Victory speech Nordics x round 7 - Whack

  • Gz to winners.

    Acc: janipetteri

    Sims: 19. 31272(40)

    Off: 177. 19505

    Deff: 3. 3028198

    Hero: 5. 2822080(335)

    Basic slow start to us, WuT looked cap place for us. 125% was good enough. After that some simming and queuing phalanx. After artefacts come to server, Junnu was kind to give us large diet. Even tho small diet was only about 2-3h away from us we really didnt get use it because some of enemies were too close. At highest point we had like 400k phalanx in small diet and close 1million phalanx in home, so pretty bad situation feeding wise but it was necessary. Deffs really didnt die anywhere so around village number 26 we decided to stop partiying and our growth was slower after that(its so nice not to watch that many adds :D). At some point after bp came to server, Junnu was kind and let us feed troops in ww for free(first 400k, later about 1million, thanks to all who sent wheat to feed our troops) and that helped us to push more phalanx out. Highest amount deff alive was about 2,1mil, about 2,8mil built during server(too lazy to archive reports so no actual amount), 1,9mil left alive in the end. 99% deff points from ww, so enemies really didnt try to attack places where our deffs were.


    -Janisstar: First time playing together and id say it went pretty well besides few times when we just disappeared.

    -Junnu: Good leading, always got answers fast. Thanks for everything you did and im sorry we didnt win server.

    -sitters: Burnout(WuT and Zircon) and Komeat(cof, Shut, naiminen and j4f): Always ready to watch us, Burnout more but it was nice to know Komeat could fill if needed. Also big thanks for gold(naimine, WuT and Zircon)

    -all those players who were kind enough to feed some of our phalanx.

    -wwteam: good work

    -and all other members of alliance


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  • Weeeeeeeell.. Since Junnu covered comprehensibly for most of what DT did, I'll be trying to dig deeper on the whys, so here's the take on ally events from my POV:


    So ye Junnu came up with the idea of Dt to me, smallish ally that would divide in halves if the server looked like it, told him I wouldn't be leading anyway next round, but if he wanted, me and 10-15 players from ACAB would probably be interested in joining. Think we both had some hesitation about it, as it could make up an ally that was too strong for its own good, but luckily we started hear rumours about a strongish norwegian ally coming to play aswell along with a PK-based ally so we weren't forced to even really consider a "split"


    We got hit with a co-op request from the norwegians, which obviously couldn't be accepted as it would kill the server before it started, which meant that they were probably going to ask someone else (Which we later learned was KYR in d1). This meant that we knew we'd be going with a massive account deficit, which in turn meant we'd be needing to try to get most ouf them, which again meant splitting to two regions for caps and artes. This meant we would be fighting Forsaken in -- and scattlers in +-. Forsaken was the bigger threat in this situation as they had high numbers and judging from previous servers (N3X5) they would be trying to hold onto their artes with high defense, so it would be harder to get the artes from them than it would be from mad (or atleast more likelier walls). The early ops from Junnu decreased their power and ability to gain/defend artes in -- significantly. (Iirc we didn't even lose a single hammer in those, or if we did, atleast it didnt affect negatively for our arte chances)


    Allywise I think the whole ordeal went pretty ok, but personally it was disappointing as usual. The artefact that we wanted (Une joker) was again taken, the player deflected to KYR and moved the artefact away from us. For me this was a "dream come true", as it would give an excuse to attack KYR which before that I would be hesitant to do as I consider Ariableyes and considered Vicious as a personal ally, and at that time Whack+KYR were the heavy favourites for ww-race even if we would focus them 100%, which meant that our options were either to start courting with OK, which would in turn to make a too big of a favourite, or trying to drive a wedge between KYR & Whack and try to break that alliance. At this point Whack had made clear they were to play for the victory and wasn't afraid of getting their hands dirty

    Anyway, this launched a series of events that had ultimatelly quite the huge impact on the server. Unique joker was moved to KYR so I asked Junnu for a greenlight to use everything we (HALOO) had in trying to take it out so I launched an op towards them the morning after the artefacts. This, alongside with pressure from Whack to KYR to gain control / rights to KYR's artefact put KYR on a tough spot in which they would fight to keep control of their own artefacts vs us, while simultaneously giving theirs to Whack. We ended up with the IAP with KYR and everything seemed right in the world, as it would again be seemingly 55 vs 55 vs 55, which wouldnt be balanced, but we knew

    - Forsaken was angry to the particular player who jumped away with the joker, which meant that they'd have no hesitation joining Whack to play vs KYR & us

    - Mad was left alone, which meant they'd be forced going with O.K

    which again would give edge to the other sides, and this would be fine with us. What we didn't consider is that KYR would dismantle so quickly, the KYR players that were left prosperous would be taken in to Whack and on top of that Whack and OK would even make an IAP that would last until BP, so we ended up to even a worse situation before server-wise. Now Whack would basically have the same accounts (as they took in KYR) AND Forsaken, and OK would already be with mad. This combined with the fact that they wouldn't even be fighting against eachothers seemed like a nail to the coffin, but luckily we managed to get a second trainer and their ww-arte for free and Junnus ops were mostly succesful so it was to balance out the situation a bit.


    About zeroing the Whack WW-village and again destroying their warehouses later on simultaneously with an OP; The reasoning behind this was that since OK had such a small (and less experienced) accounts compared to Whack / us, we knew they would need a lot more time than the rest to catch up with the hammers, so dragging the server-lenght would be crucial for them to be able to do substantial damage to Whack WW - Also our res/hour (as an ally) and its utilization was and would be the highest in ours so it would behoove us aswell.

    On hindsight idk wether this was actually the right thing to do as none of the hammers actually were hit to Whack anyway (except for Holsten's who got falsely accused of being a mole/traitor) and this is what baffles me the most;

    We played so much for your (OK) corner, by dismantling KYR, by driving the unique ww-arte towards you, by only opping whack & forsaken, letting the former mad players who were in our "territory" to play at peace, zeroing whack WW, destroying their warehouses with our smaller ww-hammers, destroying 5 of their ww-hammers and using 4 out of 5 our big WW-hammers on Whack while you weren't doing anything to them, and then you get so mad for us hitting you with ONE ww-hammer that you hit us witheverything you had, because of what? And when somebody doesn't comply with this insanity you even go to the lenghts of accusing the player and kill his hammer? Idk what happened because last round you were playing so rationally and this was just.. I don't have words. After all this you even start some bs shittalk in the forums about us even tho it was our actions alone that made you a real ww contender in the first place. We did more for your ally than your own leaders and this is our thanks? Shame on you.

    Anyway, gz on the winners! You did what you had to do to get what you wanted, which was the W, and ultimately noone can fault you for that. I'm not saying it was more or less deserved than of what ours would have been, as you had the bigger will to win and played for it. For sure OK/NCS didnt deserve it anyway.

    From our account:

    Sims #4 @ 45930 52/54

    Off #3 @ 1691263

    Def #81 @ 555880

    There isn't much to say. Have a few decent / interesting reports from our account that will be displayed on the bottom of the message

    We were to make 5 hammers, to exchange blows in the origo that would start as ghosts but queueing imperians as much as we could possibly make, 3 of which got conquered by Whack, well due to being unable to spare def to such targets. 2 of the hammers conquered (04 & 05) didnt even have that much off left in them as we had used them to drive 2x offs from JFK, and small ones from Snullefar & Eksotikki and scouts from Avstängd! & swept boots with them. And the third hammer managed to steal a small trainer from Whack (The world) so even that got utilized decently. Granted losing them would mean we'd lose off1 but they did their job anyway. Def-rank also stayed quite low as we had to keep our def as permadef in our own offs during the nights as our account was idle in the nights for the last one month.

