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    General Information

    Server URLs



    Start Dates/Times

    America │05th January │ 16:00 UTC+1
    Arabics │ 05th January │ 11:00 UTC+1
    Asia │ 07th January │ 10:00 UTC+1
    Europe │ 07th January │ 14:00 UTC+1
    International │ 08th January │ 16:00 UTC+1

    America │ 05th January │ 17:00 UTC+1
    Arabics │ 05th January │ 12:00 UTC+1
    Asia │ 07th January │ 11:00 UTC+1
    Europe │ 07th January │ 15:00 UTC+1
    International │ 08th January │ 17:00 UTC+1

    Speed 1x Speed 5x Speed

    Version & Tribes

    America, Arabics, Asia, Europe │ T4.5 │ :gaul::roman::teuton:
    International │ T4.5 │ :gaul::roman::teuton::hun::egyptian:
    Set up Wonder of the Worlds

    Map Size

    Interface languages All
    Relevant Timelines

    Beginner protection

    5 days 2 day

    Beginners protection can be prolonged

    3 days

    2 day

    Artifact Spawn After 100 days After 20 days
    Construction Plans Spawn After 200 days After 40 days
    Natars start building After 250 days After 50 days
    Tier 2 hero items spawns After 70 days (+- 24h) After 14 days (+- 12h)
    Tier 3 hero items spawns After 110 days (+- 24h) After 28 days (+- 12h)
    Speed Factor
    Troops training 1x speed 5x faster
    Building upgrading 1x speed 5x faster
    Resource production 1x speed 5x faster
    Troops travelling speed 1x speed 2x faster
    Merchants speed 1x speed 5x faster
    Auction duration 24 hours 4 hours
    Artworks Max effect 2000 CP 700 CP
    Artworks and Waterbucket cooldown 24 hours 12 hours
    Small townhall celebration Maximum 500 CP Maximum 250 CP
    Big townhall celebration Maximum 2000 CP Maximum 1000 CP
    Celebration duration 24 hours ~ 2 times shorter
    Culture points to settle a new village Table available here Table available here
    Artifacts Cooldown 24 hours 8 hours
    Additional Features
    Hospital Yes Yes
    Hero heal on level up Yes Yes
    Resource as Hero Items Yes Yes
    Adventures do not expire Yes Yes
    Keep tribe on conquering Yes Yes
    New Task System Yes Yes
    Troops merging and forwarding No No
    Gold Features
    Plus Account and Resources Bonus duration 7 days 3 days
    Inbound GTL from everywhere except PL
    from everywhere except PL
    Outbound GTL to everywhere to everywhere

    You can find additional information here:

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