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  • Hello all,

    Having not played much over the last few years, I am not sure how much interest this thread will get but back in the day it got some great arguments running!

    Anglosphere 6 Awards Thread

    Your IGN –

    Your Alliance –

    Best Decision/Moment –

    Worst Decision/Moment –

    Best Alliance –

    Best Offensive Player –

    Best Defensive Player –

    Best Opponent –

    Best Leader –

    Most Overrated –

    Most Underrated -

    Comments -


    Anglosphere 6 Awards Thread

    Your IGN – Wimpod

    Your Alliance – DG

    Worst Decision/Moment – Settling before checking the neighbourhood and realising I was surrounded by NEU players

    Best Decision/Moment – Realising that the surrounding players (except Jossy) were not very good…

    Best Alliance – Must be Pokedex – well organised and outstanding at every aspect of the game. Attrition rate was very low as well, probably due to the entertaining Skype and Discord chats

    Best Offensive Player – Typhlosion – Run by some really nice chaps, but what an account… some really great hammers leading all of the Pokedex ops and smashing from the front all server

    Best Defensive Player – Could mention a few here (Mierenneuker, Weepinbell, Slowbro) but Jigglypuff always seemed to hit the right calls – and had an offense made entirely of Leggies, what’s there not to love!

    Best Opponent – NEU… Not great at the start, but they kept it together and even though they had given up hope of winning very early on they kept plugging away and fighting whilst other alliances faded away

    Best Leader – Alex (Professor Oak) – Kept everyone motivated until the very end and did so with good humour all the way through

    Most Overrated – Elements. Started with lots of Hype but very quickly disintegrated and alliances which they were ridiculing soon took over from them

    Most Underrated - Everyone building defence. Sounds stupid but so many times Pokedex and DG filled defence calls because everyone built defence, not just the defence players

    Comments – Not played much at all over the past few years so interesting coming back to support Pokedex. The game has changed for better and worse, but the basics remain the same – keep a dedicated and motivated team together through good communication and no ‘big’ personalities and you will go far.


    I’m not good-looking. I used to be but not anymore. Not like Robert Taylor. What I have got is I have character in my face. It’s taken an awful lot of late nights and drinking to put it there. When I go to work in a picture, I say, ‘Don’t take the lines out of my face. Leave them there'
    - Humphrey Bogart

    Anglosphere 6 - Wimpod

  • May as well kick this off properly.

    Your IGN – Professor Oak

    Your Alliance – Pokedex

    Best Decision/Moment – Personally, RGB splatting all of their hammers on my defence that was in a plans cata village. As an alliance, probably seeing Charmanders WWk finally hit and knowing that it won the server for us.

    Worst Decision/Moment – When Onix lost the small trainer to like 1k imps because he sent defence to the wrong village. Or when I woke up to a message from Gengar telling me he raided his own WWk and killed a large portion of it...

    Best Alliance – Outside of Pokedex I don't even know. It was poor. You shouldn't have 14m defence in a WW after barely splatting an OP hammer all server.

    Best Offensive Player – Typhlosion/Eevee. I personally think Eevee was the best account on the server because of how much they helped outside of OPs, however Typhlosion was definitely the best offensive account in OPs. Outside of Pokedex it was EnigmaticDragon - the only respectable end game hammer.

    Best Defensive Player - Mr. Mime. Kadabra and Jigglypuff will finish the server as probably the rank 1 and 2 defenders on Anglo servers (who haven't boosted points), however Marshy was always there when you needed him, built druids alongside me in early game and was the most reliable for defence calls. Outside of Pokedex, Robbedgamer? Didn't seem to self defend and highest ranked defender outside of Pokedex.

    Best Opponent – EnigmaticDragon for the EGH. Amundies and Seditious for the constant fakes on our artes mid game.

    Best Leader – Steve (Slowbro) and Andrew (Farfetchd) were the other 2 leaders in Pokedex and I think they deserve massive credit. Andrew never afraid to make a defence call and Steve for running the night shift and being really active, plus being the WW holder. Outside of Pokedex, whatever leaders didn't organise defence... Seditious and Chanaman organised OPs I think?

    Most Overrated – Damned Dog for suiciding his WWk rather than giving the account away. Elements for generally being bad (although I don't think anyone rates Hype anyway).

    In Pokedex - Articuno. Guy quit as soon as he didn't have a perfect server despite being on track to build the rank 1 hammer of all time on Anglo servers.

    Oh and Dinnyes. At least 10 techs, did nothing all server other than take 1 level off our WW.

    Most Underrated - There's a few here.

    Garbador - Rich never lets us down, always active, always builds a good account. Rank 7 defender on the server but also basically sitter ran another account in top 20 defenders.

    Psyduck - Again, always active on Skype whenever you message him. Helped sitter run a couple of accounts. Great player.

    Dorith - No idea how many accounts she ended up running... 3? Very active and always there for defence calls.

    Disney - rank 27 defender and rank 7 attacker. Always active again, built some impressive cap hammers whilst churning out defence in his supplies. Miles away from the rest of the team but you couldn't tell.

    Snorlax - 2 guys took over the account late (around day 80) and in their first few days lost their cap fields. They stuck around and finished the server as rank 4 attackers. Never complained, always willing to help the team however they can. Great players.

    Comments -

    Was a good server and a lot closer than I thought it was going to be. 14 million defence in the enemy WW is likely the most seen on Anglo servers, but to go up against 2 hammers fighting for the rank 1 hammer of all time was always going to be tough. See you all on the next one!

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • Your IGN – Mr. Mime

    Your Alliance – Pokedex

    Best Decision/Moment – Recalling my reins to splat Mercury single handedly at a weak moment when they wanted to take advantage of a vulnerable (time wise) solo account. Time was a factor, just made it. Literally! Close second was the chuckle factor of everyone throwing hammers at a cata villa that Alex deff'd and just seeing the def points racking up like telephone numbers. Priceless.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Sending my hero out to rein (mistake) a villa with the right TC level when time was tight when artes were dropping (Apologies Alex and Andrew!) but they kept their patience with me which I appreciate. Being in a new team, not wanting to let them down but they were really cool about it but felt a Grade A N00B for sure! (Which I am)

    Best Alliance – Pokedex of course. Been an absolute blast from start to finish. Loved every minute, absolute monster of a team. Scary how much skill there is. Also scary how much banter there is. This team is made of serious winners with amazing skill. Hell of a journey team and thank you for having me X. P.S. and the fact Huggy got hit hard to make sure our Kadabra got the place the account deserved. Team Work at it's best.

