Victory speech Nordics x round 7 - Whack

  • The server is over and Whack took the W, helped by our allies in Forsaken. GGWP, not ez, glad it`s over.

    I will do allystuff first:

    The plan to make a new (mostly norwegian) ally came to me during nordicx 4. I had become leader halfway in the server in Nordicx1, and we were 100% not prepared for what Nordicx was going to look like, compared to Nox. So i wanted to give it a shot, with me leading from the start, and better prepared (meaning more endgame oriented). I reached out to the norwegians i knew, and most of them joined in. We also ended up recruiting some "friends of friends" and doing some initial recruiting after the server began. The first lesson learned from Nordicx1 was that we needed more WWRKs, and that our more trusted members needed to build them, with some of them building big deff as well (HCIM had WWR + 2 mill, Fenris Wolf had WWK + almost 2 mill and Icento had 2 WWKs + 900k). This meant that all our most trusted, most active and most experienced players was going WWRK and/or deff, and that our war-hammers were going to be less certain to accomplish something.

    Jakee approached me and said he wanted to run a tight, small ally to do deff + opsing, and they were going to be a large part of our "opsing-muscle". However, when i was busy for one day because of arti-coordination and he started getting incs he chickened out, and went to D-Tytöt instead. This meant that we had enemies in our own quad, with a lot of warhammers, and we had a lot of accounts yet to boom because they went high cropfields early on. We needed an ally, and Forsaken had been waring with D-Tytöt, was in our neighbouring quad, and would give us more origo firepower. We also made a NAP with O.K, but this was just formalizing what both allys already knew: D-Tytöt + KYR-12 was opsing against us, and none of us could stand a two front war at this point. As it turned out, the KYR-swap was a solo-move by their leader, and a contradiction of the server goals for a lot of his members, so 10 (?) of their members went jumped to our ship, while the remaining members splatted 4 good warhammers at Theogonien. This caused some public outrage that imo was not really warranted. We were still going to be the main target of O.K, while having to take down 2 (maybe 3) WWs, while taking all the D-T ops. We had like 20-25% more pop than D-T but they raided between 2 and 4 times as mutch as us + Forsaken put together. Plus managing a smaller, tighter group has advantages over a larger, not premade meta. Some D-T members might have thought we would cooperate with WW as well, but ofc we was not.

    From this point forward it was "Opsorama" from D-Tytöt. Junnu has already displayed the results in a rather fabolous manner, but i can still comment on on them. It was absolute hell, and part of that is me failing to delegate responsibillity in a more clear fashion, and beeing a bit too mutch of a control freak. 15+ ops from D-Tytöt and 1 (?) from O.K was a lot to handle, especially towards my exam period. With the advantage of knowing the results now, it would be better to have walls everywhere, without beeing able to stop anything. When we lost Snullefar WWK it was because we had deff enough to every WWRK except one or two (I also count Slappfisks mega ops hammer as "WWRK here"), and they hit it. Same situation when The World lost their WWK, and Slappfisk lost their warhammer. Icento lost his second WWK in the last wave, and only 2-3k more deff would have saved it. So in the end, a lot of work, with not a lot to show for it. This server would have been more chill, boring and decisive with earlier sucess. Good job on their part, both in training and launching (screwing around with TS lvls and having scoutwalls). Only bigish mistake you made in my mind was not going for WW at the same time that you went for Icento. I think we had lvl 84 WW at that point, but with 10-11 mill deff standing in walls instead of WW i think it would have been worth it. Oh, O.K was splatted on the first try.

    This server was not really for us to win, with the ops against us. We were set to survive losing 1-2 WWKs, but any ally will have troubble winning when they lose 4. We had planed to WWR + 2 WWKs because we had 4+8, but this changed it, and we ended splitting up Dr. Destruction and HCIM BTW WWRs (both made close to 600k + 130k + 60k), to go another round. We knew we had to take down both D-Tytöt and O.K, but then the servers largest WWK went towards O.K instead of us. And then the dumpsterfire on a horse-corpse called Wesley Snipes happened. Jesus christ, what a not-cash money thing to do, against his own member. That guy was in his fullest right to attack us, and you stole his hard work through the server, probably to gain more off-points as well. Shame on you. After this even a big WWK won`t do enough damage against a lvl 98 WW with wall still up and 19 million deff there.

    I am proud that my ally kept their head up and keept fighting. So in the end we won becuause the puzzle went our way, we had many (but not the largest) WWRKs and we had big deff. GG, 10/10 would not do again.

    Big thanks to:

    Ketil, for making sure we still had an account to save after i spent most of late midgame having a lot of syre from deff-coord stuff.
    Our deff-builders, who moved deff from fake to fake, untill finally hitting some offensive troops.

    Our WWRK builders, who had a decent chance to loosing their servers work 15-20 times, and sat up late to feed walls/return deff.

    Jomar, Altakraaka, and Trabby for helping me out with deff-coordination.

    Forsaken for doing more than you can expect from an ally that had been fighting a good opontent and taking some hard hits.

    Gustav, Tobias, Fillip and Eivinn for helping out with sitting, either my acc or WW.

    Heimdall for doing WW-support work, and moving deff perfectly.

    Henrik for the memes

    Junnu for some nice chats lategame, and deciding to go for the win, instead of beeing the "spoiler candidate".

    Now accountwise:

    I was really up to do whatever we needed. It turned out we were missing a few WWKs, so i went for two. I was going to play with Ketil, JC and Ceaser, but the latter two had too mutch real life stuff to do, so it ended up beeing me and Ketil, pluss some sitterwork from Tobias on Slappfisk. The account was decent, but not as good as i had hoped. Too mutch allystuff to do, and only one dual (but huge ups to Ketil, who put in a huge amount of raiding/simming hours). Started lateish with trainer and had to use a lot of fool when we lost our 2nd trainer. Also late GB/GS. Anyway:

    Pop: 41853, 49 villages. Rank 5 server, 2 ally.

    Ress: 9/4 pr day, 3/2 total, because i was dietholder. 3,2 billion incomming trade :P

    Off: Rank 17, 854866 points

    Deff: Rank 237, 33254 points

    Hero: Rank 54, 915969 points


    By artis: 220k
    By BP drop: 1,014 mill

    WWK1 in action: 767k

    WWK 2 in action: 756k

    Nox 1-3: sindre_er Nox 4: Julenissen Nox 5: Rex lars Nox Nox 6: Balder Nox 7: HoodStar Nox 8: Dead Rabbits ---> Dumino Nox 9: TerrorRegimet Nox 10: MassDestruction Nox 16: Tibbers on Duty Nox 22: MassDestruction---> Nordic Nox 24: Mira Nordicx 1: Jackal Nordicx 3: Frank the Tank Nordicx 4: Tachanka Nordicx 7: Maestro Nordicx 8: Kaid

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  • Firstly congrats to winners! Althought in my opinion you were the second least who would deserve it. But win is win, enjoy it!

    And then about our account and our travel trough this round.

    It all started in my mind, I have been thinking this for a long time and now it happened. So I had figured this hammer which does its job but own also visual enjoy, same amount of sword's and tt's, mostly tt's because with haeduans it would be too small hammer and rammer because no one does gaul rammers anymore 😅

    So I was ready to go with this idea by solo account but then my good friend pösö asked if I am going to play next round and of course I invited him to play with me and it wasnt difficult job to suggest him my idea since we think a lot of same way.

    Plan was ready, go only for the hammer. Do necessary sims and enough haeduans in one village to get the trainer at artifact day.

    We decided to go without ally and look from the server then. Also we decided to go pretty far from origon so we can have peace. We had a lot of difficulties with settlers, I think they came back 3 or 4 times 😂 but in the end we managed to get decent 125% 15c capital.

    Well then we saw that D-Tytöt was in the same area with us and also we had some discuss with them about us joining in but at that point of the round it wasnt possible. About same time Holsten sent us an igm and asked would we like to join MAD, with a quick look it was a very easy decision to say yes.

    All our comrades from MAD were completely new people to us and what a joy it was to see how well all went with them. We made a channel where were 4 guys, all from different accounts and decided all our moves together.

    Artifacts went just how we wanted and got easily all what we needed except the diet.

    Here is our small trainer report, I could say it was properly calculated:

    Screenshot - 4ca78de0f1aad84cd468e37930847660 - Gyazo

    Also we were a bit terrified about our neighbors (d-tytöt) and we started to discuss about MAD to join somewhere. Some of us didnt want in to D-Tytöt and also D-Tytöt didnt want us, so O.K was like the only choice since all of us didnt want to go with whack. Also O.K approached us at the same time so it was just easy to go there. I warned my comrades about the leadership from O.K, I mean I could tell it all only from seeing their leaders names but we decided together still go there.

    Well O.K was just what I assuumed, pretty much no leadership and no interest to do nothing in the server. Also a very low level with most of their accounts. We (MAD) did try to offer them help and advice but they didnt want to receive it. I dont really care to write anything more about O.K since there is nothing good to mention. Okay, we did get some help building our capital back up but that should be automatic I think. We needed constantly remind about it and even write the ally-messages ready for the leaders. For example when we were still in MAD we did build mrpool's capital back up a lot of faster and no one wondered why this is done. Well, it went how it went and to be honest no one should have as shitty leadership as we had in O.K

    I mostly wrote this speech ready several days ago and I feel like I should leave this part still here:

    "And in the end here is our hammer: R.I.P.

    Visual beauty, did destroy the wall like a proper rammer should and also it passed the old nordicx gaul record but unlucky there were one gaul ahead us in this round. Im not quite sure about their methods 🤭 but ours is 100% queued and fed by own resources."

    Well everyone know what happened, some of our leaders and their inner circle decided to take down our hammer since they wanted whack to win. And after that they made accusations that it is our fault why O.K loses and we are moles etc.

    We were agreed many many times before that Pahanen Viskoja + Holsten goes against Whack's ww. So it is only a bullshit that leaders didnt know about it, I mean even the ally members did know about it. Well they didnt plan it, for example I could have happily hit whack's ww in the first drops. Also I dont understand how it makes you as a traitor if you just want to hit enemy tower? Or was there under cover sumu going on between whack and O.K or did I miss something else? I thought we were enemies, right?

    The report would have been 222222 + 222222 + 56789.

    Here are the hits: Screenshot - c522b7388c9edda95df9e2c32b452499 - Gyazo

    Screenshot - fa5f4fea308361a08f58825d8fcb2e04 - Gyazo

    And here are the screenshots about our troops, around 7-8 hours before those hits:

    Screenshot - e3bfcda72e631c9d9424c8e9fdcb5e08 - Gyazo

    Screenshot - b7b25674659a78d13c515fdd3e4e36b4 - Gyazo

    I know for sure some people behind this unbelievible rat moves: SvampeMikael, YoloSwagHope, enkuli, jaatinen, esa, piina. Good luck for your future rounds 😏

    Also nisse, one of the main leaders of O.K went right away to the forums to defend their beloved "wolf". What a joke.

    After all this we decided to join in NCS with our beloved MAD comrades to help with our deff's in their ww, unlucky there were not enough and not large enough hammers to do any difference to the end result. At least we tried.

    As I said earlier I had a dream. Almost achieved it, used a lot of my time and money to do that beautiful TT-rammer. Dont know if I play ever again after this, pretty much speechless now. Well maybe after a couple days of relax and I'll be ready to hunt these rats down in a future rounds. But when I read forums Im glad that there are still respected players in the scene and all are not like these rats in O.K's leadership.

    Some people who I want to mention and thank:

    Posomies, my old friend from the real life, always a pleasure to play with you.

    All my dear comrades from MAD, but I must mention Holsten, FinOnyx, Badaam, Mrpool, Nik, Philo, Rursus, McSwagga, Ieniemienie you all were new to me but what a pleasure it was! I would love to play again with you guys in any day.

    From O.K I want to mention:

    Jupee I did know you before, we had good discussions at channel and private, but I have heard conflicting things about you, when you talk only with me then we are friends and all, but when you talk with others I am suddenly only a stupid guy and a mole???

    Uni I was also going to thank you from our discussions, dont worry I will, thanks! But I feel a bit dissappointed since I heard you have been asking behind my back from my MAD comrades that is there anything, even excuses to kick only us out of O.K 🤔

    YoloSwagHope you were also in my thanks-list but what you did as a diet owner, demolished the wall and sent all deff's away from there leaving only our hammer and thomas scouts there... What a shame

    Nordic (Caro Kann) I wasnt even going to mention anything about you but I found it funny how you kept crying going on the whole round about how things should be done and after all you only managed to build only one hammer and even that only because of your pd's/multies help 🤭 To be honest I was relieved to get off the channel and I didnt have to listen your crying anymore, but then you went to cry on the forums 😩

    SvampeMikael (Wesley Snipes), wolf pack or whatever you guys call yourselfs 😅 well what can I say, you are just delusional lunatics, sick bastards, no honor in anything what you did in this round.

    Laicos and Thomas you guys were the saviors of O.K, without you I would have lost my mental health and maybe even left from the ally.

    From D-Tytöt Junnu and naiminen, was a pleasure to discuss (not mole shit as O.K thinks) with you guys even we were not in the same ally and sometimes you were like a therapist to me 😅 Also thanks Junnu from being man of your words, respect!

    From NCS I want equally thank you all, we didnt have time to get known each others but thank you for getting us in.

