[NYS2021] Rumors from International x1

  • NYS-INTERNATIONAL-1x-e1609832897489.pngUse this thread to share any big and small happenings on NYS International x1. Remember this thread is English language only.


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  • Forum is dead. How is situation people, a lot of metas already established... will see who gonna make best v2 placement... a lot of accounts registered, just need to see how many of them are techs...

  • Looking for clan, NYSx1, NE, 1500 population, 1000 hero, 600 defensive troops, 300 attacker rank. I spend 16 hours a day in front of an computer.

    Looking for an settled alliance, personally not interested in large discussions and such, though.

  • Yeah I have no idea why they made server with potentially more then 15k people on it, on a small map... +/+ is overcrowded... I mean it is good for farming but it is outbalanced totally.. Travian should think about algorythm that would scan the situation on the server and would suggest least crowded quad to the new players.. This way +/+ has 1/2 players and 3 other quads second half..