    Best Offensive Player – Typhlosion. Pure and simply the biggest smash them up hammer I met - must have been really pant wettingly/heart sinkingly bad when you see them launch on you - great job team! Charmander also for that eye watering WWK - what an absolute monster which I have never seen before. Now that's a hammer team! Eevee - again what an absolute monster team on that account, hit after hit where you made accounts simply wilt in your presence. There are so many to be honest. And the lovely Crunchie, another warrior who kept on till the end and proved one of a number of fatal blows to the opposition and oodles of humour along the way. There are literally so many significant players on this team it is so hard not to mention someone.

    Best Defensive Player – I would have to go Kadabra here, where on earth did all that come from post artes! Honorable mentions to Jigglypuff (keeping up was never an option for me!) an amazing team on that account - great fun and banter but also warriors to the end. Also Psyduck as it has been a close run thing for the last 10 days or so in the top 5 def ranking, cracking effort and pushing me to keep building. Again, so many mental accounts it is hard to mention them all but what I will say is, the offensive accounts built defence and visa versa (apart from me embarrassingly), that's why it is such a great team.

    Best Opponent –I can't remember the name in my current Port induced coma state (it is Christmas day afterall) right now but one dude very early on (who was supposed to be some big monster) hit and the defence team made it and we splatted the life out of them. I have to be honest - that rush of everyone pulling together to wall this account made me think this is a serious, serious team. Failure simply was not an option.

    Best Leader – All of Pokedex have made this a hilarious ride of banter and fun in the skype chat along with a healthy competitive edge to fill calls. I was not helped by the large boots and hence late nights on a couple of occasions but so wanted to win for the team (I was moaning about how long it took for phalxs to hit target pre artes so you reap what you sow). Thank you Alex, Andrew, Steve et all. A different level for sure and you are all absolute monster players. Thank you.

    Most Overrated – I would have to go for Elements team here. I knew nothing about the dude that wanted to come and conquer the world but very quickly it provided meme after meme due to them flaking out. Nights where I could not sleep, having a view over the A6 discord provided many many laughs early on. Whoever it is, they are not the new Messiah for sure!

    Most Underrated - I have to say Disney here, only on the basis they kept simmering away nicely then kept coming back for more and more every time and were always on point, I saw every op attack and they kept making me look in amazement as they kept hitting and hitting BIG. AVI is a pure legend, even taking into account my cut mistake, he was a lovely person to deal with! I have to be honest, being in this ally there is no underrated. Mark my words - absolute monster team. Outside the ally personally I would say Amundies or Sedetious as their fakes on the diet and boots (plus other artes in the team) were a P.I.T.A but as soon as one was stolen from the ally, it made me personally sit up and take notice. Thanks for you getting me to set alarms Amundies for ungoldy hours and thanks for destroying a couple of fields! Unlucky for you this is a first time defence account and I am used to playing offensive so will pay you back in due course if we meet again! That I promise.

    Comments - Hilarity, banter, fun, warrior spirit and a will to win is what is in our team. I am absolutely in awe of such a skillful team. I think overall META'ing up against us actually was the move we needed, it steeled some spirit for sure. But where's that loudmouth from Elements who was spouting a load of old blarney from the start of the server about nuking us out the server?? 'Had to tell the team to stop building so much defence so early'! Oh dear!

  • Your IGN – Seditious

    Your Alliance – RGBW

    Best Decision/Moment – Outside of taking over leadership of SPE/ NEU.... Sending 1k imps and 200 ei to Onix's small trainer after splatting my hammer. I'd wanted a trainer, begged for a trainer, daily.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Taking over leadership of SPE/ NEU. Really my biggest mistake would be not sending 1 more hammer at Professor Ivy's WW Plans. This operation we struck at 4/4 of the non-WW holder plans and the WW itself. Goal being to steal all necessary plans AND drop the WW 1 level. We only stole 3/4 plans and dropped 1 WW level.

    Best Alliance – Pokedex, obviously. Don't get hung up in the "techs are bad" argument here. Pokedex had a skill gap putting them ahead of everyone else, without techs they'd still have held the advantage.

    Best Offensive Player – I think I'd have to give it to Eevee. Typhlosion was good and a feared monster, but Eevee was fast and versatile. Ghost was feared and very annoying in the end which push this in their favor for me.

    Best Defensive Player – in RGBW ---- Squirrel, paamithoved, weeble03... several players really helped put defense where it needed to be and sent and sent and sent and queued and requeued. Weeble03 was our primary anvil in the NE nearing endgame and it was nice being able to rely on our anvils to send and not worry if they could make it on time. Hard to put one over another when we just flat out needed defense produced.

    For Pokedex Professor Oak was probably the most difficult/feared to deal with even if he was just presumably planning/coordinating

    Best Opponent – Hard for me to say as Pokedex was really all I saw as opponents being in the NE, and coordinating I tried not to favor any players. Alex seemed like the main opponent as it felt like every action we were making was directly targeting his offense/defense coordination.

    Best Leader – Pokedex/Alex

    Most Overrated – Elements. Having joined the server and observing for a couple of weeks some kept thinking Elements was going to dominate and that Pokedex were paper tigers/cared about pop only lol. The Leavers of Elements ruined the hopes of everyone that it would be a scattered server of various teams fighting and I think that was when an anti-pokedex meta was really considered a potential imo.

    Most Underrated - I'd have to say RGBW as a whole. I knew we were less skilled in many areas but many people still surprised me and held up in areas that allowed us to shift focus to other areas as needed. I was pleasantly surprised with the merger that NEU + RGB integrated and it did allow me to spend a little less time micromanaging. Injected Viking, Legionnaire, Slack Bladder REALLY came through managing the WW (meaning 0 effort from me). Of course we all still made minor mistakes that Pokedex exploited as any knowledgeable opponents would, but players deserve acknowledgment for the jobs they did. Couldn't have done what we did without all of the players who stepped up in their own roles.

    Comments - I joined SPE thinking I'd grow, cause chaos, and eventually join Pokedex but once I saw how badly knowledge was lacking decided to take the helm and try to right the ship. SPE wasn't going to survive anything, hence the NEU merger. NEU began losing defense faster than we could replace it and we couldn't afford to hit Pokedex without more defense anyways, hence the RGB merger before we felt confident we had the numbers to attack/defend from there.

