Travian Romance ❤️

  • Name: Song

    Age: 29

    At night, by the the flames of the burning village, we will roast horse flesh and savor the taste of another battle won. The brewery will flow freely as we toast our fallen comrades. We will compare scars and tell outrageous stories of valiant deeds. We will remove our armour and relax in each other's arms. The next day we will storm another castle. I live to storm castles. I would love to be your girl, but you will have to keep up.

    Message me if you want to form an alliance.

    Give me Magnus. I want him strong and courageous.

    Galaxy Song Com 2

  • Name of the hero: thRee

    Age of the hero: 33

    Dating bio: As you see, I am thRee, so I am three times as good as normal person, three times the size, three times the strength, three times the army, and three times the resources. So I am the BEST! (until you find four, five or six...)

    Your in-game name & Server:
    ign: thRee

  • Name: Alexander

    Sex: Male

    Searching for a woman who knows her own mind.
    Who is strong, fearless and able to defend the empire we shall create together.
    My opposite pole. The one who will defend what I go out and win by force of arms.
    One that can, together with me, create an empire that will be the wonder of the world for as long as this age lasts and beyond.

    Nolwenn, open your gates for me. Revel in the tempests we will experience on the journey to create such an empire.

    ign: HELP
    server: ANG1

  • name: Bear

    age: 25

    For right amount of gold i will be your valentine! <3

    Magnus if you want to be that ultimate guy send your messengers...let make you ultimate one! ;)

  • Name: The Ram

    Age: you know you have daddy issues

    Looking for someone who likes long walks to get hammered, plenty of room in her cranny, and eats way to much. Mess around and your bakery will have a bun in the oven.

    You should quote yourself. It's like liking your Facebook status or high-fiving yourself in the mirror.

    It's what I would do if I didn't have to keep mine exactly how it is for madsquirrels and erazer.

  • Name: Jasmin

    Age: 25

    "I am looking for someone to accompany me on adventures. I love exploring and traveling, but at the moment my current commander lets me go on a few short adventures per day. Or if you can call them adventures, walking to my city's border and seeing if there is any wolves feels more like a joke. I am tired of these boring adventures and overpowered fights! Are you the one who helps me escape these walls and go on an infinite adventure to gather wealth and fame without any limitations!?"

    My hero likes older men, so Magnus contact me, Kakku, on nysx5.europe if you are interested ;) (or don`t because she might actually leave)