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  • UK forum has undergone a lot of change in the last few months, including cross alliance discussions moving to DISCORD, community Tavern games like WvV moving to their own dedicated forum and a general change in active people leaving and new, much less active people arriving.

    Is this specific to the UK or is it something that is happening on all domains, especially since the change of the forum platform from each having its own distinctive style to the "One size fits all" that we have now?

    I think that the forum needs to move with the times. The little competitions are good for bringing new accounts to the forum, but these people don't seem to stay. Just look at the number of winners from the last competition here, of the seven winners, only one is a regular forum contributor. The other six have 1 post each to their name (the one they made for the competition) and no activity here since. I speak to so many people in Skype who tell me that they avoid the forum, for all kinds of reasons. How do we get those people to feel comfortable posting here?

    So if it isn't used for server discussions so much any more or for community games, what could it be used for that would encourage more people to contribute?

    These are a couple of ideas I had

    1. When I started playing the big area for me on the forum was the guides. These are now generally really out of date. I'd like to see
    a) more sharing of guides between domains. There may well be really good guides written for other domains but they don't make it here. If I were new I wouldn't know how to find them. I think every month it would be really good if CMs could suggest a good guide from their domain that could be translated and shared.
    b) Gold is paid to moderators at the rate of 600 a month. Some mods go way over and above and some do very little. How about diverting some of that gold and offering it to players as payment for good Guides? There would need to be stipulations about what the guide should be about - for example - it would need to be about a new topic, it would need to be well written and user friendly. CMs would have to approve it before payment issued.

    2. Hall of Fame is very individual and specific to each domain. I've been maintaining the records for the slow servers but nobody has ever done the speed servers and that's a shame. I'd also like to see a cross domain Hall of Fame for all servers of all domains but that would take a lot of work. It takes me several hours a month to maintain the HoF and it took me a lot lot more time than that, with some invaluable help from @Ameno just to get it back from the state of neglect it was in from the forum move to being something readable again. But if TG were able to appoint and pay someone to do it like a mini job and all CMs were responsible for ensuring that end of server data was collected would this be something everyone else would like to see too?

    I know at Munich some people discussed bring back the pillory list or wall of shame, which is the most horrendous thing I've heard in a long time, but there is no doubt that some people (and I don't disclude myself from this) can be over loud and shout down other people's opinions. At one time, Mods were very good at splitting threads where this sort of thing happened and interjecting when needed to ensure that everyone was heard, but this doesn't happen as much any more as the new style of moderation seems to be to keep the Mods in the background as much as possible and only edit the very worst excesses.

    Sorry for the long wall of text. I'd like to see the forum used by many more players again so am just chucking some ideas out there to see what people think?

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