    This was my first server back in a few years and again, definitely lacking skill/cohesion as a team, I'm proud of a lot of our small accomplishments because I wasn't expecting much in the first place. I claimed NEU would get 1 arty when they dropped and it was not a joke. Just no prep and leaders leaving one after another and lacking experience anyways. I'm hopeful our players have learned and seen what this game takes to be played at a competitive level. The typhlosion hammer chief attempt was the closest we came to a major Ops win, after that I wasn't on/able to coordinate as much. The WW / Plan hit was a lot of fun and we came very close to success but again fell a tiny bit short. Many of these tiny unforced errors that were exploited are the difference between good and great Ops/teams.

    I am appreciative that Pokedex has been so open to talking to others and being good sports about being so dominant in the round. So thanks to everyone in DG/Pokedex for that. Thanks to everyone in RGBW who stepped up to help and thanks to Zoo/Elements/HYDRA players who worked to assist us in one way or another as well. One of the funniest moments in the server was when Z/E/H supplied RGBW with defense and we walled some hammers and Alex saw who defended on the top 10 boards :D

    One shoutout for Fardin/Dinnyes, Jossy, and Amundies. We kept a private room all round for leadership/conversation/jokes titled "NEU Glue" since we were at the time, all that held NEU together, this room and some other members of NEU really helped keep my motivation/fun up and encouraged me to continue playing for the others, made it worth it even if we expected to lose. <3

    Good game everyone.

    Omega Squad | V-SFH | Finals 2011
    SeditiousAngels | D~P | Com Qualifier 2012
    SeditiousAngels | COG|Ankt | Finals 2012
    Seditious | AIM | Com Qualifier 2013
    Seditious | AIM | BD | Finals 2013


    Seditious | RGBW | Anglo 6 2020

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  • Your IGN – Gengar - dual account with my lovely Scottish friend Alan

    Your Alliance – Pokédex

    Best Decision/Moment – Chiefing Lithium's hammer and turning it into Crannyville was fun. We enjoyed participating in ops alongside working on an end game hammer.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Mis-clicking 'Raid' instead of 'reinforcement' when sending about 45k EC's to a diet storage village - furthermore referred to by Alex as 'The Incident' - this really impacted our hammer obviously, and made the end game more of a sweat than it needed to be!

    Best Alliance – Pokédex. I can't even pretend to say any other alliance came close

    Best Offensive Player – Typhlosion for early game, Eevee for mid/late game and Charmander for the WWK. All 3 accounts were fantastic and all run by good guys.

    Best Defensive Player – Jigglypuff. I'm probably a bit biased here as I know them both personally but SR knows how to build a top top account and Muffin is always about to fill in the very few down times SR isn't about. They helped us out a bunch of times sending huge phal numbers to our vills.

    Best Opponent – Not sure if this is individual or alliance, but I'll go with Seditious in RGB. Committed enough to keep a lot pf pokedex members on their toes and as mentioned above took the banter from us well and gave enough of it back.

    Best Leader – Alex (Prof Oak) - the guy seemingly knew every enemy, how they played, what they had or when they lost it. An absolute machine and his knowledge of server events was a massive asset to us.

    Most Overrated – Elements. Had they stayed the server may have had a completely different dynamic.

    Most Underrated - The mid sized defensive & offensive accounts in Pokedex are always the unsung heroes of any server. Arbok, Dewgong, Onix, Swamperttii, Muk, Arcanine, Luxray, Alakazam, Bantai, Octavian all made a massive difference.

    Comments - I hated playing as an end game hammer. So did Alan. The level of focus and commitment needed is crazy and not something we enjoyed. I made 1 mistake and it had such a huge impact on everyone's efforts! We built an artefact clear, arte cata villages, an op hammer and I raided as much as possible to try to keep the server entertaining. Alex needed a reliable end game hammer and asked us to do this just as the server started, we were initially aiming for a Roman smashy account. Looking at how the server played out and those who quit I guess it was a good job we became a WWK, albeit not a very strong one. The server was effectively over by mid game and it showed, we lost a fair few accounts to inactivity. The server meta'ing up and still not toppling 30 active players also shows the level of opposition and how our offence and defence teams decimated the rest of the server day 100-200. Respect to those who stayed and put a huge amount of def in the RGB WW. Should've done that from the start!

    My artefacts bring all the heroes to my yard

  • Your IGN – Slowbro - Steve's solo account, signed up to be Alex's tech and ended up playing the account instead

    Your Alliance – Pokédex

    Best Decision/Moment – using all my knowledge from past servers including playing last anglo6 in Cereal Killers as Bathroom account and applied it with an ally to back me including being around nice defense all server, never ran in Alex's ops but one that I knew would wall and it did (really needed to free up wheat at the time, good call Seditious!) ran solo attacks or alongside Rich (Garbador) never walled on those and never sent full hammer out anyway-- was a terrible decision to move palace out of cap when I did but paid itself off in late game. Best decision I always make is to never give up on spawn village, make it your most fierce with def/off and make raid lists and you will go far--- and its usually close to your teammates. As for endgame stuff was good to plan out and make lots of storage to avoid wheat issues, its been a cozy account to run a WW with great leadership from Alex, Andrew and anyone else that would set me straight if my thinking was off. Was the best team I've played with in over 30 servers.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Getting my first settler killed, Not being totally ready for endgame, was distracted chiefing supply villages for P. Oak so when taking the WW wouldn't lose levels due to population, should have started with making storage earlier and moving arties around, day 198-202 hardest days to manage not to starve troops and get things done in the right time and was really behind the gun in ways could have prevented. Also bad decision was making Andrew have to land catapults in a 3 second gap when we took the first set of WWplans- that was nerve-wracking in ways that were unnecessary. Worst moments teamwide, was losing arties to 1k imps was sad, getting def-calls wrong. Also I should have just let Gengar's troops starve, did not see that one coming.