    Kudos & Kicks:

    Junnu - First time I was playing in an ally lead by someone else than I, and im not disappointed, far from it. Morally you made all the right choices, even the hard ones, even tho many would have fallen to those pitfalls in pursuit for victory. The sacrifices you were willing to make personally for your ally gets my highest praises. Too bad this was your last round to lead as with some more experience you could dominate and dictate how servers go even better. Clearly the topdog of leaders in this round!

    Melm - Best dual what I could hope for, relaxed gaming done with a blink on the corner of the eye is exactly how I wanna play the game aswell. Never had to log to the account with a frustration as things went smoothly af and we still managed to make a decent account without playing "hardcore"

    Qrps - Even tho like Junnu said negativity can be quite weary, but knowing how things went I think its justifiable, and you kept quite positivite all things considered. Well played on the account, new record for the nordics in hammer-size for teutons while simultaneously participating practically in every ally-wide op, and making private ops with me aswell

    Gypsy King - It wasn't once or twice we were discussing with Junnu in voice that "hmm we need to do X thing" only to notice, nvm Latexiz has already done it. Top-notch performance as an account and I would feel like I would be repeating myself from n3x4 if I were to write more. Best possible leading non-leader

    Komeat & Työkalupakki & Panda&Peepo- Nice OP accounts!

    Petokala & Chef&Sommelier - One doesn't need to stress about this game when they have 1,5m def on their phonebook, important accounts for ally aswell, not just personally

    Whack - 1-spear raiding, farm-cataing, recruiting most of KYR after what they talked about you, taking Paorki back after his trashtalk about you, giving blessing for farm-cataing, reckless diplomacy, reckless recruit, multies, dodging responsibilities is just.. horrible. Luckily you guys had some redempting accounts in there, such as HCIM, and Destruction, gj on Maestro & IcenTo aswell for the 2 hammers

    OK - Enough has been said, same thing like in Whack, many decent people there, stuck with people who do horrible things.


    Reports (offensive): Kuvankaappauksen tarjoaa Lightshot

    Reports (defensive): Kuvankaappauksen tarjoaa Lightshot

    Missing some as we've forgot to archive them but w/e

    Fix1/Pedawbd Fix2/Hercu Fix3/Zender Fix4/HEuNUKKI Fix5/Apple Lija Fix6/Freyr Fix7/TopDog Fix8/Rosa&Orjat Fix9/Pieni Ja Tuhma Fix10/Sivistynyt

    Tx3/1 Narkkari Tx3/2 Sivustakatsoja Tx3/3 HUPS! Tx3/4 Ei Ressii

    N3x/3 Cured Curiosity N3x/4 Death Note N3x/5 3 And half men N3x/6 Wintage N3x/7 HALOO N3x/8 Excuses


  • Let's keep this short.

    Congrats to Whack for a pretty fair and square game and victory, as far as I know!

    I was asked to be a leader with Jaatinen and then Jupee joined as third leader.

    We had a few other great and hard working players in the leading team, I feel I must especially commend young Unikuu!

    A sincere apology to all o.k players for being such a bad and lazy leader! I'M VERY SORRY!

    As an irl old irc-guy with a slight speach-impearment I don't care much for Voice and joined those talks only a few times, more than a month ago last.

    Things went rather well until artefacts and even perhaps until BPs. But not after that, with that start we should have won easily.

    Our end-game failed very badly, perhaps we (or anybody) shouldn't have listened to Junnu's stories on the diplomatic channel...

    I've already commented on the bad Muukalainen stuff that happened. Even though Huutokauppakingi and Wesley have bravely revealed their part in it, possibly I still don't know all. I have tried to find out. I do know

    that none of us three leaders were involved and we were all surprised in the morning about what had transpired. Took some time to find out even part of what actually happened.

    But THX all O.K for Your hard workings and long sacrifices. They will not be forgotten.

    I came out of 'retirement' now three rounds ago, perhaps it's time to go back. Bye!

    PS At the beginning I routed for ally name Turhat Julkkikset (TUJU), but was ignored. Still think it would have been better :)

    so many fi3 thongs, too many fixes to list...8o

  • Im gonna review this server as a book and some roman lines:

    -Judging by the covers i was pretty excited (trying for record gaul hammer).

    -First few pages were kinda disappointing (settlers bouncing like a pinball machine).

    -After that i was back on the reading game again, and damn i was reading like MADman

    My favorite quote from this stage:

    "You'll have to know that where we are going, there is the most kusiuseless leaders in finnish scene"

    I had longer response here, but it just repeats what Muukalainen wrote above so ill skip straight to sweet part:


    -Muukalainen for being a worthy dual for over a decade.

    -Finonyx&Holsten for saving our asses few times as sitters.

    -Laicos&Kakara, you truly showed what small acc can achieve.

    -All of MAD, you guys sticked together till the end.

    -NCS, sadly we couldnt make a difference, but seemed like u guys had a great vibe going on!


    -All the rats involved. :rat:

    And PS. Jupee you do realise that comment you quoted was posted 27.10, the day artefacts came.

    Even other lineplayers knew about we hitting WHACK the day we joined so how the hell could you be not aware about it?

    If photoshopping screenshots from hit aint enought, you just cherrypick lines outta conversation to still try to justify those acts, well played mates.?

    But yeah, was fun server would do it again 6/5.

  • Everyone who hates on SLUSK for bringing in KYR-12 members, look who it is... The Mighty Heimdall, where else would my Swedish brothers go? If not, where I stand.

    Gods recognize Gods and I cant remember any of you DT players.

  • GZ Whack for the win!

    Played with unikuu on the account Urza

    Overall server went smoothly for the account. Had some problems early on keeping queus, but in the end we achieved my goal.

    Personal goal for me was to get a bigger hammer than last time.

    Ended up with 459K clubs + 86K knights + 50K rams. So a proper rammer in my opinion.

    Learned new things and had fun overall. Just some bad apples in the alliance.

    Unikuu: Thanks for playing the server with me again

    Muukalainen & Pösömies: Are you always that racists and overall toxic on other chats as well? Do you think that kind of speech is funny? Just my 2 cents...

  • SuA

    Low effort AFK account to kill time. 0€ invested.

    Main purpose was to make some def for Oskar D. There were no attacks so ended up making like 1m Phalanx in total for NCS.

    Def rank 37 (1047716 pts)

    Gz to Burnout for record hammer. 8)

    Axu, Pasi, Kado & Kuona



    Tili: 1337 Konto
    Kokoonpano: XerP, Hive ja joku qrps (psst, kiitos myös Sidille maskottihommista)

    Alunperinhan suostuin kierrokselle Skandalfin viestillä viime keväänä ja tiedostin Junnun toimivan liiduna. Myöhemmin kesäkierroksen jälkeen piipahdin Naantalissa rakkaiden kyläpeliystävien kanssa ja sitten muutamassa promilessa uskaltauduin puutarhatontulta (XerP) kysymään tulevan kierroksen pelipaikoista, koska olin jo unohtanut Skanin invit tekemään rammereita. Noh, tästä sitten alettiin pitää yhteyttä ja suunnitelemaan Xerpin ja Hiven kanssa tiliä. Alkuperäinen suunnitelma oli tehdä todellinen vihun nollaus -tili. Luvassa oli tässä vaiheessa 24/7 pelaamista vähintään viidellä käyttiksellä, josta sittemmin kiinnostuin. Kumpikin dualeistani oli täysin vieraita, joka loi epävarmuutta etenkin pelivuorojen ollessa epäselvät eikä ylöskirjoitettuja. Etenkin juuri sen takia, että haluan pelata tosissani ja en pidä löysäilijöistä tilillä.

