Day 120 IKEA and Duat Maps

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    Hi again. Flufie has been saying he wants to look at some groups in a bit more detail. Starting with Duat and IKEA. This is intended to be followed by similar threads looking at other groups, though that would work best if they were willing to discuss it with us.

    Please note that Flufie has visited IKEA, but not Duat, in preparing his notes here.

    Overall map

    IKEA, ME, ME 2 and Potpot in cyan; Duat, Strange and NoSpies in green; everyone else in red.

    Really not a big change here on the map. The middle grey zone is almost entirely encircled, and the Nordic alliances completely dominate inside it. There is virtually no expansion away from their main cluster compared to day 100 maps (we were going to show this but it seems almost pointless).


    IKEA main alliance in cyan with techs (ME, ME 2 and Potpot) in dark blue; Duat in green with techs (NoSpies and Strange) in pink.

    We find this interesting as it shows that IKEA have in fact relatively few tech accounts/villages supporting them certainly compared to Duat, and Flufie suspects compared to general perception. This is working on the assumption that NoSpies and Strange are tech wings, which may or may not be the case. Flufie does suggest though, the support afforded to IKEA through tech accounts is not very significant - only 14% of the overal group, as measured in population, comes from tech accounts.

    KORNSNÖ's leadership

    One of the pleasures of playing in the SW is that the leadership of both main groups, IKEA and Goats, are polite and couteous. They do not mock nor belittle others when enjoying success. And, in our experience, they are willing to talk and discuss issues.

    KORNSNÖ's account has been run in a way we have not seen before. The account itself is an integral part of the IKEA, and now the Nordic, setup. It has been clear since the early game that KORNSNÖ has been settling near others within the alliance.

    In this map, you see a faint image of Day 120 Duat and IKEA in the background, with KORNSNÖ's villages on day 44 in pink, day 100 in red, and day 120 in white. This clearly shows that from the early game the spread of villages was taking place, and since day 100 the spread of villages has been expanded to include Duat members.

    Here we see maps highlighting all areas on the map within 20 squares of KORNSNÖ's villages.

    It is likely clear to many that this is in the interests of utilising more efficiently the Unique Diet Control artefact. What we see is that the vast majority of IKEA and Duat members can benefit from halving crop consumption of troops, whilst also being able to withdraw those troops in a short time. The benefit here is immense.

    IKEA have been proactively preparing to use a unique artefact since the start of the server. With no way of knowing they would be able to secure that artefact. What else, might you suppose, have they been quietly preparing for?

    Flufie is of the belief that what we have been seeing from these Nordic groups, the level of organisation and preparation and the way in which it continues to catch others off guard, stands as testiment to the many years of experience they have gained on their regional servers. They have come here with prior knowledge of other groups on com2, and fully taken advantage of how returning players and leaders behave. Just looking at their accounts it is obvious that they have optimised account development strategies, and shared good practice amongst members. Legal methods which can give an edge, such as use of techs and deception in war, have been employed with intent and precision.

    It seems to us the onus now lies with everyone else to adjust our gameplay in order to compete, rather than with them to fit in with our expectations. Every time I read the phrase 'ultimate warriors' I laugh a little inside. Perhaps, we should take a closer look at Gunners next..? :)

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  • I would add something about the potential spawn locations of construction plans. Nordics seem to have at least 5 plans on lock and looks to be in position to contest for another 3

    Seems like only gunners and TEN maybe be in position to grab the 2 plans required for WW 100

    Solid planning again from the nordics but also shines a light on an additional reason why other metas may have it in for the Nordics.

  • I would add something about the potential spawn locations of construction plans. Nordics seem to have at least 5 plans on lock and looks to be in position to contest for another 3

    Hmm.. let's take a look :)

    We have an idea where they might be. I can't find these conveniently on a map, so have added them myself pretty much by eye. Please excuse any minor errors, though I would expect them to be accurate enough for this purpose.

    We see Duat in pink, IKEA in blue, all others in grey, and evidence of Flufie wanting everyone to get along better. (He says you are being a bunch of meanies lately.)

    Here is a close up:

    I'll let you count how many of the plans IKEA and Duat might have a realistic shot at taking. (Hint.. the answer is all of them..)

    This is speculative, and based upon approximations, though at this stage it would surely be foolish to not be considering such things?