    Best Alliance – Pokédex - Alex, SR and anyone else that planned OPs on other teams did a fantastic job, they never had a chance to regroup, also all those fast ghosts- Eevee with that monster ghost, always focused on what was most important to do next and not getting distracted by little wars and pushing past, Snorlax getting all the def-calls for weeks on end while tearing though accounts with vicious results- there is a reason why this team went past 17m attack points and it wasn't due to selfish attacks- it was well organised ops that never stopped

    Best Offensive Player – This one is too hard to say- Golem, Arcanine, SwamPertttii, Disney, Typhlosion, Farfetchd, Eevee, Snorlax, Scyther, Gengar, Onix, Raichu --- Charmander and Articuno setting the bar higher and higher, mind you these are just accounts- without the people behind each one they are nothing- was a class of its own to see all those reports in the skype room in the morning after an op and the level of improved success rate shot up on this server from the last time played with Alex's team

    Best Defensive Player – Mr. Mime, Marshy always there when you need them, Professor Oak's druids were total beasts and would take down pretty large hammers solo if needed- Kadabra massive effort there really sneaking larger numbers of defense by endgame and as well Jigglypuff, SR probably the best account builder on all of Pokédex and with Mintmuffin helping to make it a HoF defensive force to be reckoned with - oh yeah and Callum with Weepinbell filling all the def-calls in midgame was pretty sic even for a vegan

    Best Opponent – Seeing clean waves sent in bigger OPs on villages by the likes of players that I'm having a hard time to remember now

    Best Leader – Alex, get's this award based on hours put into the leadership role- improved settling in the beginning of the server, deciding not to go for all the WWplans- smart locations for unique villages, great offensive planning's and defensive calls happening on the same days-- so busy working away at all this that even letting account starve while playing with a broken laptop at home for most the server is just a testament how much he has learned in the past few years playing this game- come a long way since we met on Fremen League years back now

    Most Overrated – Anna's chiefs (Umbreon)

    Most Underrated - Golem - I think he has the fire now, Avi on Disney, what beast never quit and would do nice solo moves, Ross/Andrew on Farfetchd for being a great lads to chat on skype with- Rich on Garbador was and always is a great player to be alongside- a total sentinel for def and great bants

    Comments - Had there been 1 more WWk out there Pokédex would not be winning- also building at least level 10 tournament squares is really essential for defensive players - also farmlists > tech accounts

    Thanks again everyone on Pokédex and DG! You are all champs! :*


  • Your IGN – Garbator (a pokemon name I spelt slightly wrong, it should be garbodor, I looked up the 'worst' pokemon and that was an option)

    Your Alliance – Pokedex

    Best Decision/Moment – Probably joining the server, originally I was going to be a tech account but then lockdown came & the rest is history, the banter in the online chat probably helped to keep me 'almost' sane. I also think I made a decent strategic placement of my capital, right next to Eevee & Gengar, close to WeepingBell and not so far from Typhlosion, the area was a bit of a fortress with potentially huge defensive resources on call.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Scam dropping me from a tech account without any explaination after I had spent quite a lot of effort building it up, I decided after that that I wouldn't have anything to do with her again & there was a silver lining because I soon after started to sit Morten's Incineroar account & the way it panned out he ended up being my tech but it was he that put all the gold needed into it.

    Best Alliance – Pokedex by a country mile, spirit, organisation, endurance and lashings of bad taste banter, not for the fainthearted.

    Best Offensive Player – I can't decide between Eevee & Typhlosion, but I will also give a surprise call to SR on the Jigglypuff team because he planned so very many successful offensive operations.

    Best Defensive Player – Pokedex nearly always filled the calls but it was usually Alex/Professor Oak or Marshy/Mr Mime filling the big calls that were looking like they might not be completed at the last moment.

    Koen & Koril also popped up with big numbers from time to time, particularly in mid game.

    Another left field thought is I have to give a lot of credit to Anna/Umbreon who did astounding work on the oft forgotten scouting effort that was at time crucial to decision making in numerous defence calls. Eevee also did a lot of that work.

    Best Opponent – Hard to say because I wasn't seriously targeted & often had defence calls most of the damage that occurred was elsewhere.

    Best Leader – I should go for Alex, Andrew or Steve on Pokedex and don't get me wrong they are the best technically but I am going to vote for the leadership team on RGW not because they perform anywhere near as well but because they managed to change a shambles into a server effort that was very competitive and very nearly pulled a shock victory out of the hat and never gave up.

    Most Overrated – That Hype guy, talks big about himself but so far achieved relatively little on any server as far as I can see.

    Most Underrated - Muffin/Jigglypuff & Josh&Alan/Gengar, did a lot more that is immediately obvious.

    Comments - Credit to Andrew/Farfetched & others for keeping us entertained with many bad taste memes.

    Shout out to Lagushki/Wimpod for a late run winding up LastDefender's pointless efforts to join pokedex & embroiling several others in the effort to give him the run around.

    Finally, Bake Off, I'll never understand or take an interest in it. You lost me there guys.

    PS Should have credited Steve/Slowbro far more, he did more than anyone else to keep me buoyant and led some cracking side ops to clear local areas.

  • Your IGN – Jigglypuff

    Your Alliance – Pokedex

    Well, I know this is a bit of a Pokedex washed thread at the moment, but hopefully more Zoo/RGBW will come out to have their say. Always good hear from the other side!

    Best Decision/Moment – Dualing SR. The guy's an utter machine. Re-building the 20's was a massive bonus for end game when the churn is real. WdwndSpecialist their send being scouted and single-handedly wasting the op.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Being too slow and ending up with a cap basically several servers over. Also, taking on Big Kev.

    Best Alliance – Pokedex. I could lie, I could pretend that another even came close, but the stats just don't lie.

    Best Offensive Player – No one can deny that Typhlosion did BITS and that Eevee went to wiping out hammers sat at home for fun, but a Leg op hammer which survived long enough to turn into a rammer ALONGSIDE the WWK? Charmander for me, the guys just put in so much early on and it paid in full.

    Best Defensive Player – Well. Kadabra certainly kept me going to try and pass them for the top def spot (in points) and we never held it long before they'd overtake us yet again. Big shout outs to Mr. Mime for always having druids en route and Prof. Oak for generally just existing. Honourable mention for Alan for rebuilding the Professor Ivy account into fighting shape.

    Best Opponent – Gengar - They did more damage to our hammers at home than any other ally. Please see "The Incident". Also lack of competition, lost more players to that than anything other reason.

    Best Leader – Idk like, Lise or something?

    Most Overrated – Meta's

    Most Underrated - Pyro, HE FINISHED A SERVER!!!!

    Comments - I'd been about 18 months Travian sober before this round, largely joined as I was missing the comradery found in the core of this alliance. Players come and go but when you have a core that knows each other and plays with relative frequency you know you'll be finding fun no matter your skill level. All I can say is, see you all next round.

  • Your IGN – Psyduck

    Your Alliance – Pokedex

    Best Decision/Moment – Originally I was planning to have a medium effort server but upon seeing I had two unwanted neighbours on 15 croppers within 5 fields or so decided to go all in to clear them early and go all out on def from there. And honestly it set me up for a cracker of a server. Also playing with Pokedex for the first time

    Worst Decision/Moment – Deciding I didn't mind playing a roman def account for the first time when I'd planned on a Gaul and not factoring in just how long they take to build troops.

    Best Alliance – Overall I cant possibly say anyone but pokedex. A great team and the stats clearly show it.

