Hero experience when defending together

  • Becouse it simplier.

    The defence strenght must be counted on all sender villages. But it separate the two type (against ground, and mounted defence power), and only in the end counts the final defend power. So it is enough counting one time a weighted average, not on all sender villages.

  • I did not exactly understand your argument except that you say that it is simpler.

    But for calculating the casualties and the result of the fight the server has to calculate most of these numbers already and it is not that complicated to do the rest as well.

  • When the long answer. It is need some information from the battle system.

    First step: count some datas:

    Off(ground) - attack power of other units, and the unmounted hero (with bonuses)

    Off(mount) - attack power of units from stable, and the mounted hero (with bonuses)

    Def(vx)(ground) - defence power of all units from village x against ground units (with bonuses)

    Def(vx)(mount) - defence power of all units from village x against mounted units (with bonuses)

    Def's values have to count by all villages. But them are not values, that you can see in the battle reports.

    Attack strength = Off(ground) + Off(mount)

    Defence strength = [Off(ground*sum(Def{(v1tox)(groumd)} + Off(mount)*sum{Def(v1tox)(mount)}]/[Off(mount)+Off(ground)]


    Defence strenght = [Off(ground)*Def(v1)(ground)+Off(mount)*Def(v1)(mount)]/[Off(ground)+Off(mount)] + [Off(ground)*Def(v2)(ground)+Off(mount)*Def(v2)(mount)]/[Off(ground)+Off(mount)] + ...

    The first type of counting defence is simplier, but to count the participant defense palayers' streng requires the second type. And, in a WW village, imagine it with thousands village.