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  • I scout an occupied oasis, there are resources there, I attack it, I get exactly zero resources.

    I scout the village occupying the oasis, still there are resources.

    What am I missing, why can I not loot the resources of the village occupying it? Is it because of crannies?

  • What happened here was probably that the owner of the oasis you attacked made an self attack.

    Let say that I attack my own oasis and cause of that there is a time limit of 1 min before it can be raided on resources again.

    So If I attack my oasis at 15:00 you will only be able to get resource from it if you attack 15:01 everything between 15:00 and 15:01 is safe for attackers.

    You can read more here.

    Travian Answers

  • Crannies works on the exact same way here. If the player you attack have crannies that cover the amount of resources he/she has in the origin village there will be

    no bounty on the attack. But keep in mind that if the attacker is a teuton he/she has bonus on the raiding and if hero is in the attack with bag on him there will be even more bonus.

  • So if I scout the oasis and it says amount x, I need to deduce the cranny size of that village in order to find out what I can possible loot from the occupied oases?

    So instead I can just scout the occupying village, deduce cranny size from resource amount and divide by ten to get the resources I can steal from any oasis occupied by that village?