    Best Offensive Player – Overall i've got to say Typhlosion for just being in the lead on every op from the start and for us know wherever they hit was going to be cleared early game. But Eevee were very close behind and i'd hate to ever play against them.

    From an enemy team i'd have to say Amundies for his constant faking / attacking arties mid game and then EnigmaticDragon for pulling off the only real EGH that wasn't pokedex.

    Best Defensive Player – Kadabra and Jigglypuff are obviously amazing for the sheer amount of def they pumped out but I have to give it Mr. Mime overall. Every time I thought a def call would go unfilled he was there completing it last minute and was there for every single call.

    Best Opponent – Personally I didn't get attacked much but I have to give it to RGB. Nobody expected them to put up such a fight end game and they out did themselves there.

    Best Leader – Have to give it to Alex from Pokedex, was just there anytime anyone had any questions and there for def calls. And thats not counting the ops he planned aswell.

    The leaders from Zoo , Hydra and RGB that managed to pull their teams together and convince them to all play together to have a chance against Pokedex have my utter respect for pulling a decent challenge for us out of nowhere

    Most Overrated – Elements hands down. Promised so much early on and gave us nothing.

    Most Underrated -All of our mid range players that get left out of thanks but make a server. All of the opposing meta that carried on queuing and put in the hours till the very end.

    Comments - I've had an absolute blast playing in Pokedex and I hope everyone on the server also got some enjoyment out of it and maybe learnt a little bit aswell.

  • Your IGN – Jossy

    Your Alliance – Started NEU that later became RGBW

    Best Decision/Moment – That’d have to be Seditious stealing a trainer with a 1k imps hammer… funniest and best moment in the entire server.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Oh boy, there are quite a few. Underestimating Pokédex’ ability to defend the Dinnyés hammer at an earlier stage, not hitting at least one cap before splatting and when all of NEU’s leaders deleted and I was left to lead 2 entire wings with 0 leadership experience (thank you SPE, mainly Seditious, for stepping in when that happened).

    Best Alliance – Pokédex. Simply the best: organization, strategy, massive game knowledge, dedication, team effort. A powerhouse.

    Best Offensive Player – I will have to say Eevee was my favorite offensive account. Top tier hammers and an absolute monster with the ghosts. Shout out to Charmander and Articuno though, those hammers were jaw-dropping.

    Best Defensive Player – Prof. Oak. From the early druids to the mid-game presence, they saved a lot of things for Pokédex with consistent defense power and most importantly huge game knowledge.

    Best Opponent – Professor Oak, Typhlosion, Eevee and Slowbro.

    Best Leader – Someone has said this before and I agree. Pokédex’ leadership was the better team. They were consistent, reasonable and dedicated. However, I’m gonna go with RGBW, especially Seditious for reasons I have mentioned before. He stepped in to help and become leader which I cannot thank him enough. From planning ops to giving our players something worth trying and playing for, I’ve never seen such a persistent leader that, despite everything and despite all the odds, kept losing hours of sleep, kept organizing everything, coming up with new strategies, everything.

    Most Overrated – Elements. Mostly their leadership because they did have some solid players that I knew of (before most of them deleted).

    Most Underrated - Early game Dinnyés. Especially our roman raid start which I loved. </3

    Comments - This server taught me a lot. I also met a lot of good and funny people. I wanna say thank you to everyone who made me laugh on that server discord server, some of those banters were hilarious. Shoutout to Aria, Seditious, Amundies and Fardin.

    Good game :) <3

  • Your IGN –weeble03

    Your Alliance –rgbw

    Best Decision/Moment – getting wjwerdna to dual with me (to cover account when I was out of town etc) and deciding to build praets in more villages after defending my capital against 8 waves in november and the last one squeaking partially thru.

    Worst Decision/Moment – losing about 50k praets built primarily in 2 villages when defense call was for my cap, but this was a wake-up call to build lvl 20 praets in as many villages as possible... Wound up running 12 villages nearly 24/7 for the remainder of the server even after losing a similar amount at stony's hammer defense. *Edit: the attacks were from Raichu and Gastly

    Best Alliance – poke did great with their coordination it was crazy to see waves from multiple players all hitting landing times within seconds (sometimes the same second). I thought rgbw did a great job coming together with how outmatched it seemed.

    Best Offensive Player – poke had some great hammers and great coordination.

    Best Defensive Player – paamithoved was amazing with his druids and a great pairing to my praets.

    Best Opponent – didn't have too much back n forth

    Best Leader – partial to the rgb crew. Seditious and leggionaire were great. Obviously poke leadership is great given that they won.

    Most Overrated –

    Most Underrated -

    Comments - just came back to travian after a 10+ year hiatus... Played on another server then came over here. This was my first time ever playing as a defensive player, was fun but boring until October/November :D.

  • Your IGN – zoologist

    Your Alliance – RGBW G <-- RGB R <-- T.U.F <-- Ursi

    Best Decision/Moment

    -) We made *forgot the player name* plan cata villages unusable (the one which was defended by Professor Oak). As result Charmander was unable to get an construction plan before we did. Eevee also didn't get an construction plan. We got all the plans we had a chance at.

    -) Broke Typhlosion's capital defense just with foot troops and catapults.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Hard to say. There were a few worse moments.

    -) Scouted hammers during op's.

    -) To see that eevees plan cata villages wasn't defended and Disney was.

    -) The attempt to destroy and/or chiefing Typhlosion's hammer village. Instead of losing AFD's hammer, we lost JoeV27's hammer and himself.

    -) Lost of InjectedViking's capital and hammer.

    -) Lost of one construction plan.

    -) We weren't the first who built the first level of the WW.

    -) Selfdefending

    -) Unused troops / hammer

    -) Too many mistakes

    Best Alliance – T.U.F - The team spirit was best here.

    Best Player – AFD Michael - He programmed the Travian Chief Bot and the form for incomming attacks.

    Best Opponent – Pokendex - Was also the only opponent. Their Op's, however, were pretty good. Also their scouting in case of attacks against them. Congratulations on victory. GG

    Best Leader – Vex, Kamehouse, Legionnaire, Squidgey, buso81, AlecJ, Döny, Flora, Chewbacca, AFD, NIN, Injected Viking, Pitchblack, gravybeard, IronDuke, Amundies, Dinnyes, Jossy, Lise, Lithium, Lucas, MaggotyMeat, Seditious, Slackbladder, wasntme

    I'm glad I played with you.

    Most Overrated – Pokendex - If the 30k Praetorians had fallen at Professor Ivy's planvilla, they would have lost the round, even though they had by far the best accounts. Only one more hammer should have been sent which we definitely had, for whatever reason.