    Pelaaminen ennen arteja

    Saatiin hyvä capi, joka laitettiin ihan laittomaan tikkariin ostamalla 1500 voidetta, hero xp -kypärä, kilpi sekä ase. Capin lähellä oli hyvin 50% keitaita joita raidattiin 24/7 aktiivisuudella ekan viikon ajan. Alettiin sitten suunnitelemaan offeja ja niiden sijainteja sekä päätettiin rakentaa WWR liittouman edun vuoksi. Ramit taidettiin nakata jonoon d12 ja capin ollessa valmis pyörikin rammeri ja 3 käyttistä (joista 2 päätettiin tehdä kirveslapuiksi, ettei nutilaput ala hidastamaan tiliä liikaa syönnin puolesta). Ohella tehtiin scouttilapaa, joka parhaimmillaan pyöri siinä 20k tienoilla. Raidia harrastettiin tosissaan, joka mahdollisti hyvien keitaiden lisäksi tilimme kasvun. Suunnitteilla oli paladiineilla raidaaminen yhdestä kylästä, mutta taisin sen suunnitelman itse hylätä, joka hieman kaduttaa näin jälkikäteen. Raidikellon ääni oli tuttu ja turvallinen "Katla kommer!"

    No anycase homma toimi hyvin etenkin XerP:n kanssa, jonka kanssa tilin kasvua suunniteltiinkin. Hiven rooli oli lähinnä pelata milloin ehti töiden ohessa. Homma toimi ja epävarmuuteni alkoi muuttua luottamukseksi.

    Ja paskat, lähdin käymään pohjoisessa viikoksi, jonka olin ilmoittanut ennen kierroksen alkua, jonka aikana en juurikaan pelannut ja luotin dualeiheni täysin. Ymmärrän työmäärän ja raskaan tilin, mutta en vieläkään pysty käsittäämään miksi XerP lopetit käytännössä pelaamisen kokonaan palattuani lomalta. Oliko se syy runescape vai burnoutti tiliin, en tiedä. Hive jatkoi samalla ailahtelevaa pelaamistaan öisin, mutta hoiti tiliä niin että selvittiin. Oma motivaationi otti tässä vaiheessa ison kolauksen ja henkisesti yleisesti epävakaana ihmisenä aloin käyttäytymään negatiivisesti sekä turhauduin...

    Tässä raidin aikaansaannosta ja sen salaisuus (yhteensä 174 säkkiä)

    Here is some raid results and its secret (total of 174 sacks)

    Artefakteihin oltiin raksattu tupla ja triplawareja rammeria varten ja sekin oli oikein hyvällä mallilla suhteessa Junnun toivomuksiin. Capissa t19 pellot valmiina. Valmiina oli 2 käyttökelpoista unesweeppiä, joista ajettiin kirveslappu (virhe) 60 ruudun päästä unehaukkaan sen takia, ettei tili Panda&Peepo halunnut uhrata omaa lappuuan kyseiseen hommaan 8 ruudun päästä. Tässä kohtaa vähän sisäisesti kiehahti, mutta jatkettiin pelaamista unehaukka liiton hallussa.

    Edit: hieman ylempi maininta on kärjistetty, sittemmin tilin pelaajien kanssa asiasta keskustelleena tialnteesta.

    Rammeriin alettiin isosta välillä tykittää nutia jos resoa sattu olee ja käyttiksiä pidettiin jonossa raidiresoilla ja pienellä boostilla. Opsuja oli aktiivisesti kokoajan. Ongelmia tuotti erityisesti 01 Där kommer lapun seinääminen, koska starttiin se väsättiin ja etäisyyttä oli 20 ruutua. Tämä helpotti huomattavasti tilillä pelaamista, koska dualien panos oli rehellisesti sanottuna olematonta tilin kehityksen kannalta. Enemmänkin pelaaminen oli räpiköintiä tässä vaiheessa, etenkin tilanteessa, jossa liitolla oli ongelmia sotisten kanssa ja liiton ainut pikkupulla istui 6tunnin päässä.

    Tein päätöksiä kysymättä kummaltakaan juuri mitään ja aloin pyörittää tiliä negativiisuudella ja näyttämisen halulla. Aikaisemmin olin tehnyt kahdeksaa ww-rammeria tänä vuonna, joten ajattelin että nyt tehdään onnistunut lappu ja aloin keskittyä rammerin tekemiseen. Pakkomielteeni tähän peliin työnsi tiliä eteenpäin ja aloin nauttia jokaisesta hikipisarasta. Tässä vaiheessa otin Sidiin yhteyttä, koska halusin tilille jotain päivällä tapahtuvaa toimintaa XerP:n lenkkeillessä ja pelaamassa runea. Opsuihin osallistuin aina kun mahdollista, koska halusin eroon käyttiksistä ja osallistua liiton toimintaan.

    Artefaktien pulasta huolimatta saatiin tili sitte jonotuskuntoon. Toki pikkusotis karkasi Whackkiin Haloo Pätkii vammailujen takia, joka hankaloitti rammerini tekemistä.

    Kiitos HALOO:n saatiin myöhemmin toinen sotis liitolle. Muuten ois ollu hankalaa raksata 2 enkkalapaa samaan liittoon yhdellä sotiksella. Tähän väliin on hyvä huomauttaa, että O.K:n artefaktien määrällä tehdyt laput on silmissäni aivan naurettavaa paskaa, joten nyt voitte lopettaa tän lukemisen ja painaa reporttia.

    Jossain kohti avasin yleiskatsauksesta joukot ja totesin, että onko toi lappu noin iso. Siitä sitten huitaisin tavoitteen itselleni tehdä sen enkkalapun nordicseilla. Aloin hikoilemaan raideja ja laskemaan tarkemmin resurssien ja kullankäyttöä. Waretilaa nostelin tarkasti lasketuin määrin ja warefaktikin taisi olla viikon päivät tilillä, kun sitä ei kukaan huolinut. Yksin en tähän kuitenkaan pystynyt, koska Hiven työt vilkastuivat ja tili alkoi olemaan soolohommia. Aloitin itsekkin työharjoittelun, joka muutti unirytmini suoraan sanottuna tappavaksi pidemmällä juoksulla. Tässä vaiheessa lähdin rohkeasti kyselemään sittereitä öiksi, päiviksi jne. milloin tarvitsinkaan. Ihana liitto antoi minulle mahdollisuuden sittereihin vaikka käyttäytymiseni olikin hiuka kyseenalaista. Erityisesti Komeat ja Laurushka ansaitsevat kiitokseni avusta jonottamiseen ajankohtina, jolloin olin töissä. Myös kaikenlainen muu apu oli tarpeen, että sain nukuttua ja ladattua itseni.