  • Story of D-tytöt

    Pitkä matka ja pienet askeleet! (Long distance with small steps)

    Greetings everyone and congratulations to the Winners! As a Leader of D-Tytöt I will write my speech relying on the events we conducted as an alliance. I will write about the events that I felt were relevant to the server and about the things we executed as an alliance. The speech includes performances from server and reflection on what could have been done differently, both by ourselves and by other alliances. It might be a long speech incoming, but I'm trying to keep this as simple and short as possible.


    I had an idea to create own alliance for the next round during the summer when I was working. I knew my school courses would be implemented via computer and courses could be passed from home due the world situation atm (Corona-Virus). That gave finishing touch for my plans, because I knew I would have enough time to lead the Ally and give as much input to the server as I personally wanted. I started to plan the alliance and set some limits and goals for it. Limit was set to 30 accounts, because I wanted to lead the ally mostly solo and more than 30 accounts would have been too exhausting to handle alone for me. I had had some small burnouts during previous rounds, so I had to make sure it wouldn't happen this time as a Leader. I had never leaded an own alliance before from start until the end which meant I had to have some former leaders in the team to help me during hard decisions. It was time to start recruiting....

    I contacted one of my core-friends (moe-, nikkke, Epekki and Tonttu) and invited them to my account (Valmentaja) and we set up account goals together, which moe- will describe more in his speech. After few days I had around 6-7 good skillful accounts recruited so I went to talk Redoverblack about my plans. We agreed that both of us would recruit max 15 accounts and if the server situation allows it, we would join our forces. Neither of us recruited full 15 accounts and since the rumours told that Norwegians would be making potential enemy-alliance we decided to join and combine our forces. I agreed to lead the alliance mostly solo with a helping hands of Redo, Skandalf & t0mbl.

    I asked what linesmen were willing to do during the server and I didnt force anyone to do anything they didnt want to do (like ww-hammer). Ended up a result with 3+3 WW-hammers, several OP-accounts and only few deff-accounts. It was time to get the server started with the hand I got and try to execute it as well as possible.

    Early game

    Due the amount of potential accounts and knowledge about the good cropper-amounts in areas I decided to split our alliance to two different quads, South-East & South-West with 27 accounts. Settling capitals went more than well, because none of out settlers bounced and everyone got the capital they wanted, special mention for our WW-builder Arne Alligator which decided to take 25% cap as near the WW as possible. Nothing serious actually happened during first weeks. None of us got potential enemies next to their capital oasis and our main enemies seemed to be in different quads of the map. Only Forsaken were settlet to -/-, which was my main goal to decimate before artefacts. Other enemies were KYR-12 + SLUSK in -/+, because we knew they had alliance relation between them even it wasn't shown public in the profile.

    Around day 23 or something account The Black Pearl, which was supposed to make one of our WW-hammers, got caught from multiaccounting / buying private farms. That was maybe one of the first game changers in the ally and I wasn't sure how I should react to it. I prohibit all illegal action, but on the other hand I didn't want to lose one of our WW-hammers. I figured the things up and ended up kicking them, which was a good choice since I got another account with WWR recruited some days after that. I recruited 3 accounts, from OK during those times and had 31 accounts.

    We started to execute ally-wide operations against Forsaken on Day 26 and continued it five days with destroying 11 capitals (if I calculated correct) and walled few hammers in the last op. Most of the accounts with destroyed capitals ended up quiting, getting kicked or deleting which meant the goal had been achieved. It was time for the artefacts.


    I set a goal that we should get a bit of everything, which basically meant one of every arte and 2 small trainers. Due to that we settled some catapoints to help us carry out it. I didn't had coordinated artefacts before, but decided to take a chance and learn how it goes. I could have asked Redo to coordinate them, but I rather just asked tips for it and tried to do it by myself. Well.... That didn't end up so well, but luckily we managed to get something good, several small hawks, one of all important small ones, unique scout, but we were left without large trainers which was a huge twister for our operation plans. Ended up trying to steal artes (trainers) from O.K & Mad instantly after, but failed those operations.

    I had decided that after the unique trainer operation was executed I would have went and made up some diplomacy with Mad-alliance to fix out our artefact situation, but in the morning when I was supposed to do that Jakee came up to my private offering peace. He was ready to break out ally-relation with SLUSK, but I had to accept or reject his offer in in few hours. I decided to take that change since Slusk was our main enemy and KYR had one small trainer which we needed and we could offer ware-arte for them which they didn't have. Agreed a nap between us and game was totally changed.


    Nearly instantly after our new ally-relation, SLUSK obviously reacted to situation and ended up allying with Forsaken, because D-tytöt was main enemy of both of them. That didn't really surprised me since D-Tytöt + KYR was a huge favorite of the server at this point. However, nearly insted after that we noticed SLUSK were made a nap with O.K too which surprised our whole alliance. That move really didn't cause any anger in me, but only lowered the "value" of the SLUSK in my eyes. Agreeing on a diplomation (nap) with another alliance without telling about another ally-relation you have already made with Forsaken, mainly made me laugh. It seemed like Slusk was trying to get as easy win from the server as possible and I decided to prevent it by any means necessary.

    We continued our operations together with KYR against SLUSK and 1st of them ended with perfect results. Sadly 2nd ended up wall, because one of the KYR members sent only a real attack and even it managed to be late, Classic.

    Server went on and some weird stuff kept happening by Slusk. Ridiculous, that was all I could say at the time about it. Cataing farms (Paorki) from the server, using multies to steal oasis from our players, raid spamming 1 spearman attacks to us. I thought that was enough, but more was incoming.... Sadly our 2nd trainer which we agreed to use between few KYR & D-Tytöt account got kind of donated away due the horrible act of KYR player(s). Ended up losing a trainer due to "I don't care if it's a real one action". Instantly after that I decied to break out our Nap with KYR and ignored them totally. Maybe peace with them was a bad idea from the beginning already, but at least it changed the server situation which affected to late game.

    What comes to SLUSK unsportsman style playing, it got even wider at this point. KYR players started to do "delete attacks" and some solo-operations against SLUSK, which ended up walling obviously, but that wasn't enough. Few days after SLUSK recruited those players to join them. Like what the f*ck? Seems like your leadership didn't have any balls at this point and you kept just killing the server with 80 accounts doing nothing but being rats.

    Vicious talked trash about your alliance (Slusk) in my private and even told your op real target to me etc, but only few days after he joined on you and I was blocked in discord. Pathetic.

    At this point I informed our members that server situation is 32 account vs. 150 accounts, which meant hard times for us. We decided together it was time to have fun and enjoy the rest of the server and see what it is enough for, which basically meant that those accounts who were supposed to make deff after a op-hammer started to queue one or two more op-hammers. It was time to continue operations against SLUSK. Ops before that had been succesful except for the above failure which I mentioned. We managed to conquer Snullefar WW-hammer on day 38 (25k :rom03: + 20k :rom05: + 4k :rom08:), conquered Slappfisk huge op hammer, Several smaller op-hammers were run over and bitted, few capitals too. In day 47 we also managed to destroy Trabbys WW-hammer (125k :teu01:+30k :teu06:+8k :teu08:)+during fake-capital ops. Muotovalio used unique boots and 4 of their hammers which were only 50mins away from Trabby so there was nothing able to do for Trabby at this point. Our operations will be listed on later on in this speech.

    Only midgame operations by SLUSK + Forsaken executed to us ended up walling on Ratakana and taking level 17 fields from Singmund Broidi (9c). Haloo also lost few horse sweepers during one operation, but luckily managed to use them just before they were gone, so nothing serious but one larger roman hammer was lost.

    Well executed operations and succesfull defcalls by us raised up our motivation and even more participants (even deff-accs) appeared to my private telling that they want wanted to make some catas so they could participate with them. Huge props for those accounts!

    Game around building plans

    We ended up walling few op-hammers before building plans with caused a small break for the enemy from our operations. During that time SLUSK had still been allied with Forsaken and holding a nap with O.K made me think how I wanted server to end. That playstyle, actions during, rat moves in the server and basically doing nothing and confing with everyone just didn't deserve to win in my eyes. Our alliance members had a same ideology with me so it was an easy choice. It was time to execute as much operations against SLUSK as possible for the rest of the server and try to raise up our own WW as well as we could.

    Few days after building plans had arrived and WW-raising had started SLUSK managed to steal large arch from NCS which meant that our Warehouse-hammers wouldn't do as much damage as they were supposed to do during the WW-droppings. I had 11 hours time to act, Oispa kaljaa WWR, Rawr 8 ware hammer and Oskad D were forced to hit WW before 22.12 when arch activated. Thanks to Oskar D who offered his hammer to use of that! Results were great, one WWR was gone, but we managed to get 4x large warehouses down which gave us nearly a week more time to the server.

    In those times Wesley Snipes decided to start conquer our boosters with his friends with a large club hammer. I was supposed to leave OK alone for the rest of the server and focus to SLUSK but those booster ops changed my mind. Sadly I was a bit exhausted during those times from the continuously focusing to deffing, so Shut offered to plan operation against OK. Huge helping hand appeared and I gave Shut a free hands to plan anything he wanted. Operation was executed and one WWR was gone (+220k :teu03:, 54k :teu06: + 27k:teu07:) with a destroyed capital from Teppo Winnipeg.

    That operation was made only to show OK our power and skills to conquer something else than boosters. Sorry for Apellios from that, but you can thank your Wolf Kid from that, only reason we had to execute it.

    After that it was time to focus on SLUSK/Whack again. We executed another op with B-tier hammers and destroyed The World capital hammer. It was at least 70k :rom03:+50k :rom06:+18k :rom08:. After that it was necessary to wall those B-tier offs to free some crop from our accounts to produce deff. Found a wall from the Dr. Destruction WWR next day and I gave false information for SLUSK that we didnt have any op-hammers left which caused them to increase the amount of deff in the WW significantly.

    Late game

    It was time to start use our megahammers when first WW-drop was incoming. Whack WW was raised to level +95 which meant we had to drop it. I planned an operation which were supposed to be executed during the WW-dropping. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication and one of our accounts sent ops 24h too early. We had planned to hit and conquer Fenris Wolf WW-hammer, but that made us change the target.

    HentaiHaven hit WWR and Valmentaja hit WWC to WW which lowered it from level 98 to level 53. At the same time alliance mega-op against Foxzero WWR was hit, but SLUSK managed to choose right and hit Foxzero to our WW before our operation reached the target. Operation caused them to drop O.K at the same time with panic attacks so they managed to deff rest hammers. That was 1st time I would say Slusk played well, maybe with luck tho because they didnt manage to catch any information from the scouts.

    Another drop was incoming and we decided to use Elite Konto + Ministeriö hammers this time. With another mega-ops this time targetting Icentos 2nd WW-hammer. Slusk/whack didnt even now got any information from our ops, but managed to get +3m defence to Icento which still wasn't enough. We bitted the hammer (170k :gau02:+ 100k :gau04: +26k :gau08:) and droped WW from 97 to 57, which was more than good for us!

    Few days after Slusk/Whack came to drop us with bad rammer, didnt get wall down and shot WWC over the level 10 wall (WW from 98 to 90). Bonus was that they didn't have informed OK about that, so OK came to drop us few hours later. Shot rammer to level 16 wall, which got it to zero and droped WW from 90 to 80.

    At this point I knew we might have change to win this, but victory would need a drop to O.K. We had only one megahammer left and I decided to shoot it against OK on Xmas evening with a boots.I could have shot it against Whack too, but I wanted to keep the server interesting until the end. Shooting against Whack would have made nearly 100% sure win instantly to OK. Took a risk and started to act!

    Xmas was chosen, because people would be having fun during xmas and not so much people were senging deff to WW. Ended up well, only small amount of deff in the WW and only 18 heros. Zeroed WW over the wall. Same time OK was coming with several hammers against our WW and dropped it to level 79. Still had changes to win.

    In the next morning I had a information that Pahanen viskoja + Holsten would shoot their hammers around 17-18 when natars would hit, so we started ops which hit at 17.00.00 to prevent max amount of deff in the WW. DIdn't ended up so well.... OK got mad, cause they didnt manage to drop us so much as they planned and Pahanen viskoja didnt want to shoot his hammer against us. Instead of agreeing pure lose they shot own op-hammers to own alliance diet and run over Pahanen Viskoja WWR, pathetic. I thought Slusk/Whack was playing like rats some times, but OK leaders showed me how low you can sink in this game. After I saw the reports, I instantly knew our loss would be gone and Whack would win the server. Not the alliance we planned or wanted to win at the start / midgame, but after that teamkill I was totally fine with Whack Victory! You showed some sportsmanlike attitude in the late game, with dropping OK several times, quiting rat-tactis and stopping spearman raid. Those changes made me again have a little respect for you as an alliance, and especially for the leadership of the alliance. You brought about a change in your operating in the server that contributed to your profits. Congratulations!


    In my opinion we executed the server well as an alliance. Actually made something in the server and managed to get different kind of operations executed, which kept the server interesting and balanced. As a 37member alliance managed to get better deff-amounts to our WW than other larger alliances means success for me considering to our situation in the server and the amount of operations which we executed. We also took some new guys into alliance and taught them to operate and play this game right ways. We could have maybe taken in some more new ones, I dont deny it.

    Even how, we didn't got the Victory from the server this time, but I feel like we were the spiritual winners in this one.

    We could have maybe made some better choices during the server (Kyr nap, OP-targets, WW-hits etc.), but all those choices we made affected to our late game one way or another. "What you have done, can no longer be undone" works well in this one.

    Maybe it is time to give some feedback for the people who deserve it.

