Ambassador workshop #7 - Alliance Troops Management

  • The topic of the next workshop is based on a suggestion originally proposed by the .ru ambassador.

    The suggestion was to allow alliance leaders (or others given the power) to see the troop counts of members of the alliance. So like you have your own troop overview, showing you an overview of the troops in your villages, alliance leaders would have access to the troop overview of their players.

    The workshop is not limited to this specific suggestion though - so I am looking for two things:

    General feedback to the proposed feature: providing alliance leaders an overview of the troops of their members. As well as any specific things you want/don't want to be included in this feature.

    Any other suggestions relating to alliance troops management: whatever features you'd like to have basically. Could for example be that you don't want the feature suggested above, but still other want more stats in the alliance strength overview. Or more information about troop movements in the alliance (for example being able to see if an allied village has reinforcements incoming from the team). (Just as examples, these are not suggestions I'm putting forward).

    Workshop date is not set yet, but will happen in the later half of the month. So there's about 2 weeks time for any suggestions of feedback.

  • I think that this is a very good suggestion, actually. Leaders are almost begging their players to update Gettertools

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  • I would prefer, personally, that troops info are kept restricted to things like gettertools, because we need players to have their troop data there anyway. Getter is used to create attack plans, and to do it, troops data are needed >> leaders would still need to ask people to keep things updated.

    What instead I would like, maybe, is to see if someone is getting attacked. If it's a raid or a normal attack ( and the time would be the cherry on top )... this would allow def officers to actually arrange a blind defense even if the one under attack is offline or online too late to ask for an effective help.

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  • Great idea but allowing the player to grant their leader access to view their troop info and having the option to remove access to view their troops at any time

  • I like this idea.

    My opinion:

    The leader (and that persons, who have right) see the hole amount troops of the clan from all type. And can see the largest and average amount in one account, the largest and average amount in one village, where their noumbers reach an optional limit: 1000, 100 or 1. (This limit can sign by type.) This is 5 values, and 3 radio buttons per type, naturally in one page.

  • We can include the coordinates of each user on top of the account name and possibly a distance calculator towards an attacked village, so we know what are the available re-enforcements on a specific time.

    Another one can be the user option to allow a configurable % of units to be available to the alliance to be send as re-enforcements, so the defense admin can utilize a % of the alliance army during attacks.

    An alliance bill board for Defense admins to request resources during attacks, with a some statistics on the response rate included.

    Access to send MM to all wings of an alliance for selected users. So defense admins no longer need to contact the respective leaders when ask for help from the alliance.

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  • alliance leader that has information on troops as a standard: no way

    if it is optional AND can be selected by player in options to show or hide: yes/maybe

    maybe i would like to see the stats on total troop strength to be split into pure off/def. The way it is shown now, def strenght includes def values on offensive troops and other way around. Also this, not a standard to show but optional to be shown.

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