-8923 - Fixed incorrect alliance bonus values displayed in level up animations.

    TL-8919 - Removed unearned daily quest progress at the start of the game.

    TL-8964 - Fixed unnecessary error pop-up when deleting farm list by double-clicking the confirmation button.

    TL-8904 - Fixed issue where notes would always open in edit mode.

    TL-8911 - Fixed empty error message when attempting to start a farm list that would cause going over the limit of 10000 outgoing troop movements.

    TL-8318 - Fixed daily quest raid progress sometimes displaying more completed tasks than possible.

    TL-8913 - Fixed Travian Answers "i" info button links for buildings in the English language.

    TL-8949 - Disabling the option "Don't display images in reports" was not working. It was fixed.

    TL-8950 - Fixed an error when using the Combat Simulator after scouting an occupied oasis.

    TL-8817 - Contextual help for hero adventures is fixed.

    TL-8914 - When you mouse over the unit icon in the incoming troops part of Rally Point, it displays the estimated total travel time of a unit of such type from the target location to your village, without any modifiers. This estimation was slightly incorrect and it was fixed.

    TL-8902 - Tooltip on artwork and bucket correctly displays the day and time of when the item will be available to use again.

    TL-8776 - Fixed sorting farm lists by bounty.

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