    Negative feedback

    Ratakana - Expected much more. Ended up having an account with players posting picture of beer to discord and sitters playing the account.

    Burnout - A bit too selfish style to play this game even how you had "reason" for it. You know what I talk about. It was kinda heavy for me sometimes....

    Qrps - Your negative attitude in the voice "My god, I'm so done to this" after walling only small amount of clubs or something like that which was actually irrelevant for your account success, made me losing my mind sometimes. It's kinda heavy for leader to listen acting like that in the Voice, because I actually had so much things to do all the time. Next time less that kind of acting and you will gain all my respect as a linesmen!

    Slusk/Whack - You had no discipline, no authority, and no control whatsoever in your alliance at all (before the end). Farming an ally members extensively doens't gain my respect either, neither does the oasis stealing tactics with a multi, spearman raids or recruiting people after walling offs to you as a deffaccounts. Instead of focusing those rat-style moves you could have actually achieve something with your hammers. Luckily your attitude got better to late game, props to it later on in the speech. Small little changes and you could have executed this round way better!

    O.K - Didn't thought that I actually should write this, but seems like I had to. I don't know how it became as a so big surprise that I shot our hammer against you when I wanted to fight for our own victory. Instead of agreeing your lose like real men, you decided to went full pathetic mode. After your own WW-drop didn't drop us as much as you planned, your leaders decided to destoy an alliance member hammer so D-Tytöt can't win. Yes, it was called by leaders. I have never seen anything more embarassing executed in my career, just horrible. I hope your linesmen find a better leadership next time.

    Thanks & Kisses!

    Leadership (Me, Redoverblack, Skandalf, Melm, Pav3)

    Nothing bad to say really. You all did what I expected and discussed about the thing in the "leaderchat"

    Redo - Huge thanks for helping and teaching me with the leading. You were the 2nd leader during the time I was sleeping, which prevented me to burnout. I learned several new tricks from you, new ways to execute things and perhaps most importantly, the ability to think things in a new way, as well as the ability to read the enemy. Would lead an ally with you anytime again!

    Skandalf - I got all docs with different variations from you which was your job. Thank you for free willing to build WW!

    Melm - You kept our voicechat control during people were drunk! Always muted Hive when it was necessary.

    Pav3 - Thanks for making some deff-calls when other leaders were sleeping. You had some nice idea to operations too during the server.

    Our OP-group (D27 & Shutin-obs)

    This group deservs a special mention in a high place in my speech. Mad respect from me to all of you!

    It was a pleasure to plan operations for you since simply EVERYONE of you were willing to participate any kind of operations. None of you refused to participate without a good reason and none of you criticized the selected target anytime. Enemies didn't got like any information about our operations from scouts, landing times were mostly perfect, you all were flexible. Crazy to see how all of you evoled during the server and managed to fix mistakes by yourself without asking what to do. I hope I can cooperate with you again in the future!

    WW-hammers + Warehammers

    All of you did decent job. Every single hammer did what it was supposed to do. Trainer rotations worked perfectly and you were ready to help queuing as a sitter if it was needed. Big thanks to all of you!


    There wasn't so much to do before late game, but you did what you were expected to do. We had several accounts with great amount of def which helped us our game in WW-phase more than much.


    Sindre & Jomar (+ rest of the Whack) - Having a nice conversations in the Discord in the late game with you two. You will also share in my respect for the alliance’s development in a positive direction at the end, because you actually shot your WW-hammers to anyone needed and didn't hesitate to drop OK. Respect for your linesmen too, for moving deff constantly against our ops.

    Muukalainen - Acting like normal person during the server was positive surprise. You actually managed to change my mind about your attitude. It's sad that OK thought you were mole and kicked you.

    Unikuu - Actually only one of OK leaders with a brain cells left. It's always nice to see new rapidly evolving player in the scene. I sincerely hope you find your worthy alliance in the future and get rid of those old thrash cans.


    Valmentaja (Me, moe-, Nikkke, Epekki & Tonttu)
    It was a pleasure to play with our full "old combo" again. Had fun whole server with you, even how your investment at the end it wasn't what I assumed. However, thank you for the you made, You are gold!

    Gypsy King (Late, Tomppe, Hertsu, Umtz)

    One of the best linesmen combo what leader can think about. Doing anything what was asked for, participating every op and calculating tournament squares during enemy ops. Special thanks to Late. You were the Man with big M. Basically, you did work which leader is supposed to do, noticed & fixed my mistakes and teached our alliance member for opsing when I didn't have time for it. Salute!

    Haloo (Redoverblack, Melm)

    Its basically double thanks now, but what ever. You deserv it.

    Nice off account from you two with good amount of brets late game. Sadly lost some of your offs against enemy ops, but managed to hunt enemy offs from oasis before losing them. It was great to have both of you in the leadership during the server. Had fun in the chat!

    Arne Alligator (Skandalf & Elopolice)

    Thanks for holding WW and making sick deff-account as a duo! Even how you took my "take closest 15c from our WW" -tip too seriously, you managed to make crazy account. It was a pleasure to sleep mornings, because I knew you would handle the WW during my naps. 2 guys who I would trust even my life on during the server. Made everything I told without a hesitate, asked about my plans and what we wanted to do next, never made a single solo move with a Wonder.

    If one day we come across, I owe beers to both of u!

    Ministeriö (Pav3, Cromeh, Lainee & IcyTower

    One of the accounts which actually surprised me positively. Managed to make 24/7 online account with WW-hammer + huge op-hammer. Actually gained respect during the server even how your "Rauman Tauno" made some small mistakes, which luckily didn't make much costs for our ally / your hammer. No troops were starved in the small diet even our traderoutes had some problems sometimes. Plus babysitting Heppatyttö during nights and always avaible to sende deff from there. Good job!

    Komeat (Cof, Shut, naiminen, J4F)

    It was a pleasure to have an off account with several hammers & massive amount of chiefs at the same time. Participating every single ops was nice. Off #1 without a trainer in the account is also a thing to be mentioned. Special thanks to Shut for planning an OP against O.K when I didnt have time for it!

    Dua lipa (Jabbe) & Rawr 8 (Jadsku, Zanttu, Laardipaa) & Chef&Sommarlier (Inzo, LadyG)
    Thanks to our big roman deff-accounts! Everyone of you managed to get nice amounts of brets our from account. Ty for holding important aftefacts during the server to all of you! Special thanks to c&h for being avaible nearly 24/7 and feeding massive standing deff's in the arch before BP's!

    Burnout (Wut, Zircon), JaniPetteri (petrn, Janistar) & Tuomo

    Thank you for your "private group" in the backwoods of the map. Sometimes I had some headache with you, but luckily most of the things went well and it was a good feeling to have one WWC easily deffed during enemy ops. Crazy record hammer from Burnout & nice amount of deff from JaniPetteri!

    Heppatyttö08 (Makkoo, Ryysy)

    MVP deffer of the round. Sick amount of druids avaible 24/7 were the game saver sometimes!

    Elite konto (Qrps, Xerp, Hive)

    Thank you for participating to most of our ops and making huge WWR next to it. Sadly you had some inactive times, but Qrps kept your account going on and saving the game.

    Kalev (Veix & Murre Murano)

    You were the ones who donated the most, helped with a boost to capitals after ops, made huge traderoutes to WW and participated every operation what I asked for. Kalev wasn't actually your account, it was more like alliance's account! Thanks!

    Panda&Peepo (Laurushka & Kotetzuru)

    Two different kind of thanks here. Thanking Laura for full teamplay and being flexible with your playing hours even you had heavy weeks on working and sending important ops against enemy. Thanking Kote for helping us by sitting WW-account, which was huge help on the late game.

    Rest of the accounts who need special mention for actions for the alliance:

    Työkalupakki, Muotovalio (especially Juhe!), Hentaihaven, Spearman, Slurpsis, Starsky&Hutch, Hevilohikäärme, Paistajat, Sigmund Broidi, Petokala, LevisDad, Kapanen & Pappatunturi, Nikos, Modern Talking & rest of the alliance & especially our voice-group "Arnen Karaoke"

    Ops we executed during the server:

    This chart doesn't include all used hammers. I listed the ones which were meaningful and give some perspective. Nearly every ops had + 10 hammers used. Enjoy!

    Late october D27-D32 Deleting 11 capitals from Forsaken
    1.11.2020 D38 Conquering Snullefar WWC (25k imp + 20k EI + 4k cata) Snulle (queued Imp + EC + Cata)
    2.11.2020 D39 3x Capital (1x offs under the attack) WattuWelho to Legio (offs under attack)
    4.11.2020 D41 Walling Theonogien on cap + 1x off-conquer McClane Starsky to Theo + Gypsy tp McClane (offs under attack)
    6.11.2020 D43 Slappfisk Off conquer (150k clubs, 31k TK + 10k ram) Gypsy to Slappfisk + Offs in that village
    8.11.2020 D45 Stealing Large Arch from Forsaken/Slusk Elite konto + C&S
    10.11.2020 D47 Deleting Trabby WWC + 2x caps (125k club, 30k TK + 8k cata) Muotovalio + Gypsy King
    10.11.2020 D47 Stealing small trainer from Slusk Haloo steal Small Trainer
    12.11.2020 D49 Walling on Dium off, Split attack to luring cap (hawk steal try) Sigmund + TKP
    13.11.2020 D50 Conquering Biancas deff-villages 4 villages gone by Haloo + Komeat
    15.11.2020 D52 Zeroing enemy WW-village between sweep & chiefs 0 pop WW-village
    16.11.2020 D53 Conquering Antonsk off when it was on the way to Muotovalio Muotovalio + Off's in that village
    5.12.2020 D72 4x Large wares from Slusk WW before Arch activated Oispa Kaljaa + Rawr 8 + Oskad D
    7.12.2020 D74 Apellius rammer deleted + Teppo Winnipeg cap Kapanen (offs under) + P&P to Teppo
    9.12.2020 D76 The world WWC deleted (70k imp + 50k EC + 18k cata) + :lappu: The world WWC deleted (70k imp + 50k EC + 18k cata) + :lappu:
    10.12.2020 D77 Walling on Dr.D wwhammer + J&J cap cataed Hevilohikäärme + Komeat + Paistajat
    13.12.2020 D80 Mega OP to Foxzero. Enemies shot the hammer before attacks hit Gypsy + Komeat
    13.12.2020 D80 Dropping Slusk WW at the same time than opsing HentaiHaven hammer + Valmentaja Hammer
    15.12.2020 D82 Cap ops to SLUSK/whack (Foxzero cap) Komeat + Level 20 fields
    16.12.2020 D83 Running over offs from Maestro diet without a hero (diet under hawk eye) 230k off points + Catas under the attack
    18.12.2020 D85 Deleting Icento's WWC (170k Swordmen, 100k TT + 25k cata) Gypsy + Haloo + Komeat + Slurpsis + Panda&Peepo + Elite
    Työkalupakki + Burnout + Muotovalio +
    Kalev + Heppatyttö + Valmentaja

    And some other reports, I might add them later
    19.12.2020 D86 Trying to steal BP Komeat
    19.12.2020 D86 Dropping Slusk/whack WW Elite Konto + Ministeriö
    20.12.2020 D87 Op to Slappfisk cap Paistajat + Komeat
    24.12.2020 D92 Burnout WW drop to OK over the wall Burnout
    25.12.2020 D93 Stealking Large arch from whack Työkalupakki + Paistajat
    Plus several other duo/solo ops during the server, which I wont list

    Maybe that's enough story of D-tytöt! Thank you for everyone and see you on next round! Salute!

    - Junnu

    Fix3 Missä-X | Fix6 BaX | Fix14 BaX | Fix15 BBQ | Fix19 BaX-Power | Fix20 BaX-Power | Fix21 Hanuristit | Fix22 Pocahontas | Fix23 Puppelit | Fix24 BaX |Fix26 Sariel | Fix27 Saint Lucifer | Fix28 Kivimagneetti | Fix29 Jake Bölök | N3x Moonshine | N3x2 Kauppisen Pete | N3x3 Keittokeisarit |N3x4 Huh & Huh |N3x5 Junnu & Unna | N3x6 KanaaliRapu | N3x7 Valmentaja | N3x8 Revenge Body |

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  • I think I have said everything I have to say about O.K in the other thread so let's just skip that. Shame on you, there were some names on the list who I used to respect a lot and consider as friends.


    We wanted to relax and take it easy so took a 9c and decided to refine the druid only strats from previous round. Account ended up looking as innocent as I wanted (hence the name too) to avoid all enemy interest while being as useful for the alliance as possible. At best I think we had bit over 350k druids alive at once and we were able to reach pretty much every target in the alliance with maximum ~1 hour 50 minute warning before attack landing.

    Personal honorable mentions:

    - 7/5 leadership job from Junnu, man sacrificed his irl and almost his health to lead this mess and make it work as a team. Nice job with the strats towards the end, saving ops hammers etc to take out some enemy big boys. No stress for you now, let the poor heart relax.

    - Congrats Burnout, always makes it a lot nicer when those big hammers are made "naturally" without having a big alliance formed around you to either prolong the round and/or to feed+defend the hammer at all cost. Not to even mention having alliance sending tax resources to help you queue or having multis/private farms to help make it.

    - Also janipetteri showing these "gold to win" people on the forums that actually you can make a top tier account with using minimal amount of gold. Absolutely nuts what was done on that account.

