Quitting an alliance question

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  • It depends on what server you are playing on, a few special servers with for example regions there is a few rules that make you not able to leave directly.

    But if you are on a normal server you can leave without any obstacle and even attack as well. Keep in mind that you can attack your teammates even if you are in the same alliance so no need to leave for that.

  • Thanks. I can attack people from no attack pact alliances too, right?

    There are no in-game mechanics that block you from attacking someone (except banned accounts, which cannot be attacked without few exceptions). When sending an attack to your alliance or confederacy member, you are only shown a warning text in a red font to alert you about attacking a friend. For artifact rotations, for example, you are required to launch an attack towards your confederacy member.

    However, you cannot conquer a village from your confederacy member - your chiefs or senators will simply not decrease loyalty. The exceptions to this are villages that hold an artifact or have loyalty of 0 %. NAP's are not covered by these limitations.