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  • Hello everybody,

    I am writing this message for Travian Games. I hope that a community manager picks up on it. The thing is that we see attempts by TG to create something that is both profitable and attracts/keeps more players online. For example the new taskmaster system. I actually think that this is a complete disaster. Simply due to the gap between gold users benefits and non gold users. I think that the approach is wrong. The rules are great. It doesn't need fixing.

    The biggest increase in activity, player number and fun I ever saw was with the addition of the Egyptian and Hun tribes and the introduction of the European map. Continuing down this line, there can be many great ideas. I came up with this one the other day:
    Map of North (or north and south america); civilizations for example Sioux, Cherokee, Navaho, Apache, Aztec, Maya, or Eskimo. And instead of Natar Gun toting settlers! It'll be a hoot. Everyone will love it, I am certain. Everyone will want to check out the new tribes and new map. And you can do the same thing for Feudal Japan, the warring state period in China, Great Britain, any area in the world, actually! You all already have birthday servers and such, wy not keep the successful ones and try a new map/new tribes each year.

    Ofcourse you can keep traditional travian, but then at least allow the 5 tribes option. I would also keep the codex setup. That is tons of fun!
    But seriously, different maps and different tribes will keep players interested and make players that stopped want to come back to take a look, no doubt about it.
    You culd even add more tribes to the normal setup. Vikings maybe, or Byzantines, Turks, Berbers. There are so many ideas.

    I hope that this will help out a bit.

    Cheers all.

  • In which way?

    I like it. If you think it is too overpower because of gold abuse maybe it should become more expensive to buy things with gold.

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  • I don't think the price of gold should go up. That will only make the gap even more extreme. The benefits of gold should be less large. Or: there should also be other ways to obtain the same benefits and it should absolutely not increase every aspect of the game.

  • Imho gold should not be used to get resource benefits but rather to manage an account with less time.

    The gold club trade routes are a fine example of this. I imagine they could make all kinds of master builder upgrades, and auto attack options, to be able to build and raid with less logins a day.

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  • Yeah, the master builder is one thing, but raids and attacks?
    Then it will be like a bot. And a lot of resources can be brought in by that.
    It contradicts your opening statement.

    The wave builder is a nice idea though. It eliminates the difference between new and experienced players, when it comes to same second attacks.

  • They might cap the amount of attacks you can sent (say one raidlist raid an hour for example).

    As for the master builder, I’m talking “programming” entire villages with decent input of gold.

    Making this game more about strategy and diplomacy, rather than endless micromanaging and having to log in each hour to be able to keep up.

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