Game Update: Polarbear 1001

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The forum is currently in read-only mode that will last till July 07th, 2021.

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  • The schedule rollout plan for Anglosphere servers:

    February 8, 2021

    - United States (UTC -5): 05:03 am / 05:03

    - United Kingdom (UTC): 10:03 am / 10:03

    - Australia (UTC +11): 09:03 pm / 21:03

    - Check with your local time here.

    Expected Downtime: ~ 1 hour

    All the details about this new update in the next message!


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  • Features:

    TL-9058 – Added full unit images to the game. Click on a unit image in a building where the unit can be trained to show a full image.

    TL-14 - Updated the population icon in the combat simulator.


    TL-9144 - Fixed broken popup for marketing gold

    TL-9134 - Fixed transaction invoice being sent to an old email addresses

    TL-8178 - Fixed occasional slightly incorrect animal casualties displayed in the battle report

    TL-8193 - Fixed an issue where Town Hall queued celebrations would occasionally disappear instead of starting

    TL-9102 - Fixed rounding issue of troop crop consumption caused by diet control artefact

    TL-9121 – Mobile optimized version: Side menus are no longer expandable in the background, behind an open pop-up.

    TL-9111 - Mobile optimized version: Fixed shop's advantages section feature indicator placement

    TL-9072 - Fixed the issue with auctions contextual help getting stuck.

    TL-9050 - Hero health bar is updated to the correct color when they are healed after leveling up by collecting new task system rewards.

    TL-9074 – Fixed a bug rarely causing some adventures to become broken.

    TL-8712 - Hero's Mansion: Abandoning oasis cannot be initiated and stopped with the same button anymore.

    New Year Special features:

    TL-9057 – Adjusted the cost of Egyptian settlers for better balancing.

    Resource Old Value New Value
    Wood 4560 5040
    Clay 5890 6510
    Iron 4370 4830
    Crop 4180 4620