    Most Underrated - loon

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  • Your IGN – Amundies

    Your Alliance – NEU --> RGBW

    Best Decision/Moment – My decision to not delete despite losing my capital (and 2 feeders) 60 days into the server. Been an incredible ride since then.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Either settling my first capital near Eevee, Weepinbell and Garbador which ended up setting my account back by months (definitely the wrong neighbourhood), or when my ghost got chiefed.

    Best Alliance – Pokedex. Fighting them felt incredibly difficult and draining because they seemed to always have an answer to whatever we wanted to do and was so hard to get any wins.

    Best Offensive Player – Hard to choose between Typhlosion and Eevee. Any time you saw either of those launch on you in an op it didn’t feel good. If I had to choose one, it’d probably be Typhlosion. They did a good job of keeping some of the NE accounts on their toes between ops with that boots arti.

    Best Defensive Player – I can’t really speak to Pokedex (who have 16 out of the top 20 defenders), but in RGBW I’d have to give it to basically every Gaul NW account; they did a great job of spamming out druids to save NE numerous times.

    Best Opponent – All of Pokedex. If it is meant to be account specific, Pokedex leadership because of the amount of thought they put into everything. Personal opponent was Eevee; every time my account got hit, they were the clearer :(

    Best Leader – Pokedex were a well-oiled machine, so gotta give it to their leadership. That said, honourable mention to Seditious. Did a killer job of planning well thought out ops when working with some pretty average accounts, and with the benefit of hindsight if we listened to his suspicions/gut he would have had a 100% success rate (or pretty damn close) in calling the right villages to defend. His last-minute Hail Mary operation to steal WW plans was so close to winning us the server at a time when most had given up and almost pulled off the unthinkable. Also shout out to the Zoo/Elements accounts that picked up leadership when the south was in complete disarray.

    Most Overrated – The early Elements leadership that ended up quitting pre-artis. Came in with big fighting words but unfortunately seemed to only be all bark and no bite.

    Most Underrated – Our WW managers (InjectedViking, Legionnaire, Slackbladder) did an insane job on constantly being on top of the queues and crop situation. There were also a LOT of accounts in RGBW that won’t get a mention but did so much to help the alliance, and this is probably best seen through the fact that I believe we had no (or negligible) starvation in the WW so most people really were pulling at least their weight and sometimes more.

    Comments – I have so much to say, but I'll try and keep it brief. What a server! Watching 5 out of 6 NEU leaders just give up and delete 50 days into the server, followed by the next 2 rounds of NEU leadership just randomly going AWOL without telling anyone in the alliance anything was incredibly demoralising. I accidentally helped with DC for a couple of Poke ops on us pre-artis which thrust me into a leadership I never planned for, and with artis coming up soon after this I wasn’t expecting much based on the number of troops I was seeing. But our merger with RGB really saved us with the number of times their cavalry came rushing in to defend the NE. It gave us a greater sense of hope, and that combined with Pokedex focusing their ops on the south gave us time to lick our wounds and rebuild. My account was set up to be a def account, but I’m glad I ended up swapping to off when artis spawned after seeing NE’s lack of hammers and was able to give Poke a lot of trouble for holding so many artis! This was my first server in 5 or so years so I had a lot to re-learn on the fly but watching what Poke were doing and basically trying to emulate it made that pretty easy.

    Overall, just want to congratulate every single NE account that didn’t give up despite everything that happened. As a non premade team with… varying… skill levels, a lot of accounts gave it their all regardless of what was happening and at the end of the day that’s really all you can wish for. It was also a pleasure playing alongside everyone in RGBW, including a top notch leadership team that had a "never surrender" attitude that I loved. It was amazing to see how they gave up only when we got the message that the Pokedex WW hit level 100, and not a second before. As Seditious already mentioned, "NEU Glue" was one of the best things to come out of this server for me so shoutout to Seditious, Fardin and Jossy. There were certainly some moments where it felt like there wasn't much holding the NE together! I haven’t mentioned the south much, but will just quickly say how much I appreciate their post-artis leadership efforts and the time they put in into a server they didn’t think they’d be leading. I don’t want to name any names in case I miss some accounts out as I don't really know who did what, but you know who you are. This server ended up being a lot closer than anyone anticipated, so well done to everyone! It was one hell of a fight right to the end.

    AU3 2010 - Amundies :roman::rom02::rom01:

    AU1 2010 - Amundies :gaul::gau01::gau05:

    COM7 2013 - Amundies :roman::rom03::rom05:

    Anglo6 2020 - Amundies :roman::rom02::rom03::rom05:


    Anglo4 2020 - Amundies :gaul::gau01::gau05:

    Anglo2 2020 - Balrog :gaul::gau01::gau05:

  • Your IGN – :rom01:Legionnaire:rom09:

    Discord- Legionnaire#4656

    Your Alliance – Founded T.U.F > Brokered merger of APEX into T.U.F/T.U.F.A > RBW Red Mayhem > RGBW Red Mayhem > RGBW White Mayhem

    Best Decision – I simply must mention that founding T.U.F and seeing it grow and develop new and old players alike in the game of Travian was overall the best server long decision I made. It allowed me to connect with so many people in a United effort even though I had gone through dark times personally.

    Best Moment - Taking the WW lead on Pokedex. Hope is a funny thing, it can drive one to do miraculous things. Always remember, until Martina sings.....keep fighting. Until the WW hits 100 the server isn't over. It doesn't matter if you have 10 villages or 30 you can have an impact.

    Worst Moment – Gamewise the worst moment was one I will not forget and it was very difficult and sad to me. We were prepared to launch all out war on Element(s) over a FANTASTIC player in Triple A . He had been kicked from their alliance and joined us. We had many back and forths and had defended him even though he was far south. Elements wanted him deleted and was coming out with hammers. The leadership had leaned only slightly towards letting Triple A defend himself. He was antagonistic to say the least but he was also a brilliant player and could defend with the best of them. I left it up to Triple A, I offered to go to war and he said he didn't wan't to do it to us. Sad, that moment of deciding a players fate. He faught valiantly. Had he moved further north faster and sooner I think he would have flourished. We felt that Pokedex was placing heavy pressure on Element(s) at the time and that we could take advantage of the opportunity (we were correct) but we held back and kept our off/def troop numbers strong and growing and eventually the first version of Element(s) crumbled and the SW became a wasetland and a huge defensive buffer for T.U.F. This would allow T.U.F to grow in strength and we never had issues with PIZZA and eventually because of that friendliness as neighbors we became allies in RGB.