    - Thanks Whack for giving me the "kick in the ass" to forget my promise of for once making 0 catas on my account. Your little antics with multis etc made me want to join in the ops force too. Never knew a at best like 5k swords "hammer" would be able to join so many ops and was never sniped away after the big boys had already landed before it.


    Ryysylle kullasta & peliseurasta

    Junnulle vielä kerran liiduhommista, älä ennää näihin hommiin yksin lähde ennen kun on pumppu kunnossa.

    Ministeriölle yöllisistä metukoiden liikutteluista!

    Opsupoppoolle kohteiden putsailuista että Heppatytön megalana(TM) pääsi ampumaan vihuilta ilmatteeks romut veks ":D"

    Kakkutiimille (skani+elo+sitterit) kakkuhommista, hyvin pärjättiin ilman pullakellojakin vaikka välillä näyttikin pullatilanteet aika toivottomilta.

    Veixille veroresoista dudujonoihin (1x)

    Sekä muulle liitolle peliseurasta, pakkikohteista ja jaskanpauhannasta kannulla. Metukat kiittää ja Heppatyttö08 laukkaa keppihevosensa kanssa kohti vihreämpiä laitumia!

    Bonus: Heppatyttö superscary megahammer on its last journey scaring away all the deff and stealing a building plan


  • Pyssyy linjas efforti määrä loppupuhees ja servul ko kirjota suomeks.

    Tarkotus oli tehä velipoja lähel kylät ja tehä pakkeja (ja skodeja). Näin teimme.


    Petokalan petikaloille (sis. minä ja lempparini Neve♥)

    Loistavaa ja omistautunutta aherrusta.

    Junnu: Olit superhyvä liidu.

    Redoverblack ja Kelemi: kiitos sittauksest ja yhteisestä tilikannusta. Oli kivaa.

    Sponsorit: Junnu, moe ja aksu. Ilma teitä petokala ei ois nyt tässä kirjoittelemassa.

    Topzy: kiitos hyvistä savikaupoista. :hyperslurps:

    Kiitos hyville tyypeille hyvästä seurasta kannulla. :)

    Ja kiitos yhteisölle siitä, että porukal on selkärankaa yksis tuumi tuomita OK-liiduje rottailut.

    Lian @fix1 // Nysja. @fix2 // liangutin @fix3 // NYOLI! @fix4 // Apple Lija @fix5 //Gladiaattorit @fix6 // Rosa&Orjat @fix8 // Pieni ja Tuhma @fix9 // Sivistynyt @fix10 // HUPS! @fix13 // Nasty @Nox3 // Death Note @nox4 // Gansta @nox5 // Big Slurps @nox6

  • Quite a way to end server to say the least.. Here are some events from D-Tytöt frontline ops account, Gypsy King.


    I remember writing my last end speech about a year ago. I had already written that this would be the last you would see of me in this scene. Before publishing I decided to write it a little bit softer, changed the wording as such “maybe we’ll see again”. Well Nordics x5 started and not playing felt so easy, I was ready to call it a career. Well what do you know. One of nicest and most appreciated guys in this scene sent me a message in mid-May “I’m putting together a team for the autumn round. You and Tomppe are in it.”. Well after finnish baseball season ended in mid-September, I was lacking a competition to follow, so I decided to join Junnu’s team for the one last time.

    I knew Tomppe wouldn’t have the time to play like he had in the past. So we invited Umtz, irl friend of us, to help us a little bit. Anyway I knew I would be carrying the heavy load once again. Our old dual Hertsu also joined just after server started. Hertsu proved to be a big help on few occations, when I didn’t have the time because of my work.

    I informed Junnu that I would be making a teuton account with couple ops hammers and after walling I’d be building as much spearmen as possible. Named the account “Gypsy King” because Tyson Fury is the true alpha male. First I thought I would settle close to origo, but the lack of good croppers made me choose wilderness instead. Got a very good 150% cropper with a tons of crop oasis for the other villages too. Good resource production was crucial since I wasn’t going to raid. Simply didn’t have enough time for the raiding. Most of the server resource production stayed around 8/5 or 7/5 in the resource production. At the server end 7/4. My intention was to make a top 5 server-wise ops hammer for the artifacts with around 110k clubs, a smaller artifact hammer and decent amount of def troops + scouts.

    We started doing ops against the Forsaken in the -/- area couple weeks before the artefacts. I think we managed to destroy around 10 capitals before walling to Antonskc. I think the hammer was ranked 3/2 before walling troops to two villages. Reports can be found below:

    Jaska Jokunen Screenshot - aeb8f6ed3ea02ec38ee88814fad82163 - Gyazo

    Sepi Screenshot - 3ad400a0da2a94467deca14d639719eb - Gyazo

    Ohh deer Screenshot - 720db8bf43c7403bca8bed6341f197f4 - Gyazo . Destroyed 4 capitals in this same ops.

    Antonskc / Wall Screenshot - b9772ea81e5ba25dffaa8bd44b1de9f1 - Gyazo ,

    After the arties we operated few ops against the O.K/mad trying to conquer some artefacts. In the end I think they moved every single artifact we attacked. Maybe we should have tried to conquer O.K ww-hammers at the time.

    Rest of the ops were pretty much against Slusk with some great results.

    Snullefar bitted WWK 25k:rom03:+20k :rom05:+4,5k :rom08: Screenshot - bd7e8c5540f4f317ef44eb7831481942 - Gyazo

    J&J capital destroyed Screenshot - 85afae9b5f66556349b57fcbd3a12912 - Gyazo

    McClane ops hammer Screenshot - e806e53e4c5352fde49ca8312f83d66c - Gyazo

    Slappfisk megaopshammer conquered Screenshot - fc3709d9789470e5cd5789f48ccca1b0 - Gyazo (picture of the conquered hammer Screenshot - 257b07e3e61c53f15a89538d9645b924 - Gyazo)

    Takemine capital Screenshot - 72b2ee7e529f2fda9abd157ff97d6922 - Gyazo

    Around same time Muotovalio solobitted Trabby’s WWK 125k :teu01: + 30k :teu06: + 8k :teu08:.

    Wall at Dium ops hammer Screenshot - 479835e435ad35d154638c1ec0da7702 - Gyazo

    After the wall we decided to queue a huge frontline ops hammer for the later WW-hammer attacks. Also couple reports of the Whack attack trying to conquer Oispa Kaljaa WWR. Me and Dua Lipa duo def.

    Barskåpet Screenshot - 2ccc113ffffa53250e967b6f71c73779 - Gyazo

    Tittut Screenshot - 89ad054957a58483fab21f2fce5f7260 - Gyazo

    After this we bitted The World WWK 70k :rom03: + 50k :rom06: + 18k :rom08: (Slusk), Appelius WWR 206k :teu03: + 54k :teu06:+ 27k :teu07: (O.K) and Teppo Winnipeg’s (O.K, WWK account) cropfields before launching the big boys.

    Finally it was time to launch the ops hammer at Slusk, hammer also known as the Mandingo Gypsy. We walled 85k clubs before the arties from this village btw. Slusk went full panic mode after walling 10k + 10k scouts to my village and having no idea of the hammer size. They shot 1+1 to our WW and 1+1 to O.K WW before our ops hit.

    Our target Foxzero shot his WWR 5mins before ops hit Screenshot - 35e1d111d071b9153a3168708ee0124a - Gyazo

    Finally walled at Icento WWK about a week later, 170k :gau02: + 100k :gau04: + 25k :gau08:. Hammer was bitted with 3m defs. Screenshot - 7084468b06b38a605dfa1c1dd1d11c10 - Gyazo

    After this I queued spearman from around 35 villages for the rest of the server. At most had around 920k spearmen alive at once. Def rank at the time 9/5. Tried my best but this time it just wasn’t enough.

    Even though our win chances already faded away after the truce between O.K and Slusk. We tried our best to keep it as close as possible till the end. What O.K did at the end of the server is absolutely disgusting towards the whole travian community. At least Slusk showed respect after the Building plans. After the O.K actions, I’m happy they’re pretty much last, the place where they belong with that type of actions. Maybe O.K leaders plan to win server was “5M WW Def-> Expect to win server with shitty defs. -> Be disappointed to lose with those shitty defs. -> Kill your own allymember WWR in the diet and kick the player”. That’s just sad way to end server. I really feel sorry for Muukalainen and Pösömies. To Caro Kann about D-Tytöt crying: We wouldn’t have won even if the rammer had landed. But killing your own allymembers WW-hammer after 2,5 months of queueing and sleepless nights is simply a disgusting act. We would have prolly bitted O.K ww-hammers one by one had we attacked them instead since Slusk had three times more def and we were still able to destroy many of their WW-hammers. To O.K leaders, Caro Kann, Wesley Snipes: good luck finding an alliance in the future. Many top players have you blacklisted forever.

    All in all in this current meta it’s very likely that the best alliance isn’t going to win the server. I need to ask myself a question. Why play a game where the best doesn’t always win? This is the reason this is at least for now the last server for me. Some might call me salty of saying this, but I truly believe D-Tytöt was the best alliance of this server. 5 bitted ww-hammers, bitted Slappfisk megaopshammer after the arties, countless zeroed capitals… Also great job of deffing the enemy attacks. I think we lost like total of 3 capitals and couple smaller ops hammers in the whole server. Without us Slusk would have marched to a very easy victory. In the end, I think Slusk deserved this victory after us, so Congrats to you. After all Slusk has many players I have tons of respect from the previous rounds (Sindre&Co).

    Account stats: Screenshot - 5d18303c1dc714fe040d70e4c0a810c2 - Gyazo

    Sims rank: 7. pop 40119, villages 44/47

    Attack: 9. 1369285, includes 3766 natar points

    Def: 23. 1291112. At most 920k spearmen alive at once.

    Hero: 3. 3119660

    I’m happy I was able to do what I planned to do even though I played pretty much solo for the last 1,5 months. Veix proved to be a huge help as he sitted my account for most of the nights. I feel appreciated of being part of this great alliance. Great players but more importantly great human beings.

    The rest will be written in Finnish.

    Eli eli vielä muutamien kiitosten aika.

    D-Tytöt: Liitossa oli aika paljon vanhoja naamoja, joiden kanssa on tullut myös aiemmilla servuilla pelattua samassa liitossa, mutta myös muutamia kovan luokan pelaajia, joita vastaan on aina aiemmilla servuilla väännetty end gamen aikaan. Oli hienoa päästä Makkoon ja kumppanien kanssa kokeilemaan yksi servu myös samalla puolella. Hieno liitto kaiken kaikkiaan. Oli mukava päästä pelaamaan vielä yksi servu juuri tällä porukalla.

    Junnu (Valmentaja): Jokaisella pelaamallani servulla on sun kans pelattu samassa liitossa ja on aika moneen otteeseen tullut todettua et tää kaveri aattelee aina liiton etua jokaisessa tekemässään päätöksessä. On helppo olla täysillä tässä hommassa mukana, kun tietää että liiton liidu tekee samoin. Ilman sun invejä olis tuskin tullut enää lähdettyä pelaamaan. Voittoa lähdin tapani mukaan hakemaan, mutta realiiteetit huomioiden olishan se voitto melkoinen yllätys lopulta ollut. Ehdottomasti pelaamisen arvoinen servu joka tapauksessa. Opsuihin oli mukava osallistua, kun tiesi niiden olleen aina hyvin plänättyjä. Toinen kiitoksen arvoinen asia on avoimuus ja täysi luottamus myös liiton rivareita kohtaan. Kaiketi tässä on itsekin jotain tehnyt oikein pelaamieni servujen aikana, kun tällaiseen sakkiin on päässyt mukaan. Hienosti hoidit hommat kokonaisuudessaan.

    Veix (Kalev): Tää mies on kyllä liiton mies viimeisen päälle. Sun kanssa päädyttiin kahdestaan hieman muista erilleen kaakon puoleiseen korpeen. Yhteistyö pelasi mun mielestä meidän välillä tosi hyvin. Pakkia oli läpi servun sen verran, että olis yhdessä seinätty useampi kohtalaisen kokoinen käyttis. Skodeja oli sen verran, että saatiin käytännössä kahdestaan väsättyä skodeseinä 10k pikkuhaukkaa vastaan. Iso kiitos niistä kaikista sitatuista alkuyön tunneista. Ilman niitä en olis varmaankaan jaksanut pelata täysillä servun loppuun asti. En nyt tiedä tarkkoja tilastoja, mut veikkaisin et sulta lähti ylivoimaisesti isoimmat boostit liittobonareihin, cäpien korjauksiin sekä ihmeeseen. Tais sieltä mulleki pikkuverot sotisjonoihin napsahtaa. Taisit osallistua myös lähes jokaiseen opsuun. Onneks aika moneen pelkillä hämyillä, niin ei ollut liiton laput aivan jokases opsus seinässä. :D

    Kapanen: Silloin aikanaan fix29:llä pelailtiin samoilla hoodeilla ja sen jälkeen on taittu pitää yhteyttä discordin kautta. Nyt sattui sitten kaikki kohdilleen ja pääsit mukaan myös tähän konkariliittoon. Opsujen sendaukset suju mallikkaasti ja sitä O.K:n rammerin bittausajoa kehtaa kyl esitellä. Kahtellaan jos kävis jossain kaljalla, kunhan olot tästä normalisoituu.