    Jossain vaiheessa XerP putkahti takaisin tilille kirjautuen ja päivitellen trooptoolia. Pelkkä tieto siitä, että mies oli kirjautunut tilille auttoi minua entistä enemmän jaksamaan ja motivoitumaan tavoitettani kohti. Lappu oli sujuvasti menossa kohti enkkalukemia.

    XerP:n huomatessa enkkalapun mahdollisuudet alkoi miehen mielenkiinto ilmeisesti heräämään ja pelitunteja, sekä tilin hoitamista alkoi kerääntyä enemmän. Luojan kiitos.

    Sitten tuli ajopäivä d86.
    And there it is the rammer d86.

    Tommonen kärsä työnnettiin vihujen suuntaan muutaman Santerin kera. Lähes eufoorinen tunne oli saada lappu perille ehjänä. Lappu pääsi perille niin otin irti tilistä hetkeksi. Työ oli tehty ja servun lopputulos oli lähestulkoon selvillä, enkä siihen voinut vaikuttaa, joten lopetin pelaamisen lähes kokonaan. Kiitos Shut ja cof erityisesti teille, että jaksoitte tililläni tehdä vielä asioita tämänkin jälkeen. Jonakin random päivänä loggasin vielä katsomaan tilin menoa niin sitterinä olitte 125k keppiä jonotellu ja käyttikseenkin oli ilmestynyt ukkoja.

    Hyödynsin sitterien toiminnan tilillä ensiluokkaisesti.
    Tässä esimerkki viimeisellä viikolla tehdystä pakituksesta, jonka joukot Komeat oli mulle jonotelleet.

    Loppu menikin henkilökohtaisest tilastoja rullatessa ja paskaa länkyttäessä.

    Henkilökohtaiset kehityskohdat:
    - raidin optimoinnin tarkkuus
    - kärsivällisyys
    - turhautumisen sisällä pitäminen - ei niin, että purkaa sitä ulospäin
    - kullankäytön optimointi


    - Sitterit, ihan jokainen joka tililläni jotain teki ja auttoi sitä eteenpäin.

    - Redoverblack, XerP, Junnu, opin älyttömästi pelistä etenkin teiltä, voicessa sekä pelissä tehdyistä ratkaisuista.

    - Laurushka ja Sid kiitos henkisestä tuesta jota epävakaa mieleni vaatii tätä peliä pelatessa.
    - Melm, uskomattoman hyvää keskusteluseuraa
    - Koko voiceporukka, pääasiassa seuraavat henkilöt: Redo, Pav3, Junnu, XerP, Jadsku, Inzo, Juhe, Skandalf, Cromeh, Lainee
    Erityiskiitokset kuuluvat Junnulle, jonka riveissä pelaan jos vielä mahdollisuuden saan. Sun kyky johtaa tätä palettia oli mulle yllätys, koska en tuntenut juurikaan koko miestä. Teit servusta mielenkiintoisen jatkuvalla opsuamisella ja pidit oman liittosi kurissa. Uhrasit IRL-asioitasi pelaamisen puolesta, jota arvostan kaikkein eniten, koska tein sitä itsekkin. En löydä negatiivisia asioita johtamisesta tai sinusta, toisin kuin sinä minusta, vaikka tämän lauseen kohdalla pysähdyin miettimään 10 minuutin ajaksi niitä.
    - Kiitos koko D-tyttöjen pukukoppi sekä vanhemmat

    Paljon olisi vielä sanottavaa servusta, mutta en halua kaikkea avata. Yllä kirjoitettu setti on raapustettu mahdollisimman päättömästi ilman yhtäkään oikolukijaa.
    Tulen jatkamaan ensi kierroksella entistä ankarampana itselleni ja dualeilleni.

    Loppujen lopuksi taisin löytää unelmadualin servun aikana, jos se vaan jaksaisi pelata. Kyseinen puutarhatonttu kirjoittaa Elite Konton näkökulmasta ja serverin kulusta englanniksi.

    Yhteydenotot ja kitinät:
    Discord: Qrps#4956

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  • Hellou my dear friends :D

    So, about this round. Started my journey with Enkuli and Jupee.

    Played on Backstreet boys, had some fight with SG (big props to them).

    Got some arte, don’t remember what. Ended my journey with Enkuli and Jupee.

    Did not win.

    OK was a lovely place, big thanks to almost everyone! Leaders we’re nice and players hot.

    Some thanks:

    Enkuli - Great dual, great person.

    Jupee – Good guy, nice dual.

    Jaatinen – Big love! Nice hammer.

    Piina – Stepped up in time of need, thank you!

    Makaay – Great ops. Nice guy, wolfs <3

    Tomppa – Our lord and savior with his def.

    Doddds – Like tomppa, great deffer!

    Nordic – Amazing player, nice team mate.

    Tohtori – Love u mate <3

    Unikuu – Wow, that progress u has made is amazing. Future superstar.

    Vehi – Great player, bright future!

    Nisse – You’re the voice of reason.

    YoloSwagHope – Sexy voice <3

    Ato – One of the great.

    Lissu – Thank you for this round and nice hammers!

    Jakee – Nice to drunkken talk with u.

    Paavo – MVP.

    Misku – Best robootti.

    And big thumbs up for: Justi, Janakoo, Johtis, Minzi, Hundkarusellen and all the rest!

    Ps. Junnu and all of his “fanclub”, please continue to cheat and poison every server :D

    ps2. Muukalainen great job at lifting the spirit of the ally…

  • Gustav here,
    No big speach from me, because I cba.

    Big boots + diet on account sounds like all fun and games, and people think it's contributing on helping the growth on the account. In some ways, ofc it does. But it also makes us having to have all troops on the account, feeing it ourselves so we are able to send to all def-ops.
    When having 3m troops in consumption, there is a big need of beeing able to reduce upkeep and help move the troops fast, because when the troops are pulled from diet: it's hell.

    Had fun, and hated it.

    Big thanks to fejk-guys for making me behave in a proper manner on a daily basis.

    300k spears @ artedrop btw (smirk).

    Best regards


    Nox 1: ThaZaar
    Nox 2: Sztalin

    Nox 5: LadyNina

    Nox 8: FatClown

    Nox 28: Choncha y Toro

    Nox 29: Mufasa

    Final Nos: DoubleDown

    Sez (?): Cripple

    Sez (16): Chapter1

    Sez (17): Known Chapter

    Nordicx3 1: fotballdaniel09

    Nodricx3 2: Russejente

    Nordicx3 3: Kjekk plukker

    Nordicx3 7: HCIM btw

    Nordicx3 8: Paid (rucked by TG)

    TT17: Knoll

    TT18: Sunny

  • Hello!

    Account: Holsten

    I forgot the round even was started before Holsten asked me either day1 or day2 if i was playing this server and if i wanted to be his dual on his account since we had talked about it in the end of the last server. I haven't played travian the last 6 years before this and the last round, so i was kinda rusty when it came to playing off account. Well thanks to Holsten i learned a lot and it was fun playing off until we started to make a WWC.

    Our starter villa was in the middle of D-tytöt players and we tried to join them after few weeks, but they declined since they were premade and wasn't taking anyone in at the time. Our settlers bounced the first time but we managed to take 125% 15c and made it our capital and i think the next morning Komeat was already trying to chief our starter villa. Holsten managed to kill his chief when it came back to his villa and he left us alone for a good while. We knew we had to join an ally pretty fast since there was no way we were going to be able to do anything with d-tytöt close and we had no deff. Holsten did all of the diplomatic stuff and got us in to MAD.

