Cranny question

  • Hello all!

    So I have a 3x lvl 10 cranny and I am playing as gaul, meaning i have 9k resources of each resource saved in case of an attack.

    So, indeed I was attacked, and I made sure each of my resources was below 9k when the attack hit.

    However, this happened:

    Can anyone explain how was the enemy able to steal 3715 resources? I was at around 8k at the time of the attack.

    The attacker was of the egyptian tribe.

    Thanks in advance!

  • The attacker did have a bag of the thief, i'd say a 10% one. I figure that goes through the cranny, however he stole way too much for that to be the only issue.

    However, I did put up offers in the market! Does that interact with the amount of resources I currently have in a village?

  • Yes, offers in the market does include in the village total amount available.

    So you can't hide resources in the market.