    Best Alliance – Pokedex. This is obvious. This is what RGBW can be if we keep the band together. Whether by taking all 120 players and making 60 dual accounts, or some incarnation, Pokedex is what any alliance should strive to be and achieve and it may take multiple servers to do so. What they have is as impressive as it is special.

    Best Offensive Player – I am outright quoting Amundies here "Hard to choose between Typhlosion and Eevee. Any time you saw either of those launch on you in an op it didn’t feel good. If I had to choose one, it’d probably be Typhlosion."

    Typho got in my F'N head, I did my best to suppress it but he drew server wide attention. Then Eevee starts rolling in and making perfect strikes and it's like WTF. Non-Pokedex I say Dinnyes since it is very hard to maintain and protect the multiple hammers he built while right up near Pokedex. When it comes to smaller players that performed amazingly with smaller tools (*snicker) I give that to Seditious as he was the gremlin to Pokedex machine.

    Best Defensive Player – This answer is obviously Chaze, he kept playing even though he was constantly raided of resources LOL. Kidding aside....Our best is Robbedgamer, no doubt, he would have given Henry Ford a run for his money during WW2 with the rate he built phalanxes. Shout out to WooDy , Weeble03 , IronDuke, and SlackBladder. The thing is that as the server moves along there are anvils and there are actives. When it came to actively saving villages in the early months I have to give it to Vex, dony, and JV122. Vex not only helped with defensive input for T.U.F but also performed some epic cuts that really messed with the enemy. JV122 and dony were always giving and reliable. A smart decision like JV122 sending all defenders home, once we figured out he had Lead's hammer landing on his village, saved us early heavy loses at the cost of his village but is a testament to his being a team player.

    Best Opponent – Early on there were some small battles that were annoying while enjoyable. Personally for me and a few others it was Budcean and Pad. BrotherFinger gets my vote since we traded blows, conquered some of his villages, and then parlayed and he joined our alliance and became a great allie.

    Best Leader –I have two, first half and second half of server.....

    First half: Zoologist early on through T.U.F and early RGB and he pressed us to keep moving forward on attacking Natars, taking arties, and grabbing plans. I know he runs multiple servers but you would never have known it.

    Second Half: Quoting Amundies here again: "Seditious. Did a killer job of planning well thought out ops when working with some pretty average accounts, and with the benefit of hindsight if we listened to his suspicions/gut he would have had a 100% success rate (or pretty damn close) in calling the right villages to defend. His last-minute Hail Mary operation to steal WW plans was so close to winning us the server at a time when most had given up and almost pulled off the unthinkable."

    Most Overrated – Dammit Amundies, spot on again...his quote: "The early Elements leadership that ended up quitting pre-artis. Came in with big fighting words but unfortunately seemed to only be all bark and no bite."

    Most Underrated – Plain and simple....all the players/leaders of RGBW....we went from a Dumb & Dumber "more like 1 in a million" chance to actually having the door open to winning it all. This server was Pokedex from day one and yet we all played and all fought, if that isn't the underdog and underrated I don't know what is.

    Comments for :hero2::hero2::hero2:

    Amundies , thank you for the kind words and to the best of my knowledge under my watch, and I believe under all of our watch, we lost ZERO troops to starvation. One time I though we had troop death but the browser needed refreshing but it still was very low and I was able to get in a shipment and then the rest started arriving.

    Seditious thank you for the kind words and for being a stellar person and player, never giving up hope, and keeping lockstep with me that the server wasn't over until someone hit WW 100.

    AFD the incomings sheet and the Chief Bot were absolute game changers and Travian should be sending you some cash to help integrate that into the game. You were always a pleasure to talk to and learn from, a stellar player indeed.

    @T.U.F leaders: dony, Flora , Squidgey, buso81 , alecj , zoologist , Vex , Kamehouse

    and JV122 THANK you for being my teammates. I will always be willing to march by your side or aid in your defense.

    Pizza leaders: I have said more on our discord but you know you made our merger just as easy as we made it. Common cause and teamwork created a force to be reckoned with. You are all very wise players and I am wiser for having talked and listened to you.

    :item07:This game helped me in very dark times. I did not lose as much as many to Covid but I lost none the less. During this server my brother (age 53) passed from pancreatic cancer, my mother (age 77) passed away Nov 9, and my Step-Mother (age 75) passed away Dec 20. I was very much involved in helping my brother and mother during the last two years of their lives. I was fighting for them and you players and leaders allowed me to lead and fight along side you as though I was a great player like you. You all made me a great player if I am one. You all helped me in friendly and meaningful ways. I play no video games. I have only ever played Travian off and on over the 15 years since it started. I now believe video games can provide a therapy I never believed in. I appreciate all the chats with everyone I had and I intend to keep my discord on my phone and active (made it only for Travian).

    I thank all those that spent countless hours, days, and months fighting for and with me.

    Much Hope, Love, and (when not playing Travian) Peace to you all and a Happy New Year.


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  • Your IGN : Snorlax

    Your Alliance : Pokedex

    Best Decision/Moment : Joining this team again on day 80 and dualling with my brother instead of both solo account. Was a bit tired after last server and busy IRL so the pause was welcome. Us following up on OP's untill arcanine splatted was a good decision from Alex and SR so we had a decent hammer to show. And getting up on our feet again after being targeted 3 times in a row thanks to the great res pushes we could still keep queue's 24/7 (only a few hours not). Being a part of the NE border gang for a few days when we were locked out of Snorlax made us feel really welcome in the team. Also it was nice getting the trust of leadership that we would make something nice out of the Snorlax account despite being in the boonies.

    Worst Decision/Moment : Scam giving up her account and letting us on, but after seeing we were boosting the account wanting to stay and locking us out without letting us know anything and after that buying 2k gold on togekiss after scam locked us out of the account, trying to make something out of it and then scam giving us the account after all only to notice she agreed with Hype to target Snorlax in the OP that was running (this is a guess but it is very likely it happened this way since Hype told me he knew Scam and liked her (how is that even possible?)). Nice was letting Hype know and him feeling bad since he wanted me on his team. Second is hammerstanding with our second hammer on the small diet even though we were told not to, since we weren't able to move it because we were also running an OP and it was a bit forgotten to be picked up in the chaos of the whole server coming at our ally. Third was Onix losing the trainer, that was a bummer

    Best Alliance : obviously Pokedex, had the feeling most of the rest had no clue what we were doing.