    Tomppe & Hertsu: Teidän kans tätä hommaa lähettiin jo vuosia sitten yhdessä tekeen. Matkalle on mahtunut muutamia tilejä, joista ei ole sen enempää kerrottavaa, mut fix29 jälkeen on painittu raskaassa sarjassa aina loppuun asti. Sen jälkeen ei oo yhtään huonoa tiliä tehty. Eikä tämäkään servu tuonut muutosta tähän. Tiesin jo hyvissä ajoin ennen servun alkua, että tili tulee todennäköisesti jäämään hyvin pitkälti mun harteille. Alkuservun panos oli kuitenkin hyvä koko tilillä. Uusia kyliä ja resotuottoja saatiin nosteltua nopeammin kuin millään aiemmalla servuilla. Loppuservu tais mennä aika pitkälti solona meikäläisen osalta, mut joka tapauksessa Tompelle kiitokset aamun tunneista, että meikäläinen sai edes välillä nukuttua kohtalaiset yöunet. Hertsulle kiitokset siitä, että sait järkättyä aina aikaa sendiä ne opsut joita mä en kerinnyt töiden vuoksi sendimään. Mukava oli teidän kanssa taas kerran pelata.

    Mut joo, on hyvin mahdolllista ettei meikäläistä enää näillä hoodeilla tämän jälkeen nähdä. Ittee ei niinkään mitkään servun lopun rankit tai enkat kiinnosta, vaan puhtaasti voiton takia tätäkin peliä on tullut pelattua. Se vaan on viimeisillä pelaamillani servuilla tullut huomattua, että on hyvin todennäköistä, ettei se servun paras liitto sitten lopulta voitakaan tätä skapaa. Ehkä sitä vois vielä joskus lähteä jollain pienemmällä porukalla kahtomaan servun menoo ja kahtoa sit mitä servu tuo tullessaan. Jos tämä jää viimeiseksi servuksi, niin haluan kiittää tätä travianin suomisceneä, joka on loppupeleissä se syy, miksi tätä peliä on jaksanut nämä viime vuodet pelailla. Kiitos ja kumarrus.


    FiX 29 Kätilö @ TGIF l NordicsX1 Gambina @ AH l NordicsX3 Benizakura @ KuRa l NordicsX4 Clown Fabio @ F-Zone l NordicsX7 Gypsy King @ D-Tytöt

    d78 Rammer

  • GZ to the winners of this server (Whack). Turtling your way to victory. In the end deserved win for you guys, even i didnt like the fact you were basicly allied to the entire server until BP:s arrived. Rest will come in finnish language because i am a retarded 20 iq wheelchair and cba to write this 60 hours or so :kekw

    Joo elikkäs lähdettii kokoonpanolla minä skandalf ja fosse rakentamaan torttua liitolle ja siinä sivussa piti tehdä 5m keppiä (XDDDDD). No totuuden suonikashan siinä nopeesti löi vasten kasvoja ettei 5m taida olla kovin realistinen tavoite töissäkäyvillä kunnon kansalaisille (ei unohdeta alfaurosten capia joka liiton miehinä otettiin) ja todettiin että jonotellaan neljästä kylästä (13k per kylä ja capiin 20k) raidipaloja ja niiden turvin jonotellaan sen verta keppejä pihalle mitä liitto pystyy ruokkimaan :D . Päädyttiin myös tekemään parit pienet opsulaput jotka oli kyllä ihan 3/10 kusiuseless :D . Jossain kohtia meidän tilin selkäranka Fosse lähti kuudennentoista kerran lenkillä syystä että ??? , tässä kohtaa minun titaaninen henkinen tasapaino oli rikottu ja käskin skandalffia vaihtamaan tilin passun ja jatketaan tätä timanttista ristiretkeä ihan kahdestaan :pepelove . Saatiin onneksi henkisen hyvinvoinnin perikuva Junnu jeesimään tortun kanssa öisin (ja aina tarpeenvaatiessa) ja siihen kylkiäiseksi Kote tuli aina avuksi , kun Junnu lähti naisiin. Erityiskiitokset Junnulle kun jaksoit raidata tortun katsomisen sivussa ja pidit keppijonomme hyvinvoivina oot raksu. Ei minulta sen enempää Skandalf saa tulla jatkamaan ja kertoa enemmän meidän tilistä yms.

    Kiitokset :

    Junnu : Olit ISO liidu , jaksoit painaa satanen lasissa hommia päivin ja öin (toisin ku Redo jolla oli ihan jotain muuta siinä lasissa ku satanen :D) Toivottavasti pääsee sinun piiskan alle joskus jatkossakin
    Skandalf ja Fosse : Minu ihanat dualit , molemmat teki oman osansa alkuun (ilman fossea meidän tilin raidit olisi 0 , hyvät listat teit ja jaksoit päivitellä vaikka muuten olitkin aika lammas :D) Skandalffille viel erityiskiitos että jaksoit taas painaa servun loppuunasti tasaisen tappavaa tekemistä vaikka startti floodaski joka ikinen kerta (olisit servun paras pelaaja jos painaisit tilillä töitä samalla tavalla ku painat sitä eukkoas :D )
    Kote: Kiitoksia tolpan katsomisesta ,iso käsi että jaksoit olla öisin aina paikalla kun tarve niin vaati.
    Veix/Jeff/peeposerkku + muut : Kiitoksia isoista resursseista ku jaksoitte laitella aina tolppaan kun muilta oli vähän kyseenalaiset reitit .. :D
    Juhe : Itseni toistamista , mutta sinun panimoajot oli kyllä ihan timanttia :D vihut sai maistella miltä raumalaiset :vitjapallit maistuu :D
    Jadsku : kiitoksia NSFW selfieistä privan ja snapin puolella, sait sedän veren kiertämään todenteolla :*
    D-tytöt: Kiitoksia koko poppoolle , hyvää suorittamista koko servun ihan jokaiselta !

  • congrats to winners! deserved or not can be discussed.

    short story of our account.

    I contacted kakara and told him about the plans i had for making a small account, and he was all game for that!

    our goal was to make a 10 village account, and push the account to it limits, i would say we succeeded at that part, (even tho my motivation disappeared a little late game)

    We got a decent 150% 15c, with 18 crop oasis nearby for our 10 villages, all was planned and the start was perfect.

    shortly after we settled second village 2 neighbors from O.K settled right next to us, in hope that they could aggrosettle, in other words, they disappeared together with the beginning protection.

    One of my personal goals was to join a low tier ally, and share my experience, therefore we joined O.K - Mission failed, to many players with a big ego, who always know best.

    we was prepared when arte was released, and managed to get hands on small trainer and large hawk, because of tragical and his cata points, well planned tragical.

    after arte released and conquered, we pretty much set up our account for the alliance benefits, diet + large hawk, keeping large architect under our protection, together with some wwks, and une trainer.

    nothing to much to say about lategame, beside we walled a few trains.

    funny thing to remember, was when we walled 10k scouts from une eyes. feelsgoodman !

    anyway, now the funny part!

    Thanks kakara, for being a strong dual, whos always up to catch a hammer!

    Tragical for having a fun early game, with aggrosettling and artefacts.

    thanks to Muukalainen, and posomies for being all straight, no bullshit there!

    Unikuu, you have a huge travian career in front of you, well played, and thx for helping our on our account

  • -Kapasen lyhyt loppusetti

    Servun alkuu lähettii vähä poikienkans kattomaa mikä meininki ja pistettiin Pikku Kakkanen liitto pystyyn. Kuitenkin porukalla alkoi motivaatio vähän laskea ja pahamainen Aarne Alligator kävi kaveria vähän moikkaamassa. Ei ollut muuta vaihtoehtoa kuin alkaa itse lähetyssaarnaajaksi. Olin sitten yhteyksissä D-tyttöjen Junnuun ja saatiinkin sopimus aikaan. Pappatunturin kanssa saatiinkin vähän skeptinen, mutta lämmin vastaanotto D-tyttöihin. Voisi sanoa, että Travian vasta alkoi ainakin meidän kohdalla siinä vaiheessa, kun liittoumakutsu lähetystöön Junnun toimesta napsahti. Täytyy sanoa, että servu opetti enemmän kuin tarpeeksi. Pääsin sitten opsuamaan ensimmäistä kertaa koskaan ja voin kertoa, että persehiki oli uusi tuttavuus. Hyvän kädestäpitäen opetuksen jälkeen Opsut saatiin lähtemään ajoissa Kiitos Laten. Jos ei laske sitä kertaaa, kun onnistuin lähettämään kovan väärään osoitteeseen, mutta ei siitä sen enempää. Kiitos

    Täytyy antaa vielä erityismaininta muutamille henkilöille.

    - Gypsy King oli ilo asioida kanssanne + meemeilyt hikisten ensimmäisten opsujen jälkeen teidän opeissa.

    - Junnu hyvin otit meidät vastaan ja saatiinkin kunnon pähinät vielä käytiin kiitos siitä!

    - P2 ja Pappatunturi muuten hyvä jätkä, mutta pulttas kylävahtina olessaan tililtäni yhden kylän ja poisti salamyhkäisesti raportit.

    -Korsteeni ei mitään uuttamatoa koukkuun ja kiitos servusta

    -Keijo91 semmoset terveiset, että edelleenkään se onnistun opsu ei ollut tasapeli

    -D-tytöt iha ok liitto vissii kai ehkä <3 kovia myyriä täynnä, uhrasivat enemmän aikaa pelille kuin juoppo alkoholille.

  • How it all started:


    I asked Gustav to play a dual account with me and he agreed, but because I couldn't find a strong alliance, plans changed and I didn't register for the server.

    Gustav 22.07.2020

    "Gonna play, brother"

    jolleh 22.07.2020

    "Maybe 3x"

    So we planned an account.. My new school started and I wanted to make it clear that I wasn't going to play “Big Hours”.

    jolleh 14.09.2020

    "It starts 23. but idk can I play it normally, because I don't have “Role”. No money, I have 4h/day time per day and I can’t play nights".

    After I said that, I thought maybe Gustav was looking for another dual, but no, it was OK to him.

    This was the first time when I was playing with “Non-Finns” in a dual account. So communication problems were to be expected but everything was clarified by explaining what I mean. At the beginning my play times were 18-23 and later on 03(04)-07(08) so I had to get up early and go to bed early every day. On weekends I played “Big Hours” and helped on weekdays when needed. Before artifacts I became seriously ill for three weeks. After that, one of the duals had left the account.

    All’s well That ends well. To me, it's easier to play with Finns, because we understand each other better and speak the same language. BUT it was also a nice experience and fun to play with Norwegians.

    HCIM btw Stats:

    100M def strength (D79)

    3M+ troops (in crop) at 19.12.2020

    WWR has been shared to: 280k:teu01:60k:teu06:31k:teu07: & 300k:teu01:70k:teu06:37k:teu07:

    1.8M+ spearman at end of server (3024400 def points)

    Thanks to:

    GUSTAV: Kept account on 24/7. Real MVP. Played “Big Hours” on weekdays. Took care of raid lists and trade routes that made account easier to play. Huge Thanks.

    HEGRON: Thanks for all good work on the account. Especially when I was sick for 3 weeks. Unfortunate that you couldn’t play until the end because of school.

    CHRISTIAN: Thank you for coming to play, even if you are really busy. Thank you for take care of account when nobody else could and for buying gold.

    TOBIAS: Thank you for sitting around the clock when I needed help. Especially at night shifts and when you needed to move defenses:teu02::teu02::teu02:.

    SINDRE: Thanks for leading. You’ve done a hell of a job managing your account, alliance, sitting our account and other accounts. So I think you deserved your victory.

    Special Mentions: Jomar, IcenTo, Altakraaka

    Thanks to ALL Norwegians and “Non-Norwegians” who played in the alliance. Good job everyone! It was a fun run although I agree with some negative feedback that our play style / sportsmanship could have been much better.

    Jolle kiittää ja kuittaa, tällä kertaa riitti motivaatio pelata loppuun asti. Tietäjät tietää, että aina ei riitä. Toivottavasti myös jatkossa jaksan kantaa taakkani loppuun asti, jos servulle lähden pelaamaan.:teu10::teu10::teu10:

    fix25 Jolle/Alkoholistit @ Phoenix
    fix26 Gucci @ Bingo
    fix27 Gargamel @ Pahikset
    fix28 Soolo @ VV

    Nrx/1 Cleopatra @

    N3x/7 HCIM btw @ Whack

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  • My Account (and ally) Laicos&Kakara . O.K

    Player: Kakara

    My first time playing dual account, it was fun thanks to Laicos. Our plan was just to do 10 village account and look how well we can do def wise. Account was really chill and we were 1st in def in O.K (till we catched some nice hammers and got 1m+ def points in few days)

    Thanks to:
    Laicos: Great dude to play with, thanks for all the gold purhaces too, was cheap round for me <3
    Uni/Urza: You were great help as a sitter, big thanks for making our lives easier. Saved me from many sleepless nights <3
    Kilaine: Kiitos pakeista, joita saatiin vapaasti siirrellä minne milloinkin haluttiin :p
    Kusse: Thanks for the help in early game (and keeping company in chats after u quit)

  • Congratz to winners! Junnu talked about ally so I will talk about our acc then.

    From the beginning

    Can't remember for sure how it went down, did Junnu ask me or did I ask from Junnu about some acc to play this round. But anyhow I was invited to play in Valmentaja with our old combo. Junnu had decide that we will make WWC and shoot it first from our ally. Well, nothing to argue about that and our main goal was that.