    All was going well while we were in MAD, we had three top10 raiders ribbons and two off-villas up and running and then artes came. We tried to get few different artes but were late and in the end we took small secret for our cap. I think MAD as whole got 7 or 8 artes. Two small wares, large secret, large trainer, small trainer and few other ones. Either the same day or the next day we were already under attack and knew we needed to join a bigger alliance since we only had i think 15 people in MAD and we merged with O.K few days after artes. At this point i was excited to do some opps with a bigger alliance, well there were none. After few weeks of just making troops and farming we were asked by the leaders to do a WWC and we decided to make one since it looked like there weren't going to be many opps anyways. We used our 2nd off to clear out bp and rest of it we used to help clear WW. After that the server was pretty boring, no real attacks to us the whole server other than Komeat chiefing our starter villa. Just queueing troops pretty much.

    We managed to get a decent size WWC in the end even after not queueing catas for few weeks since it was suppose to be opps hammer. We were going to send it to whack with Pahanen in the morning since they would have lvl 98 at the time we would hit. I went to sleep at like 4am after taking troops from diet and setting up routes. I woke up to a shit show, Pahanens WWR that was suppose to come with us was killed in the diet by our own ally member at the morning they were suppose to send it. So there was not going to be a WWR joining us. I had gotten a message from one of the leaders during the night telling me we have no permission to go against whack and since we have no chance in winning and they don't want D-Tytöt to win. So either send it to second lowest WW without wwr, let it sit at home until Whacks reaches 100 or don't listen.

    We sent our WWC anyways against whack since Pahanen was already going to go there ( His hammer was alive at the point we sent ours ) and i didn't see any point to go against the second lowest WW just for some personal problems leaders had against D-tytöt and let the other ally just march for the win without trying to do anything and let others a have fair chance. After we hit Whacks WW we were accused for being moles for some reason ( not sure where this came from ). I said few words to the leaders after that about accusing us and killing pahanens WWR. I asked leaders to give me a one good reason we should have went against D-tytöt since they were the second lowest. Only answer i got in the public chat was "why not" and "i never said im a good leader but still im leader and i assume everyone do what i tell" and after that we were kicked from the discord and alliance.

    Server wasn't all bad i learned a lot and met some new people i hadn't ever played with.


    Holsten - Very understanding with some of my rookie mistakes and helpful dual to learn with.

    Swagga - Made my server so much more stress free having def so close to use even though there weren't any real attacks on us.

    All of MAD - Very loyal and good players and would like to play with you sometime again.

    Muukalainen&Pösö - I had a good time playing with you and being a sitter for you guys. Never got annoyed with you and you guys were always good to talk with. I can see why some of the people maybe lose their cool with you guys in the ally discord, but in private at least to me you were always helpful.

    NCS: You guys seemed fun to talk to and you guys had a great vibe going on. Thanks for letting us in for the few days and sorry we couldn't help more.

    About o.k. leadership i have nothing to else to say that hasn't been said. I'll just try to stay away from all of you other than Unikuu. You managed your job well and you seemed like a nice person. Nothing against you and thanks for the parting word you had for us!

  • Congratulations to Whack!

    Really briefly about our acc Komeat:


    Our plan was to do many small hammers and participate in every ops + do some small ops by ourselves. We got a good start and we started to build our acc to be ready to conquer neighbors as soon as possible. The first conquered village was our sixth village (if I remember correctly) and after that most of our villages were conquered, apart from few croppers. We planned to have 2 unique sweepers and a few smaller offs before arties, but we walled our biggest off at day29.


    Sims->queue hammers->wall->repeat. At some point, we noticed that the most useless position (sims1) could be possible and we started to raise our town halls and party like animals. Slow but steadily our population increased and we were the first acc to have 30k pop. After that sims statistics was dominated by Komeat.


    After BP's we started to queue also some spears and in the end we had almost 500k. We also got our first trainer in the end. After Wesley Snipes shitshow we were scared to lose our off1 position for rats and started to hit some natars during the last days. Sorry about that!

    Pop: 63333

    Villages: 63/64

    Off: 3374149

    Deff: 749758

    Hero exp: 3825898

    Conquered villages: 52

    Something about the server:

    Whack: Most of the time you were our "main" enemies and thanks for not catching our hammers too fast ;) Despite your early/mid-game shitty moves (:rom08: farms, etc.) it was nice to see a non-finnish quality ally. You had decent WWr/k's and massive amount of deff. The biggest problem was maybe your using of ops hammers. You had big hammers, but the use of them was terrible. After all, I was happy that you won the server!

    O.K: I was expecting much more from your side. You won the artifact lottery and had the best artis for the whole server. Some OKish hammers, but with those artis you should have been better. Also, the lack of deff was surprising, even NCS had more... Hopefully, in the future, we will see better work from you guys.

    NCS: Thanks for joining the WW-race, always nice to have some smaller allies participating in the end game.


    Cof: MVP of our acc or even the whole ally. Mad hours and mad working motivation. Playing with the same motivation true the server is something that is hard to find. I still can't understand how can you send ops perfectly while driving a car :D

    Naiminen: Our sugar daddy <3 Kept our account focused on our goals and played good hours also.

    Just4Fun: Our mascot and PR-manager. I was actually surprised how much you played after all, you played important hours when others were not able to play.

    Junnu: Probably the best leadership I have seen during Nordix. Extremely humane way of leading. Thank you also for teaching me how to plan ops and that you allowed me to plan one operation by myself.

    Ptrn: Thanks for sitting as for many nights during early and midgame

    Qrps: It was nice that you allowed us to be part of making your record hammer. It was a nice change to play on Elite Konto. Also thanks for sitting us sometimes.

    Kote: Thanks for sitting us in the end!

    Every player in D-Tytöt <3 It was a pleasure to be part of this ally. Most of the time atmosphere in Discord was positive. Hammer destroyd enemies, deffs moved well and scouts were in the right places. Hyvä tekemisen meininki läpi servun, vaikka voittoa ei tullutkaan, kiitos!


  • So it's time to my end speech. Congratulations to winners.

    Account: Arne Alligator

    Duals: Elopolice and Fosse (sometimes and not at the end of the server)


    Junnu asked me to come play in his ally last spring and i volunteered to build WW if no one else wanted to do that. Also was asked by Junnu to provide some google sheet/forms/docs to help him to lead ally.

    Server start:

    Like usual just do everything with the same boring way... naah this time we raided at start 'cause we were aiming to take the closest cropper from our allys planned WW-village: Arnes mighty 25% 15c.

    We got it (what a surprise yeah?). After that just more raid and sims to develop and turtle our presence near ww. Fosse was showing first Lenkkikengät signs and criticizing Junnu how to lead ally. (i think he took like 10-15 Lenkki's before we changed password and continued playing nights with Junnus help).

    Mid game:

    Nothing interesting about our part, just sent troops where someone told and partake to few ops, one which i got much recognition inside our ally and was “forced” to change my name to “Skandalf / Operation wizard”, having sent Junnus masterplan 24hrs before it was supposed to. Have to say his reaction was priceless got around 150 lines of V-sana or F-word in english (+ he was so furious so he lost his fingernail also).

