• I have been insulted three times by a player, last time with Sen tam bir ****** çocuğusun piçç (google translate: You're such a fuck kid bastard).

    I reported the player three times but nothing seems to happen. What is the point of that function then???

  • I just got another one:

    Annen nerde çalışıyor bir ziyaret edeyim (Where does your mother work? Let me visit)
    That guy is stright forward asking for a ban, why is it not happening?

    I mean, I got some lines for him too but I thought we do not do this in this game.

  • This does not sound good at al to be honest, I have not seen any reports about this, in what language are those in ?

    Both me and the whole team are taking reports very serious.


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  • I like that my latest comment needs approval by a moderator.

    Is that because I cited what I received in several messages?

    Mayby we should think about approving messages that already have stared words in-game as well...? (well, not really, but you hopefully get my point)

  • This seems to be sent to you in-game that's why we have not seen it on the forum.

    I can only take care of actions that happens at the forum.

    If you get messages like that I would always suggest you to report that player in-game and if nothing happens

    you could always ignore messages from that player.

    So the only tips I can give you is to report and ignore.

  • well....

    And you have no way of forwarding this to the relevant in-game personnel?

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