About confederation and relations between alliences

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    We could not find answers to some of our questions about the Confederation.

    1. With the new confederation system, 4 alliances can join the same confederation. But is it included in the confederations established by an allience that trying to join the confederation? For example, allience D try to join to confederation to A, B, C alliances. But there is a confederation established by the D alliance with the E alliances before. Can the D alliance be join this confederation? If so, what happens to the E alliance?

    2. The first question can be asked within the NAP between D and E. In other words, if D joins the confederation, will the relationship of A, B, C alliances with E be NAP?

    3. Can Defense Support be given on NAP state?

  • Don't know all those answers, but do know some.
    1) cannot have 4 confeds for the same alliance. So D could not join A,B,C if they already have a confed with E.
    2) Don't know
    3) No

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  • 1: D step out from the confedarancy with E, and send an asking confederency to A (or B, or C). The other two allys will get the asking (maybe after the A accept this).

    2: E can ask NAP from A, B, C and D. But has to ask.