    Early game & artefacts

    Server started and we got decent start. Did buy cages etc and then didn't even use it all before capital was in map. Did get our capital in 35h from start, travel time was around 3h. First oasis was 71h from start. Nothing much to say about it more, we did make some EI's to raid and started to que catas to WWC. When artefacts did come, our WWC was 30k+20k+5,4k. 23 villages, and EI's we did shoot somewhere and lvl18 fields in capital. Ally did get some important artefacts, so it was time to start building and focusing about our WWC and scouts becouse our acc did take unique hawk.

    Mid & late game

    So, it was time to save some ress to trainer. When we get it first time at D36, we did have 15M ress to our acc. Nothing much to tell about our acc in these parts, practically we did que scouts and saving ress to trainer. D45 we did have WWC size 55k+37k+10k. D66 it was 151k+86k+20k. Our main goal was some point that we would like to have atleast 200k+100k+25k when our drop was going to be. Around D75 we did have 200k+110k+24k, so we was close to that. At D80 was time to hit Whack with our WWC (225k+124k+26,7k) and here is report of that: Screenshot - 23fcc27dbfa879f771ec6d30cbd7eb7a - Gyazo

    Also to be mentioned this at same day, we did asked about how much we have spend gold this round and it was +62k, and we did even buy it more in later :D After our WWC was shooted, our acc did start making some pretorians and ops what did came from ques after hit on WW. We did participate atleast 3(?) ops and did cata atleast icento's WWC off the map. And in the end we have around 250k :rom02: to be alive.

    Stats from server

    Sims: 12, 35262, 40 villas

    Off: 34, 630k points

    Deff: 124, 313k points

    Something to say about server

    First of all, have to say that it is amazing how you can be still surprised about players in travian. Don't know have I been ever seen this kind of shit in this game before. I don't even go there so much because I'm pretty much same line with Junnu with he's speech. So sad choices have been made, hopefully OK leaders and wolfguy don't ruin more games with that kind of actions in future.

    To the thanks

    Junnu: Holy shit what kind of dedication to ally and server. Thank you from taking me to play same acc and for the server. And like always, you really are the best. <3

    Our acc: Thanks all guys to play acc with your own input, we did good.

    HALOO: Have to mention you guys too, good thing to know that Junnu did get help and different kind of view to things with your help. Nice acc too!'

    All others: don't want to make list of everyone because it would be pretty much same kind of text, so I will thank you guys like this, all at the same. Thank you for the server, thanks to stuff & things in discord etc. Few names I will point out tho who I would like to play again at anytime; Neve, Lian, Pav3, Cromeh, Lainee, Icy, Melm, Redo, Jason, Veix, Murano, Makkoo, Skandalf, Elopolice, Late, Tomppe, Naiminen, cof, J4Fun, Shut and ofc own acc players. Probably did forget someone but it is what it is. Thanks all!

  • Finally its over, congrats for winner..

    I was asked last server to come with this and one of leader (with Jupee and Nisse), dont remember did I say yes but there I was.. the name of the ally was agreed Onödiga Kändisar (useless celebrities) and allmost everyone player was familiar to someone, Laicos&Kakara came later on rekry way..

    we get settlers soon and good crops for accounts but there came SG close one side of map, there start war with SG and it went whole server.. perseverance cannot be blamed of them..

    some point in game we did deal with Slusk/Whack on short peace (like couple weeks) but after all, it lasted till BP come and start ww build.. many complain it and asking when it going to end, when we are going to make ops against Slusk/Whack, but there wasnt any point that why we want get war with them and lose change get a part fight win this.. we was lose too much deffs already fight with SG.. whole server was too low amount of deffs in ally and too much offs.. there was little bit light coming when we get change unite with MAD and we get deal with them.. we need kick couple unnecessary acco out when we all fit in same ally.. right the way when I see Muukalainen came in I know, this is not good but never do anything about it (kick out or something), yes he is good player and know a lot but still evil from his mouth.. and there we go rest of server, several occasions came a bad atmosphere in disco, several times get banned and get many angry of that..

    so when we came time ww fight, we had way too much hammers and loo low amount deffs what we hav whole server.. we started use small ones first and supposition was enemy dont hav much deff in ww but failed that, and really none drops we didnt make decent ops same time or didnt ops at all.. we had couple really good combo for drops...

    conclusion is that we didnt get enough deff in ww and didnt make any good ops with drops without last one when Swampe take couple artes from D-Tytöt, that perhaps cost our victory

    here some my reports:

    big trainer: bf02935437aa808215e882235e5bc6ba.png

    ops in SG: 511695b0051cda9a73f25e6e03741101.png

    ww drop: e356564531d71bef14ad683a760ae9f8.png


    Muukalainen/pösömies: I really dont like your attitude and all that N.. word talking shit but yes, you got a lot good things what you brought up for game, and maybe we didnt listen all that.. secound, yes that what happend to you wasn´t good in any case, but try believe OK leader didnt plan that

    Unikuu: you did awesome job with deff coordination and everything where you were involved

    Jupee/Nisse: thanks for leader with me, maybe we can get that victory sometime

    Nordic: you did awesome job with that hammer

    Piina: thanks for listening me and do your acco against your will and get ww on your acco :D

    and rest of OK member: thanks all you playing, you did good job although not now won

  • Account: Ministeriö

    Sims: 11

    Off: 11

    Def: Let's skip this part...

    First i start with some details of our account from my point of view, then our ally and after that server/other alliances.


    After last server end i thought that i would not play this server because i really did not have time to play because of work at summer/fall , and also because i feel kind of bad at last server when i did not have time to play and duals had to do all work in server and only thing i could do is buy gold. But things change when if i remember right Pav3 contact me in discord asking if i already have account ready to this server and after that ask me to join this account with him, cromeh and Icytower. I knew that all of them were nice guys and think that maybe i could have pretty good server on account like this even thought i could not play as much i like to.

    At the start plan was to make 2 ops hammers, 1 raid ghost and def, but already before server start we kind of get disagreement with that plan. Pav3 wanted to make WW hammer because of pretty bad record of Petonivesi [?] WW hammers, while still keeping other parts of account same, so it would have been at that point 1 WW hammer, 2 ops hammer, 1 ghost and def. I disagree that quite a lot, first i did actually want to build WW hammer because that is quite stressing and 2nd, if we would make all of those result would have been bad, too small WW hammer, not that good ops hammers, not enough def etc... Cromeh and icy were kind of ok with anything, and before server start we come to agreement of doing 1 WW hammer, 1 (big)ops hammer and ghost, and only if we at some point had too much resources we would make def. After talking what kind of WW hammer we would make i propose and everyone agree to make EI based hammer, plan was to raid with WW hammer too as there were no plan to make record hammer or anything like that, only good enough to drop enemy WW enough. This proof to be mistake by my part as SLUSK/OK/FORSAKEN all farmspiked a lot, even though i have to say most of it was made by few morons at each of alliances.

    Well server start, i did not play for first about 2-3 days at all because there was not that much to do and cromeh/pav3/icy had enough time to play. First mistake, we killed one of our settlers because someone forgot to send hero, but no worries, HALOO actually bested us in that regard while killing 2 setlers :D Well that did not do anything bad to us, because we still managed to land 15c 150% even though bit far away from origo. We got few neighbours there, 1 from Forsaken, 2 at some random alliance and 1 random player. first we attack them at D13-18 Hazy zeroed D13 , Silverfox zeroed D18(maybe) and I'm quite sure we did zeroed rest of them but i don't have reports of those attacks. After we clear out enemies close to us we finally get to really make WW hammer and crop fields. Before arties we got lvl 19 fields, and after arties lvl 20. Talking about arties those were one of the biggest mistakes what our account made whole server. Junnu had given us catapoint destruction village coordinates, and that did go pretty well as we did kill some catas of one slusk player. But here was mistake, pav3 moved our here there by killing it and waking up with bucket what was ok, but after killing those catas he send hero back to our artie sweeping village with reinforcement(not changing hero home village) When crome was coming to send artie sweep about 30min before arties land to server, he realize situation. Well, 1h 30min back to that catapoint village(because there was wrong gear on), and after that 1h to artie sweeping village. At that point we were already 2h late, and Junnu was ofc mad about foolish mistakes. He gave us order to sweep 2 targets with both our WW hammer and artie sweeper without hero like 1h after arties had landed, but when i come to account like 4hours later none of the troops have moved and pav3 was still thinking what army we should send where. I have to say that was only day i was ready to ragequit from account, because that kind of mistake is just rookie mistake and not sending hammers to move even after getting target is just really, really bad behavior towards junnu. Well, i log out and did not come back for 1 day to calm my mind. After coming back i was surprised that Junnu still let us in small trainer rotation, and that was a good thing.

    After arties we have quite a bit problem with warehouse being too small, and when Junnu told us to get lvl 20 crop fields so we can have small diet in our capital there was a lot problems with how we get resources to keep our WW hammer on trainer queue, get those lvl 20 fields and to build storage villages etc... Well in the end that go pretty well, and after that it was just waiting for next trainer and keeping ops hammer on queue too and raiding. At the time play time at our account was something like 40%cromeh, 25%pav3, and rest was played by me or icy. That ofc mean that before building plans Cromeh was already really tired for long hours, so when i finally could quit my job and have time to play basically cromeh stop daily playing and account was moved to pav3-me-4 hours at night icy-pav3-me kind of of playing. And that was good, because cromeh played so much on those really important days, and really deserved some rest (he did always come to check account if none could play so that was also really important).

    Rest of the server was easy, wait for trainer, queue ops hammer(with trainer sometimes) and raid with 1min interval with boots. Only thing i was really waiting was ops when first drop time come, i knew what kind of beast ops hammers our ally had so i knew that is going to be pretty epic. First ops kind of failed when Foxzero hit hammer before our attack landed, but lucky thing was that enemies did not see that many hammers that time.- Next time we managed to hit wall and that end of our ops hammer, what was :rom03:77k+:rom05:65k+:rom07:12k+:rom08:4.5k total of catas OPS Hammer and final "sweep of enemy troops of that village was made by our catas xD sweep. At that time we realise that our WW hammer actually was preatty big and actually had change of being #2 bigest nordicx roman hammer even if we did not any plan like that, but that would have needed about day and half more in the end to get it to being bigger than last server Kolmiojäbien WWC. Well that did not matter, we hit enemy (Whack) with Elite Konto's huge rammer and drop it to lvl 57 what was quite good result for that amount of def Here is WWC report at D87(i think it is D87?) . I'm really happy out of that result, and really proud of all the players in this account. even if i kind of say bad things earlier, those were just small mistakes that what was done in quite long server, and about 99% of server work really well in our account.


    I knew almost everyone at least at some level before server, and knew that this is going to be alliance with best avg players on it. There was few who at personal level i don't like that much, but thing worked out really well with everyone in the end(well few left before end but lets skip those guys). Junnu made really good job even thought this was first server what he was leading (alone kind of) and i think he get good help from redo who helped him with ops etc...

    I have to say that i really like style what Junnu used, a lot of ops going on whole server, and still planning to win WW race at the end, many times you see ops alliances who don't even try to win WW race, so this was positive thing, and every ops was well made and results also show that. Doing different kind of ops against alliances was also right choice, Junnu knew that if we just keep hitting Forsaken capitals+few hammers they will lose motivation and stop playing, and that was what happened. Against Whack that kind of ops don't work, at least from the start, so he made operations where targets were bit different from the start and managed to take quite few WW hammers, and at the end he made those capital ops etc so he could drop motivation of some players. I think it actually worked quite well, and success % of ops were really high. one and only thing that i was kind of disappointed in our alliance was that small amount of real def account and that causing us to do def cals with to few defs. But in the end players start to really push out def just before WW start to go up and in the end there was something like 15m def(could be more but really good amount what so ever). Shame that we did not win, saying that we would have deserved it is kind of cliché, but still im going to say it. But travian is one of those games where so to say "best" at overall playing did not always win WW race.

    Other alliances/server

    My overall opinion of these Nordicx servers are that there are some really big attitude problem with many leaders and players in these servers. First of, why leaders always want to some kind of easiest way to victory? Making servers boring did not make any good to this game or your reputation inside game. Making pointless NAP and other stuff like that just make you look stupid. And about players who made multi accounts, accounts to sweep oasis at start of game, private farms etc etc... Most of you are really good at this game without using those methods, so why are you using them in server like where are like 300 real players and you can not get any glory here? Just stop using those stupid methods, it is much more nice when you get almost same result at the end without using multis etc in this p2w game.


    You guys were kind of disappointing. Big alliance who try to get whole server same side with them, after that catapulting farms, farm spiking farms, conq farms and after that farm spiking them without sending any msg to players who raid them and after all that even using multi accounts to take other players oasis and put holiday thing on. Even if many of those things were made by few players, thing is why did not leaders say anything to them?

    But like many ppl already said, you guys handle WW race like it should be done, so +1 of that. Next time don't use other :rat: tactics and you get ++++++ after server.


    I don't even know where to start. Only thing you guys did kind of good were arties when they come, you got a lot of important ones and you should have really good situation for server, but you fail really bad. I understand that there was some new players, some pretty bad players and some just inexperience players, but just how can you guys so bed amount of def , really bad hammers expect like 1 gaul WWC what was made by taxing alliance and still just barely managed to even decent D91 hammer(I mean really, gaul records are easiest to break without using any cheat/taxes and that is result you have with tax hammer). Not only you did not make any def or decent off's, you make NAP with Slusk because?!? I have feeling that OK leaders did not try to win at any point, because that was so pathetic show. And in the end you guys did most disgusting thing you could, and kill own hammer in diet with some stray rats(oh should it be wolf, well you see wolfs are majestic animals and that can not be said about that guy) ops hammer , kick those victims out of alliance, blame everyone who said that is stupid/disgusting that they are moles, then try to fix leaders reputation by "kicking" stray rat out of alliance, but still making him ally so you can def him while trying to hide your alliance diplomatic status. I have seen many bad, disgusting alliances while playing this game but you guys really are worst. Shame on leaders of OK, i hope you guys and that stray rat never play this game again.