    End game:

    Checking WW for attacks and queuing levels kinda normal Ww-account things. No one really threatened us having around 1,3mill moving deff on our account to deff Bps/Architect, Though “wolfman” lähti kaikista henkseleistä irti / was megaproud of himself taking one of our BP two days before end of the server, maybe he thought himself to be god after that? Stealing Arnes BP and could do anything? Who knows? I'll list reports from ww with deff under here so you can check them there.


    Junnu: Massive job with ally, shame couldn't help more being family man and things.

    Elopolice: One of the duals man could want, always content in the goatse-calendar.

    D-tytöt: sorry wont thank everyone personally, but ally was one of the best, positive toxicity and länkytys loppuu tai moe- saa lähteä kannulta.

    Jolle: wouldn't never guess that i would write thanks to Jolle “:D”, but hey nice job with account keep it up and no one will remember you as the spitbucket you once was called. No hard feelings.

    Not thanks;

    Fosse: Good job with farmlists, but everything else was just Lenkkiing or whining about something.

    Wolfman: beat the most pathetic move of suomitar and staf, gj for that.

    Account stats at the end

    Sims: 10 / 36954pop / 45 Villages

    Off: 72/ 315140 points

    Deff: 1 / 491504 points

    Hero: 1 / 4083820 points / 403lvl


    Screenshot - 9f34e67f5e6684bf0e15598737d5532a - Gyazo 2.12.20 Antonskc vs Both world wonders

    Screenshot - 830e94918b2f06af98140446504e4f7d - Gyazo 12.12.20 Foxzero WWR

    Screenshot - 0332264caabcf182dc4ea2cc5b89bdb3 - Gyazo 13.12.20 Theogonien WWC

    Screenshot - df50aed02a2c663d09ab0208e5122361 - Gyazo 20.12.20 Dr.Destruction half of WWR?

    Screenshot - 460ace32bbc8e9be855ab682e5caaa86 - Gyazo 20.12.20 Bobs Disneyjovs “WWR/Warehammer”

    Screenshot - cc669897f6eb27fbd2e28da0209d0cda - Gyazo 20.12.20 Maestro WWC

    Screenshot - 307f4738d04ec95054b920da01faae71 - Gyazo 20.12.20 Olden WWC or something like that

    Screenshot - 6542a6eb6b1fdaf141b6dfdacdee4baf - Gyazo 23.12.20 Urza WWR

    Screenshot - 538c225dcaab1f64ebaa7df7c1ca72a7 - Gyazo 23.12.20 HuutoKauppaKing WWC

    Screenshot - 856417f5d5177e108ae52d0bfb449806 - Gyazo 24.12.20 Peter Popoff WWR

    Screenshot - 9e31d6ba51551d6d2525648e586ac3b9 - Gyazo 24.12.20 Caro Kann WWC (with no tax, just resource help to queue hammer or how was it?)

    Screenshot - a5b527bea530dabb3c687de13a766a1e - Gyazo 24.12.20 Nacci WWC guess someone killed his escort?

    Screenshot - 5ddde55821bd64fcfe00dba23aaaaabc - Gyazo 24.12.20 YourHigness wwsomething cant really tell.

    +Nordic records sheet will be updated shortly.


  • I guess I owe it to Qrps to write some stuff about account as he requested so here we go. Hope I'll be able to clear some things from my personal POV also. Also have to add that the formatting is probs pretty horrible with thoughts added around when they came to mind. So feel free to just skip this post.

    There was talks about this server as early as on mayday and they increased during last weeks of nx6. At first I was thinking about skipping as was also running an account on com2 simultaneously. But after some talks we had 4 players on account so thought we could handle it properly, oh how wrong I was about that. I think it was supposed to be Qrps & Appeli playing during day mainly, Hive playing during nights as much he could from working and me kinda flex filling in gaps and trying to balance it out. Well I think Appeli only logged on account to purchase some gold on very beginning and then vanished, so it all went to shit already on week 1. Later on Hive was lot busier than expected and Qrps had also stuff to do, so I ended up on playing like 16h average days during like weeks 3-5 or something. To only add to this the other account mentioned before had also had case of 2 quitting duals -> it was also becoming a big burden for me. In the I think it was during a week that was supposed to be pretty much afk by Qrps that I found out I was solo playing for like 3 days and thought that it's enough and that I wouldn't want to put that much hours into game as it was mainly during sleep and smallish breaks that I didn't have to play the account. Was also not so happy that we ended up doing a wwr, which played it's part in what happened too. So ended up just quitting, tried to help (sometimes in secret) at random points but even smallest mistakes made ended with just logging out. Later in the server was mainly on call for any actions needed to safe the account from enemy action and did some trainer queues like two times. Also did lots of flaming in discord and was active in voice, sorry about both of those things. Can't be that happy about own playing except for the beginning and some planning. Hope this clears some stuff out for duals / sitters / leaders, for everyone else I'm sorry if you read this irrelevant thing.

    So the account itself was named Elite Konto and had a profile attached as a joke as response to some pretty arrogant and bad enemies from last round, we even managed to spawn in middle of those players. The spawn point was very good: one of the best oases I have seen on spawn and multiple good croppers to choose from (2x 100% in 6 sqr radius and the one we ended up going for: 30ish sqr 150%). We knew exactly what we were doing for fast start and it was even faster as someone (I'm pretty sure it was Forsaken guys) were cleaning oases nearby and we managed to sneak many of them atleast partly before they emptied them. Settled the 150% and started working with the absolute crown jewel of our plan: instantly build barracks and queue raid troops on capital which was just far enough that it had no other farmers going for nearby oases. I think we did queue some clubbies in 3rd village also for this purpose as we got so good lead from hero lvl + clubs carrying tons of resources home. This ended up once again paying off to do as we were like 1½-2 villages ahead of everybody on village 12 or somewhere around there and were trading places in production 1-3 (with HCIM and Icento I think?) almost daily. At somewhere along the first week we promised to give alliance a wwr though we were supposed to be 100% ops account, so we ended up starting queues in that one pretty early. Went for fields 19 before artes and had more than enough resources to queue 5 hammers, from which the spawn villa one was a huge pain in the ass due to slow af teuton merchants. Did some offensive actions around area, raided a lot and was wondering why Forsaken just didn't conquer our spawnhammer, which we used in ops around those times, while they had multiple offs in very close proximity. After that it's more or less foggy and would be no use to anyone telling specifics.

    Won't be posting any reports here as all the relevant ones can be found from Qrps's post anyway. So a little sum up: had a pretty much perfect start and ended up too tired due to problems with player amount (to which we tried to find a solution).

    Even though I was thinking about flaming (pointing out mistakes) enemies here I'll pass, it's mostly said in nomination or rumour thread anyway - but if someone wants to talk about them you can hit me up in discord. Only thing I want to add to those is OK wwhs as it did seem (from speeches in this thread) that you really started queuing them at d30, which explains some things. There were couple okayish ones along them but considering days they were used they were pretty shitty TBH, you should consider starting them earlier like d12-16 or something AND building them on proper accounts with enough resources to spare for that.

    Thank yous:

    Duals - you did lots of nice work on account, gz on the recordhammer. Would play with you again.

    Leader(s) - you know you deserve to be praised more than I ever can, really thank you.