    Best Offensive Player : I'd say Eevee and Typhlosion. special bow for the Charmander account in holding so much troops and keeping it running even after changing caps, this was Impressive

    Best Defensive Player : I'd say Marshy on Mr Mime, next to Jigglypuff and Kadarbra. But seeing Mr Mime fill all these calls was impressive

    Best Opponent : Enigmatic Dragon had a nice rammer, and then I have to say it's nice RGB made something of a fight out of it allthough if they had started it earlier and with all the small hammers I don't think we'd have won, please learn to build more than 300 rams or cats for next server

    Best Leader : Alex with Andrew and Steve having his back and the support of SR, Rob, Anna and Daegon doing a lot of work (probably missing some). It's just amazing to see every decision being made with keeping the great picture in mind.

    Most Overrated : Hyperion, was screaming loudest after being crushed last server and giving up on day 80? come on, you have lost my respect

    Most Underrated : Avi on Disney is a real beast and a great guy. Further the amount of scouts Anna had on Umbreon was amazing as well as her scouting and was vital for the way we were playing.

    Comments : a special thanks to Daegon on the Eevee account for doing one thing on our account at night when we asked and then doing stuff in interest of our account and the team for the rest of the server without being asked to do it, thank you very much for that

  • Your IGN – Weepinbell, Callum + Cal + sitters

    Best Decision – signing up with pokedex

    Worst Decision – not being so active in the last couple months, server got a lot closer than expected

    Best Offensive Player – let's go for the core players in pokedex ops, typh, eevee, swampertttii, disney, farfetchd, snorlax, golem, scyther, snorlax, arcanine, onix, misshappymonday

    Best Defensive Player – mr. mime./prof oak; they were top deffers both before and after artes. it's impressive that they achieved so much without greedy simming for 120 days

    Best Opponent – Seditious was a hammer away from winning a server that shouldnt have been winnable. great effort from him

    Best Leader – hyperion

    Most Overrated (kind of) – enigmaticdragon, if he queue'd catas instead of rams his team probably won. maybe a lesson learned for future

    Most Underrated - articuno/rejiz, he abanonded ship after 5-6 months but he still prepared an outstanding wwk for us that won us the server

    thanks for a good server lads

    • Your IGN – Bantai

      Your Alliance – Pokedex ( started off with Pizza and switched with the pokes mid game before pizza turned to RBGs)

      Best Decision/Moment – To join the pokes obviously lol. Played against them 2 years back on a UK server and knew they were solid af.

      Worst Decision/Moment – using my hammer as a arte cleaner without a hero because he was sent with the other ghost. Well the ghost missed and my main hammer cleared haha.

      Best Alliance – Goes to Pokedex! No doubt!

      Best Offensive Player – Can't really say just 1. There was Evee, typlo, snorlax, disney, onix, swarmpretti, golem, syther and me 3:)

      Best Defensive Player – Ahh so many again! But personally for me, Octavian. The owners left the boat after 5 months of the server but left it in a really good condition. Carry forwarded by Disney and me later that account (75% bonus only) had 250k defense at one point.

      Best Opponent - None really.

      Best Leader – Alex that is! Andrew and Anna were good too no doubt. But Alex has always been thinking one step ahead of the enemies when it came to planning and organizing. A True mastermind!

      Most Overrated – Hype was a bummer. Nothing much really to talk about them. I'd say Redjelly. Just a simmer through out the server.

      Most Underrated - Gotta be Charmander for sure. A Lego rammer, a 90k ghost and massive WWK? What a beasty account! Followed by Disney and Snorlax.

      Comments -

    • Was a great server! Peace!

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  • Your IGN – Charmander

    Your Alliance – Pokedex

    Best Decision/Moment – Account wise, building ghost from spawn 170+ fields away from cap, top it up with a lego hammer and then converted as WWR in the end game. And ofcourse, having the WWK finally hit enemy WW. It is just so satisfying and relieving.

    Worst Decision/Moment – Raiding Aurum pre artifacts, thinking that it was already a dead account and killing a bunch of my raiders.

    Best Alliance – Pokedex!

    Best Offensive Player – Typholosion and Eevee. No explanation needed.

    Best Defensive Player – Cannot single out from Pokedex's def team, they all did a great job.

    Best Opponent – NEU. Having being on the same quad of Pokedex, they managed to stay until the end game and compete.

    Best Leader – Professor Oak

    Most Overrated – Elements. I honestly expected much from them.

    Most Underrated - Articuno. He's about to go breaking WWK records until he quit. Note to others that who doesn't know, Articuno's WWK is bigger than Charmander's until he left the game.

    Comments - An interesting server. I applaud RGB, Zoo, Elements and Hydra leadership and members for not giving Pokedex a cakewalk on WW race.

    Anglo1 R3 2020 - (Active)

    Com2 2020 - Khonsu (Active)

    Anglo6 R2 2020 - Charmander (Active)

    Anglo1 R2 2020 - TaylorSwift

    Anglox 2020 - koril

    Anglo3 R1 2019- Nero

    Anglo1 R1 2019 - Gatorade
    US1 2018 - Jollibee

    Com1 2017 - Raiqa

    US29 NYS 2017 - koril

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  • One thing is important to me.

    There should be a special award for Amundies who turned out to be the greatest philosopher of the server.

    „If we don‘t know what we are doing, you don‘t know what we are doing.“

    With this wisdom you should have earned a place in the hall of fame.
    You already have this place in my heart. ^^

  • Your IGN – lastDefender

    Your Alliance – MAGA / Defender

    Best Decision/Moment – Starting to believe in Pokedex

    Worst Decision/Moment – My second job is coding instructor. I moved my class to the day that I was attacked so I didn’t check my account for hours. By having some resources, I could manage the attacks on me and share a fun report but unfortunately, I made my worst decision to move the class and wasn’t online that day.

    Best Alliance – Nature, it was my only friend which helped me on def from day one till the end.

    Instead of sharing the bests which most of the players already have done, I will share the characters personality in my viewpoint.

    Lag – The best friend. Easy going and easy to communicate. Honest and a good fighter.

    Eevee – The time when I was the most hated person in the forum and attacking me would get the most support from others, this acc came to my defense which surprised me the most. I respect the step this account took.

    Amundies – I don’t feel good about this one. Sounds like a person whom would throw more punches if he knows a person is surrounded by bullies in order to grab some attention.

    Seditious – I truly believe he is a kind person in reality.

    Alex – SMART! I like him.

    Comments – If you are a player that your name never was mentioned in the forum. Remember YOU were a small part of this huge joy. No one is forgetting you. You already impacted in this game and I thank YOU to be part of this journey.