    Well everyone knew from the start that you guys are kind of of farm alliance, and no big deal for server. But you guys did try to fight against us, and make it quite interesting at least for a while.


    You guys at least try to win, this time skill level was bit to much for you guys but you can get beter. Try to read what Makkoo write at Rumours at nordics X- round 7 what you should do to make better hammers and more def, and you will get there.

    Ja sitten kiitoksiin

    Cromeh- Aivan hullut tunnit pelasit servun aikana, ja oot perkeleen mukavaa seuraa niin voicessa kun discordissa yleisesti.

    Pav3- Sama kun cromeh pelasit myös kovia tunteja servun aikana. Vaikka muutaman kerran meinasin menettää hermot pieniin virheisii mitä tapahtu, pelasit kuitenkin yleisesti tosi hyvin ja pitkiä tunteja. Ja sama että discordi ei olis samanlainen jos Petoveljekset ei olisi länkyttämässä siellä hulluja juttujaan8)

    Icytower- Pelasit todella tärkeitä tunteja varsinkin alkuserveristä---> vähän ennen ohjeita, olit just se henkilö kun mahdollisti että tili pysyy koko servun ajan 24/7 accona ja siellä voi pitää pikkupullaa kun ei idleä tule. Sain myös ikuiset traumat kaikkiin köysiin loppu elämäni ajaksi koska pidit tilin ruodussa uhkaamalla kaikkia aina köydellä :D

    Junnu- Ylempänä jo kerroinkin mielipiteen sun hyvästä liiduamisesta, niin mainitaan tässä vaan että aivan 5/5 seuraa voicessa sekä discordissa muutenkin, ja toivottavasti pelaillaan samassa porukassa taas uudestaankin.

    Redo- Liiton opsujen ja yleisesti sen kannalta ettei Junnu nyt siihen sydäriin kuole kesken serverin, ja discordissa mr Megalithic Meatmountains kyllä osaa pitää huumori arvot kohdillaan.

    Qrps- Noin 2000 10snt Gonzo Megaways pyörityksen jälkeen onnea, sait vapaapelin :D Tällä kertaa päästiin samaan aikaan myös pelaamaan, ja voices tulikin vuorotellen kassu streamii pidettyä ja 5/5 juttui jutella.

    Melemi- Combat Wombat

    Murano- You old hag(i remember again)^^

    Yleisesti kaikki ketkä jaksoivat discordissa länkyttää ja laittaa kkkkkkkontektia sinne, oli aika 5/7 discodi tälläkin kertaa

    Ja viimeisenä sitten kevennyksenä kuva Ministeriön herosta 99% servusta: MINIIIIIIIISTEEEEERIÖ

    Thank you all for the server, and let's meet at next one.


  • Congratulations to Whack winning this round in the end!

    Telling something about our account and my part of doings:
    Account name: Urza
    Duals : Vehi (like last server)

    Original plan: Build roman deff account.

    Plan we ended up: Teuton WW rammers (tried to do couple)

    Early: We started server farming something, to give littel bit boost to get better capital place. We ended up with 150% 15c which was more than we asked. after 2nd village settling we tried to settle as much as possible and started building artefact cleaner on the starter village. in the end it was around 53k:teu01: 11k:teu06:, but in the end was too much, because it ate all the other queues from our ww hammer than rams, so lesson learned here. Farm more or forgot that big arte sweep if you don't want anything else to suffer. We managed to catch Uniq diet for our alliance with our sweep, when Backstreet Boys came to collect artefact with hero and catas.

    Mid: Account wise nothing big happened so yeah.

    WW times: We tried to use rest of our starter hammer to clear WW village but messed up timings so had to left clubs home, but everything still went fine, clubs we used to clear BP village near us. We were placed as sitters to WW and helped out building it up and coordinating it. Only thing we miss is the wheatclock which was broke during farmlist update.

    WW hammer(s): Our plan was to make bigger hammer than last server since we knew the last server hammer got so much moccing (Shinra). At some point some one got idea we have to do 2 hammers since we didn't farm anything with our first hammer, we tried to farma with second but result was never enough to support both hammers growth, so we ended up sending the "2nd hammer" early to NCS where it did some dmg to wall. We ended up multiplying our clubs by 2.5 and knights 2 times which meant something like 460k + 86.5k + 50k, but when was our time to drive to WW D-Tytöt had plan to take our brevery down which we didn't know at first would affect to run (thought it would work like big parties and everything else. So when the attacks came I was sure it was for brewery and tried to gather enough deff under, but in the end there is better solutions for that which was one of the lessons I personally learned this server.

    This was our accounts story.

    My view on the ally and different situation.

    Early game we had good spirit on our ally. Like we had some success and we got pretty much everything we wanted from artefacts and little bit more.

    After MAD merging whole alliance started feeling like we are 2-4 different alliances like everyone had their own table instead having everyone gathered around one for feasting.

    There was some tragedies in the discord and not so much positive vipes anymore.

    After the merge at somepoint I took some responsibilty to deff coordinating and tried to overhaul our systems with different tools to help us catch enemies other ways than trying to spot something small on the haystack (incoming attacks). But those got reverged back to normal. I still used them for myself in the end but needed much more work at that point when every attack got send to me as a image xD

    Deffing: When I took this part, we were kinda in mess, and after doing some rework on tools day after started D-Tytöt operation against us, we tried to scout real attack sendings but it was way harder when d-t was changing tournament squeare levels, so good job on that! I made decision here to deff 4 of our biggest WWC hammers.

    Day after D-Tytöt attacks Slusk + Forsaken got in the moving towards our WW hammers. Same plans to try spot sendings from timings and now some more hope since they didn't do that tournament squere playing. But the biggest give out of their target was Teddy bear changing from Warrior boots to different just 1-2 min before sending to Teppo Winnipegs WW hammer. So decided to but most deff there which ended up us walling all incoming attacks. Included image on bottom.

    Ending: I don't like how this server came to end, as I think it's not good if anyone go for own allys ww hammer. Tried to figure out what have happen in the end, but there isn't that much cooperating for info.

    But in the end now is time to everyone take some rest for next server :)

    Specials thanks:

    - Vehi being on my dual still

    - Laicos&Kakara: Lending your troops for my use and deffing our hammer and important artefacts and ofc I got lot of info and skills from you in this server I will carry for next servers.

    - Jakee: Massive amount of information that you shared to me to learn new skills and tactics on the game.

    - Piina ja Jaatinen: Amount of catpictures and talk on the voice and chat <3

    - Our uniq trainer rotation which we have good mood whole round and supportive.

    - And all the deff players that was active on deff calls you made my days easier when it seemed hopeless! <3

    And for my "enemies" I don't know that many players, but maybe can get contacts more in the future :)

    I hope we can left this server for now and have some rest. So have a good New Year! :saint:

    Thanks Uni!

  • Greetings folks from the server administrative account: Ministeriö

    The name and theme Ministeriö (ministry in English) was chose due gathering many ministers of many sorts on the same account: me, Cromeh, Lainee and the Head of Rope Relations, IcyTower.

    About our acc:
    We decided our plans the day before server start and decided to go for large WWC, arte sweeper and a ghost for raiding. Due that we decided to go for EI-hammer.

    The server started nicely and i imagine that we were among the first ones to get the first settler out. Due to my poor knowledge about settler raiding, I killed our first settler on the oasis: HUUUGE 6 hour delay

    for cap settling. Due to that mistake P&P and C&S got the capitals they wanted and we were forced to go deeper. After all, maybe a good decision, but later as Lainee had expected: it would cost in the form

    of 10k outgoing attacks capped.

    Some Forsaken-players had set their capitals only 3-4 squares from us, so the Departmen of Defense were forced to decimate them with nukes around the second oasis for the cap.
    Sorry for SilverFox (and the others I cant remember) but you were too close to our hammers.

    Unfortunately war is always exhausting, and our supposed WWK dropped from 2. place to 25. place. We were forced to make catas on 2 villages by day 5 which cost us dearly resources.
    The game went on as expected until the artifacts came, steady making our wwk and arti sweeper but unluckily we werent able to hit anything. We were second to get the small trainer
    and basically after that the game got to the boring phase: making fields, warehouses, making queues and saving res for the next trainer rotation and some raiding.
    Slow and steadily we began to raise up in the hammer ladder (we got the BB and BS up and running like in the fourth trainer rotation)
    Couple times I wanted to kms for being a total retard: once for waking up and timing the resources to the hammer village one hour too early and once I forgot to remove the boots to make the trainer active.

    The small boots we got from HALOO after they had lost enough hammers was really a motivation booster for us. Thanks for the boots. We started getting up on the TOP10 and our players (including me) were

    really "forced" to raid actively to put the boots on good use. Soo the server went on and on and things really started looking good for us: huge wwk incoming and the arti sweeper had also gotten quite big.
    When December came, the account basically turned from 4-man account to two man account since the Ministry of Foreign Betonwater affairs flew to Spain, master of Ropes started !jouluhaaste on Twitch and for other reasons me and Lainee had vacation from work.

    Junnu remembered this wrong, the op was executed day before our drop. But we made it on the third place on all time roman hammers.
    Well that was the server for us basically. Gave up the artifacts given to our care and started making deff. +200k prets left alive in the end.

    About the ally:
    We joined ally by giving Junnu a choice: invitation or rope from icytower. Junnu didnt get köyttä.
    My job was basically to make emojis for the Discord server and occasionally participate in the brainstorm and give notes outside the "bubble" in the leader channel.
    I was prepared to take more responsibility but "luckily" our man Junnu had put his heart so deep in to this and he was basically active 22/7. Im not sure has he slept totally over two hours since September :peepoheart:

    The ally was surprisinly 'attach' and almost everyone had their eyes set on the same goal. Some, not. I really had the pleasure of chatting with the people of all kind of shit and would play again with 99% of our ally.

    Ops were carried out with extreme precise (except the time Skandalf ejaculated pre-maturely and sent the op one day too early). That was one of the hardest moments on this round, but generally everything went as expected: Kalev on the wall and HALOO grabbing the resources with green sword :D

    About the server situation on the end:

    I feel that Junnu didnt open up the situation as much as needed for the people. About OK: nothing much to say that havent been said before. Certain people from the rat squad permanently made it to my blacklist. Enough said

    We had every scenario thought through except this one. We were prepared to let either NCS win or take it to the gamble, if the victory goes for us or Whack. 2 good options out of three. Fourth "option" would have been securing the victory for OK; wheres the fun in that. I dont know about other allies but we tend to make assesments who drops, when drops and where drops, and we had a good hunch of where PV+Holsten would hit, that is true. So we took a gamble with 2/3 possible good outcomes. If they would have hit their targets the situation would have been this:
    1. NCS on the lead and Whack and DT about the same lvl (simming isnt 100% accurate)
    2. Whack with the last dropping hammer with a puzzle to solve: accept a possible loss and drop us (even though we were behind NCS) or go for the NCS

    FYI: the last rammer wouldnt have made a dent and Fenris would have dropped only 2-3 levels so it really was a lottery on that point we decided to drop OK.

    But, congratz for the victory for Whack+Forsaken. You really had good deffs there and few good hammers and you manned up your playstyle. Nice!

    This came out longer than I expected but here comes the thank you notes:

    Dual: Cromeh: jälleen nautinnollista pelata äijän kans ja petonivesikonferenssi kruunas hyvin. Hullut tunnit välillä ja muista kumi siellä esbanjöölessä!
    Dual: Lainee: takuuvarmaa suorittamista ja kiitos että jaksoit meikän sekoiluja :D
    Dual: Icy: pelasit alkuservun tärkeet aamuyön tunnit, harmi että vähän gonahdit loppua kohdet mutta perrkele sinä oot se kahavi ukko atm

    Junnu: kiitos. Oikeesti :peepoheart: Älä enää ikinä pelleile oman terveytesi kanssa jonkun vitun travin takia

    kakun raksaajat, Fosse, Elo, Skani
    aramin pellaajat

    discon höpöttelijät: Melm, Juhe, Murano, Veix, naiminen, qrps ja moni muu


    Thank you and see you on the next server!

    Parahin terveisin,

    Rauman suurherttua
    suur Pav3

    Med vänliga hälsningar,
    övar inspektor
    stor Pav3

    Djpave/J-Ice @Fix11 | DramaQueen/Brim @fix12 | HUPS!/Aamuset @fix13 | Ujo/L7 @Fix14 | Peter Pan/Kamut @fix15 | Katuma 25/KuRa @nx3 | Petonivesi/F-Zone @nx4 | not Petonivesi/Iginla @nx5 | Vetonipesi/ACAB @nx6 | Ministeriö/D-Tytöt @nx7 | King Kkong / S @nx8

  • Kaikki loppu aikaanaan, niin tämäkin servu. Servun loppu ei ollut ehkä toivotuin, mutta katseet aletaan kääntämään jo eteenpäin.