    Alliance - thanks to everyone for playing well, being nice (most of the time) and for all the conversations (mainly in voicechat)

    Enemies - Congrats to Whack / Slusk for winning, your strategy paid off in the end. Also thanks for our unofficial race on top of statistics to HCIM btw and Icento.

    Also sorry for Pav3 to maybe flaming you a bit too much sometimes, wasn't really meaning anything bad even it might have sounded like it sometimes.

    mangusti / J O @fix9 | charliesheen / Spirits & Savages / Spirits @fix10 | Coll Smack / 420 & miljonææri / TM @fix11 | Sivustakatsoja / Brim @fix12 | Absolutisti / L7 @fix14 | Tits r Sweet / Heil @fix16 | Derpz / Spank! @ Nordics NYS5x 2019 | Chansey / Valio @N3x2 |Aurinkomatkat / KuRa @N3x3 | Päivin Perutut / Iginla @N3x5 | Hélène Cixous @Europe 10x Round 2 | Vetonipesi / ACAB & Moccamaster / ACAB @N3x6 | Elite Konto / D-Tytöt @N3x7 | Turbo Simps / S @N3x8

  • Congratulations to Whack from Chef&Sommelier :)

    We had a round of first times. First time we had 150% oases and level 19 fields. First time we were in top-10 defenders and first time we had top-10 hero. Earlier rounds she has pretty many times forgotten to check that she is wearing the right sword and helmet and so on. And even forgotten to take part in fights. But not this time :) She was awesome.

    We also made more praets than ever. If the server would have lasted 5 more hours, we'd have got the praet number 1 500 000.

    As always, thank you, husband and children. Nice to do some perhestely.

    Thanks to the leader. You did well. I have played in the same team with you only when you were Unna ja Junnu, and I did not know you are such a kova luu :)

    Since we are used to play under Redoverblack's command, it felt a bit strange to play for somebody else. At the beginning. But we got used to it.

    Thanks to the team, we were good

    Then the special award :) I don't talk in discord, but I read it. The special award goes to to the most kind person there, Murano. If you ever need a new boyfriend, I have two adult sons... I have found my perfect match from Travian, so has my daughter <3 You'd also fit in nicely

    We have a plan. The plan is to have a break. So, hopefully the new round starts fast :)

    YyberHyvät@fix1 / LadyGodiva@fix2 / Lumikki@fix3 / By Your Side@fix4 / Sarri&Flemming@fix5 / Gladiaattorit@fix6 / Abhorsen@fix8 / Sisu&Susi@fix9 / Reddington@nordics3x4 / Guns N Roses@nordics3x5 / Bartenders@nordics3x6 / Chef&Sommelier@nordics3x7 / Sweet & Sour@nordics3x8

    Post was edited 2 times, last by Ruusu ().

  • Yay, we finally achieved our goal! :love:

    This was the second time we tried to build a record hammer and now we managed to do Nordics record roman wwk, IF server would have lasted to 10.1.2021, we would have got a world record roman wwk, but I think that we are really happy with this one.

    At first we were thinking about to make our own alliance with few trusted players, but after all we ended up joining Junnu’s team. From the beginning we told him that we were going to try to make record wwk and that would be our accounts primary goal. We took 2 deffplayers with us (Janipetteri and Tuomo) who supposed to make a lot of defs to secure our wwk, and ofc for alliances ww-village.

    We asked also Derlino (HerpYourDerp) play for deff, but he didn’t had motivation/time to play, so he decided to come to the server to play as a server’s best farm. Obs! He was NOT our private farm, everyone had chance to farm him from the beginning and we also had to follow “the rules” when farming him. (To stop farming when he is making new village or he would spike etc.)

    We got nice 150% 15c for a capital – just like we wanted, and we maximize our resource production to building several 15c villages with 2 good oases. D27 we had lvl 19 cropfields ready and after artes we build lvl 20 fields. (In that time we didn’t had resources to party so developing new villages had to stop until capital fields were ready.) Our whole account building was from the beginning to the end to try to get as much resources out from it as possible so we could keep queues 24/7 in our wwk + keep big parties every village and also manage to develop new villages.

    Before artefacts we had to build several ware-villages to enable 48h trainer rotation. After all we had to spare around 46M resources to make 48h queues so those would not break before we got trainer again. We started to queue from GB and GS after our lvl 19 fields were ready and after that queues didn’t break even for a second. After artes all queues were made with trainer – even GB and GS ques.

    Huge thanks to Junnu that you made that 48h rotation possible for us especially when alliance had only that 1 trainer for a while!

    In our account we had wwk, artefact sweep/raid/op hammer, 2 nd raid/op hammer in the spawn and 3 deff villages (mainly for splits).

    In the end we also made defs from several villages + scouts from 2 villages.

    With our best week we farmed 175,6M resources, most of those resources came from Forsaken’s idle-players, whose villages were full of resources and empty from troops according to WuT’s scoutings. Mostly we used our farmlists, but in last weeks we started to raid more manually to get bigger amounts of resources. (Mostly WuT farmed manually and I was the lazy one and used lists and sent troops to those targets which WuT had already scouted for me.)

    On Christmas Eve Junnu told us to move boots to our wwk and get ready to send the hammer to its final journey. At that point we were quite relieved to get rid of that hammer at last.

    At some point our goal seemed to be impossible to achieve, but we kept going for it and here it is: Around 350,9k imps +235k EC + 32,6k catas.

    Burnout wwk


    WuT – Even you are not always the easiest player to handle, you know what you are doing and what you do you do it well or better. The best dual for me at least. :saint:

    Petrn & Janistar – Thanks for you 2 that you came to play with us and made such a great gaul deff account! And thanks a lot for being our sitter those times when we needed it.

    Tuomo – Thanks for your praets!

    Derlino – Too bad that you didn’t had time to play “real game” with us, but at least you were server’s nicest farm for everyone.

    Junnu – Great leader, nice guy. Thanks for taking us in the alliance and tolerating our “selfish play style”. I can promise that in other circumstances we wouldn’t have been so selfish.

    Ministeriö – Thanks for smooth trainer rotation and hosting a diet reliably.

    D-Tytöt - It was really nice to play with you all, everyone did (mostly) exactly what was told and helped each other when needed without questioning.

    Congrats to winners!

    PS. I really hope that people would learn to play without cheating. It’s not so hard if you just put a bit more effort for this game...

    Maybe it’s time for retirement or at least some kind of vacation.

    So nice to finally be able to sleep at nights.



  • Account: Ali Kaan

    In August I heard Sindre@Maestro’s call to arms, joined the Disco chat and *jawdropped* at the sight of the biggest geeks from Nox and capo. With a roster of pre-planned WWRK builders and and a confed with KYR (who was supposed to lead our ops), it didn’t take more than a quick google search for typical Turkish names to set up a cute little prank of what looked to be an easy win for Slusk.

    MADTURK bait :D

    Ali Ihsan and I (Ali Kaan) recruited a few (real) Turkish players and created MADTURK to bolster our image. They soon figured out we weren’t all that Turkish and they broke away. At this point Krøll, Skruff and Fake News had settled around Ali Ihsan’s capital (poised to demolish it and take it for themselves) so we had to break cover. As we joined Slusk, the “MADTURK” spirit stayed with us, both as profile art <3 and as a motto to join in on any action and to take losses lightly, if not with pride.