    Liitosta ja sen toiminnasta. Alkupeli: Lähdettiin kokoamaan porukkaa edellisen servun pohjalta ja muutamia pelaajia tuli sitten vielä lisää tälle servulle. Saatiin hyvä määrä tilejä ja näytti servun alusta, että mahdollisuudet olisivat voittoon. Heti servun alusts SG liitto oli ison osan liiton pelaajista kimpussa ja se vaikeutti esimerkiksi oman tilin toimintaa.

    Keskivaihe: Faktit tuli ja saatiin todella hyvin fakteja. Vähän liikaakin meidän käyttöön, ku ei ollut osaavia ja potenttialiisia käyttäjiä tarpeeksi, mutta eipä olleet muiden liittojen käytössä. Paras pakitus oli heti faktien jälkeisenä yönä kun saatiin 750k pakkia une sotikseen ja sit pakkivastaava päätti purkaa ja siirrettiin une sotis ja sen jälkeen siirettiin vielä kerran samana yönä ja tästä pitää kiittää Enkulia ja unikuuta, jotka hoiti nopeasti boostia ja kammioita raksattiin. Lisäksi faktien jälkeen meihin yhdistyi MAD liitto ja sieltä löytyikin pari mielenkiintoista kaveria, kuten Muukalainen ja Pösömies, jotka kyö tuotti materiaalia discord kanavalle. Privassa oli hyviä keskusteluja Muukalaisen kanssa, mutta jäi harmittamaan, kun puhuit vähän ohi suun täällä foorumilla. Liitän mukaan pari kuvakaappausta eri keskusteluista.

    Loppupelissä ohjeiden haku onnistui todella hyvin ja saatiin nopeasti torni nousee. Ongelma liitolla oli pakkien määrä. Muutama opsu tuli meitä vastaan isommilta liitoilta, mutta niistä epäonneksi ei saatu kiinni, kuin Whackin iso opsu kiinni mikä tuli Teppo Winnipeg pelaajan offi kylään, siitä kiinni otosta pitää kiittää Unikuuta ja muuta porukkaa jotka oli mukana pakituksessa. WW-lappujen ajamisessa olisi voitu toimia paremmin ja otan siitä syyn itselleni, koska olin niitä pääosin suunnittelemassa. Ensimmäisessä ajossa aliarvioitiin NCS WW pakit pahemman kerran ja lähdettiin kahdella kakkoslapulla ajamaan, joihin ei oltu keritty vielä saattoja tehdä kunnolla. Toiseen ajoon käytettiin uhattuna oleva WWR ja Nacci tilin WWK, koska heillä oli toinenkin, mitä oli pakko päästä paremmin jonottaa. Tämän jälkeen kyselin Muukalaiselta voitteko ajaa D-tyttöihin tai NCS ja vastaus oli ainoastaan Whack tai muuten petän sanani. Aiemmin ei oltu mitään puhuttu, että on vaan yks WW mihin voivat ajaa. Sitten ajettiin Urza+Huutokauppaking lappujen koko järjestyksen mukaan ja harmi, kun meni panimo kikka läpi. Tämän jälkeen olisin ajattanut toiseksi suurimmat, mutta kun he eivät suostuneet niin oli pakko käyttää suurimmat laput. Kaikille tiedoksi ei ollut verolappuja.

    Oma tili ja sen toiminta eli siis tilin nimi Backstreet Boys ja dualit Enkuli ja Lepakkoesa. Ideana oli heti alkuun lähtee tekemään WW-lappua, mutta SG sotki suunnitelmat ja painittiin niiden kanssa miltei fakteihin asti ennen ku saatiin tilaa itsellemme tarpeeksi, tästä pakko kiittää Marco De Wit tiliä, oman tilin Enkulia ja muita jotka antoivat oman panoksen. No sit heitin idean muutama päivä ennen fakteja, että aletaan tekee WW-lappua tuonne vähän kauempana capista olevaan 08 kylään ja niin alettiin raksaamaan sitä ja fakti päivänä meillä oli lapussa 2,3k nutii, 800 ritarii ja 1,3k ramii ja ajo hetkellä n. 379k nutii, 83k ritaria ja 46k ramia. Ihan kelpo lappu ja meillä oli myös useita opsulappuja. Tilin MVP oli kyl Enkuli, paino useita pitkiä vuoroja tilillä ja viikonloppuisin varsinkin oli isoin syy siihen, että tili pysy aktiivisena.

    Lopuksi kiitokset oman liiton porukka:

    Mun dualit, kiitos ku jaksoitte mua ja mun epäsäännöllisiä peliaikoja.

    Piina: Iso osa sitä, että pakit pysy WW:ssä elossa ja hoidit hyvin sen homman.

    Thomas ja Doddsi: Kiitos ku hoiditte välillä meidän tiliä ja pakit tarjositte koko kiekan.

    Unikuu: Kiva oli taas nähdä kuinka otit isompaa roolia ja innolla odotan tulevia servuja, kun taas saan pelata samassa liitossa tai sun liitossa.

    Vehi: Kiitos, ku hoidit Esan ja Unikuun kanssa aina mun käännökset englanniksi.

    Kiitos vielä voice porukalle eli Jaatinen, Hatedevil, Miksu, Nisse, Tohtori, Jakee, Yoloswaghope, Enkuli, Lepakkoesa, Ato, Piina, Unikuu, Vehi ja muut jotka sit unohdin mainita.

    Sit vielä risut niin oman liiton, kun muiden liiton porukalle.

    Laicos: Vaikka hoidit hyvin pakkien teon ja niistä oli hyötyä, mutta se miten kohtelit muita pelaajia epäkunnioittavasti niin en ymmärrä ja susta jäi yhtä huono kuva, kun mitä mulla oli susta aiemminkin.

    Muukalainen&Pösömies: Vaikka teidän kanssa oli asiallista keskustella privassa niin toivoisin, että jatkossa puhuisitte myös julkisesti niin asiallisesti. Lisäksi voisitte yrittää ottaa myös vastuun omista sanomisistanne+petyin ettei teidän tililtä tullut esimerkiksi apuja WW pullaukseen, joka kuuluu koko liitolle.

    Junnu: En oo ehkä Laicosin lisäks ehkä tavannut ketään niin ylimielistä ja itsekeskeistä pelaajaa. Lisäksi voisit pitää sanas, jos jotain lupaat esimerkiksi teidän tappio oli jo aivan selkeä ennen meidän viimeinen tiputus tuli teitä vastaan.

    Shut: En tykkää, kun toiset puhuu paskaa foorumilla ilman että tiedät kokonaiskuvaa.

    Lisäksi muut, jotka ovat laittaneet minut huonoon valoon niin pyytäisin ottamaan faktoista ensin selvään ennen kuin toisin todistatte mitään. Minä olin esimerkiksi joulun vietossa ja en tiennyt mitään Diettiin tehdystä hyökkäyksestä tai ennen sitä olevista suunnitelmista, mitä pösömies esitti. Toivottavasti jatkossa voimme pelata kaikki rehdisti myös D-tytöt priva farmit jne.

    Olen omalta osaltani pahoillani Jouluna tapahtuneesta vääryydestä ja olisin estänyt sen jos olisin tiennyt siitä. Tältä erään Jupee kiittää ja kuittaa, suunta kohti uusia pettymyksiä.


    And in english:

    Everything ends and so does this server.

    End of the server wasn't what we hoped for, but we're already beginning to turn our gaze forward.

    About the alliance.

    Early game: We started assembling with the members from previous server and some extras.

    We managed to get good amount of players and early on it looked like we had good chances for a win.

    From the start SG ally were going hard against many of our player and this made our accounts life harder.

    Mid game:

    Artifacts came and we got nice amount of them, maybe too many for our use, as we lacked knowlegable players to use then properly, but atleast other alliances didn't get them.

    The best defence we made was the night after arties when we got 750k troops to unique trainer and our defence coordinator decided to dismantle the defences and we ended up moving the unique trainer twice that night. Thanks for enkuli and unikuu for quick boosting and building of extra treasurys. After arties MAD joined us and we dound couple interesting fellows, Muukalainen and Pösömies that kept providing content to the discord. I had some good discussions with Muukalainen in private, but I ended up vexed due to you speakign a bit past your mouth on the forums. I'll add couple screenshots from these discussions.

    In the end fetching building plans ended up really well and we managed to get our wonder building quickly. We had some problems with the amount of defence troops. We took couple OPs from the bigger alliances and we managed to only catch one larger OP from whack that aimed for Teppo Winnipegs off village. Thanks for Unikuu for catching that and everyone who took part. We could have planned better our WW drops and i'll take the blame as I was the the one who did majority of the planning.

    On the first attack on NCS wonder we underestimated the amount of defence NCS managed to gather and we used 2 small rammers which both really lacked troops.

    On the second drop on NCS we used WWR that was under treath and Naccis WWK so they could make their second WWK bigger. After this I asked Muukalainen if they could do a use their rammer on D-tytöt or NCS. The answer was "Only whack or otherwise i betray my words." Previously there was no talk of them only using their hammer on one ally. After that we used Urza + Huutokauppakings hammers as they were the next in line according to the size, sadly Brewery got destroyed during the attack.

    Then the plan was to use our second largest hammers, but as they didn't agree to it we had to use our largest hammers for the next drop. For the record, we didn't have any tax hammers.

    My account

    Duals: Enkuli and Lepakkoesa

    Idea was to build a WW hammer from the start, but as SG distrubed our plans until almost arties, before we got enough room for ourselves. For this thanks for Marco De Wit, Enkuli and everyone else who participated . Couple days before arties I came up with the idea of building WWR to our 08 village whihc was located further from our cap and so we started building it and on the day arties came we had 2,3K clubs, 800 knights and 1,3K rams. We ended up with 379K clubs, 83K knights and 46k rams.

    It w as a decent hammer and we had multiple OP hammers during the server overall. Accounts MVP was enkuli. Multiple long stretches and weekends especially you kept the account active.

    Also Big thanks for the alliance members:

    My duals: thanks for tolerating me and my inconsistend play hours.

    Piina: Big part of keeping defences in the wonder nourished and you did it well.

    Thomas and Doddsi: Thanks for sitting our account occasionally and providing defences during the whole server.

    Unikuu: Nice to see you taking a bigger role and I'm looking forward for playing with you again.

    Vehi: Thanks for translating with esa and unikuu.

    And thanks for the whole voice group: Jaatinen, hatedevil, Miksu, Tohtori, Jakee, Nisse, Yoloswaghope, enkuli, Lepakkoesa, Ato, Piina, Unikuu, Vehio and everyone else i forgot to mention.

    And then all the bads.

    Laicos: Even though you made a lot of def troops and they were useful, but they way you treated other players disrespectfully and you left a worse image of yourself compared to previously.

    Muukalainen & Pösömies: Even though the discsussions with you in private were appropriate, I'd hope you were appropriate in publis also in the future. Also you could take some resposibility for your words and you could have participated on feeding the wonder like everyone else.

    Junnu: I think I haven't met anyone except Laicos that was so arrogant and selfish. Also you could keep your words, if you promise something. For example your loss was guaranteed before our last drop against you.

    Shut: I don't like that people shit talk on the forums without even knowing the whole picture.

    Also everyone else who brought me to a bad light, I'd like you to do some fact checking. For example I was celebrating christmas and didn't have any clue about the attacks on the diet or any plans to do so.

    I hope we can play honestly in the future, including D-tytöt private farms etc.

    For my part I am sorry for what happened on christmas and would have tried to stop it if i would have known about it.

    For now Jupee thanks and bows. Towards new disappointments.

    Link to screenshots and own WW-hammer:



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  • Ikinä en oo kirjottanu loppupuheisiin mitään, mutta Junnun kaunista puhetta lukiessa alkoi itelläkin runosuoni sykkimään. Eli täs on pari kiitosta tilistä (Valmentaja) ja liitosta (D-Tytöt)

    Junnu: Mistä tässä nyt alottais... huipputyyppi, loistavaa liiduamista sekä pelaamista. Omistauduit tälle servulle täydellisesti ja sen huomasi. Ihailen sun päämäärätietoisuutta ja nöyryyttä. Jos olisin edes lähellekään yhtä hyvä tässä pelissä niin olisin varmaan egoistinen täysi mulkku (oon kyllä varmaan muutenkin :--D)

    moe-: Tilin aivot. Tykkäät laskelmoida juttuja ja susta suorastaan säteilee peliäly, pelintietämys ja pelin ymmärrys, minkä takia oot aina korvaamaton lisä tilillä, lisäks teit paljon duunia mun idlatessa.

    Epe: Kiitokset siitä kuinka paljon teit töitä tilillä, minkä (oikeilta) töiltäs kerkesit.

    Massimiesten kanssa ei oo kullan loppumisesta huolen häivää, kiitokset myös siitä. (ja kaikista niistä rundeista mitä ootte meiän tilejä sponssannut)

    Kaikilta yllämainituilta pyydän vilpittömästi anteeksi mun idleemisestä ja siitä, että pari kertaa jopa petin lupaukseni pelivuoroiden suhteen.

    Teiän tulevaisuudensuunnitelmista Travianin parissa en tiedä, mutta ootte kaikki huipputyyppejä ja oon koska vaan valmis pelaamaan teiän kanssa.

    D-Tytöt: imo paras liitto vähään aikaan, kaikille iso kiitos. En halua kuullostaa huonolta häviäjältä, mutta kyllä mun mielestä me oltiin henkisiä voittajia, koska vedettiin koko servua kun pässiä narussa.

    Ja kirjotin tän suomeks koska ei ketään ulkomaalaista kuitenkaa kiinnosta. Ei mul muuta.

    -tonttu (LenkkiValmentaja)