    Unfortunately, KYR left in a hurry and it looked as though all the action would be defensive, as Ali Ihsan and I were the only dedicated off accounts that weren’t building WWRKs (except for Slappfisk). After pulling off some early wins - stealing two small archi’s, one small fool and a small diet – my clubs were sniped by a KYR neighbor. I won the debacle, but had no offence left. Slusk met the same fate as our alliance went from destined winners to D-T’s punching bag.

    I counter Sickboy

    Sickboy counters my counter o.0

    Defending Sickboy

    Stealing Bobs Disney's small diet

    Since Slusk deff-coordinators (Sindre, Jomar and Alta) along with all the sick deff-accounts have been congratulated, I’d like to give a shoutout to everyone that participated in ops. Big thanks to Vicious and the Swedish gang who returned from KYR and showed us some of their fireworks midgame. Kudos to the Forsaken-players who also showed some muscle despite taking a lot of beating. Kimppi@Dium is my new Finnish‰ hero and Heimdall@Heffaklumpen is a powerball with attitude!

    Final take on the server from my perspective. Ali Ihsan and I only wanted to be “MADTURK” and make ops at anyone. Unfortunately for us, the strategies pursued by our leadership meant that D-T was the only acceptable target and D-T happened to be 10hrs+ away and stacked with deff. Without the kind of muscle (like D-T showed when bitting Icento’s hammer) needed, a designated off-coordinator or a core group of offence players who were always willing and able to partake in ops, we were stuck having to either sit tight or use our sweeps for necessary stuff. Except for our first attempt at NCS’s big archi (where everyone played perfectly except pickup was 5min late), I walled and walled and walled. MADTURK soon became MADTRUCK, ramming whatever was needed.

    Two ops aimed at O.K WWRKs were unfortunately unsuccessful, both times a member of the crew changed hero gear and it became ez to deff for O.K.

    Walling at HALOO HQ

    Walling at Teppo's hammer villa

    Walling at Caro's hammer villa

    Ramming O.K's WW behind HCIM's split WWR
    Ramming chevavan (successfully stealing BP)

    Good thing Fenris Wolf deffed with WWK :D

    Sniping Amerius' off

    Some offpoints for a change ^^

    Produced well over 800k clubs, ended the server with 500k spears and resource rank (generative) 5th server-wide. I feel pretty accomplished as a solo account. Thanks for an entertaining round :)

    Whack: Bunkered in with endless deff. Representing Whack as the only top 10 offence account (7 from D-T, 2 from O.K), I can only say that we didn't win on our initiative. A great win nonetheless!

    D-T: Kudos to you for great ops - envious that I didn’t rock with a crew like yours.

    O.K: You had so much peace, so many useful artefacts and a surprisingly active crew (despite “looking” like a B-tier alliance). When I organized an op against your large archi and decided to split my own sweep in five to pick up what I thought were five “free artis” (which they were, little or no defense anywhere), every single account was online at 05:00 to dodge. All of which really, really made me think you could win the server *if you’d only do something*. You threw a potential victory away long before sniping your own WWR.

    NCS: Great source of cheap stuff. Played in our favor that you spread thin by building WW.

    Sindre@Maestro: Despite making me frustrated holding back on O.K midgame, you made a nice gesture setting up a large trainer rotation for the ops accounts.

    Jon Ludvig@Fenris: Liten konto.

    Pop rank: 13th (34926)

    Off rank: 4th (1622119)

    Deff rank: 107th (383499)

  • Kirjoitan suomeksi vain lyhyet kiitokset, sillä oma runi loppui kesken. Ilmeisesti acco kuitenkin kesti loppuun saakka jossain muodossa!

    Tämän ja viime runin liitot olivat kuin yö ja päivä keskenään. Käsittämätöntä omistautumista Junnulta (+muilta).

    Kiitos myös dualeille Luikero, Juhe, Alfaz. Tällä kertaa taidettiin haukata liian iso pala tavoitteiden muodossa, joka on aikalailla oma vika. No ei mitään, jotain saatiin aikaan ja yks pieni ennätyskin. Voisko joku postata sen "arte"rapon?

    Kiitos myös liiton voice! Oli hauskaa niin kauan ku se kestikin!

    -Kisuli (Muotovalio) ex. (Jack Hammer)

    fix1: Gisangel -> Criblizer, fix2: feltsu -> Lexyz, fix3: Tyttöset, fix4: Mad_Dog, fix5: RusketusRaidat -> Kiukku, fix6: Mehukatti, fix7: Nosporde fix9: Tim-Antti, fix11: TaylorSwift, fix12: TurhatPojat, fix13: frágile, fix14: Green Day s1(2): NotYourFriend, s1(3): Olivia, s1(4): Seilori, nordicsx4: Spede Beard, nordicsx5: CataLAN, nordicsx6: Bunny Party, nordicsx7: Jack Hammer -> Muotovalio, last nordicsx: Pönthiittine

  • Congratz to winners!

    HALOO HALOO, tuo Janoinen Kirjolohi tuola ylempänä jo kirjoittelikin englanniksi niin mä kirjottelen sitte suomeksi.

    Tilinä HALOO, dualina suuri ja mahtava Redoverblack.

    Hetken mielijohteesta (varmaanki humalassa niinku tällä tilillä viikonloput yleensä kului) päädyttiin redon kanssa pelaamaan yhdessä, hetkeäkään ei saanut katua tätä asiaa. Tilillä pelaaminen oli rentoa eikä ketään ruoskittu.

    Tämä taas motivoi alussa itseä pelaamaan aika paljonkin, kun tiesi että tilillä toinen pelaaja pelaa ihan järkyttäviä tunteja. Raidit kulki, joukkojen määrät nousi ja tili kasaantui joka päivä suuremmaksi.

    Harmiksemme Avstängd & Tittut olivat sijoittuneet n. 20 ruudun päähän meistä ja hemmetin hyviä opsuja kyseisiltä pelaajilta tuli. Kyseisten pelaajien toimesta meiltä lähti muutama offi, tämä pilasi meikäläisen yöunet ja nosti stressitasot ihan uusiin lukemiin.

    Suuri määrä opsuja, monet suuret puhelut, lukuisat krapulat ja nauretut hetket voicessa tekivät tästä rundista mielenkiintoisen.


    Redoverblack: Erittäin suuri kiitos pääsystä tilille, pelaaminen oli todellakin hauskaa eikä pakkopullaa. Ja tässähän myös tämmönen vompatti oppi myös monta uutta asiaa ja ehkä myös pelaamaan.

    Junnu: Älytön määrä mitä laitoit koko liiton eteen tunteja ja tekemistä, HUHHUH. Mielettömän hyvää liiduamista, äijä aina paikalla ja muutenki yks hauskimmista ja hienoimmista ukoista.

    Qrps: Lukuisat aramipelit ja muutenki keskustelut voicessa teki sen että joka päivä sai nauraa voicessa.

    Ministeriö: (Pav3,Cromeh,Lainee,Icy) Kontenttia ei puuttunut tälläkään kertaa ja aina joku teistä löytyi voicesta.

    Lian&Neve: Saatiin teiltä pakkeja aina kun alko tili vilkkumaan <3

    Murano: <3

    Kaikki muut jotka pyörivät voicessa ja koko D-tyttöjen porukka. <3

    Kiitos myös meidän upealle kakkutilille ( Elo, Skani, Fosse )

    Emmää tierä mää oon vaan vompatti -Melm

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