How to report a player fot botting ?.

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  • Hello,

    I've encountered a player, who:

    1) population does not grow

    2) always gets rid of all the resources in time before my raid, ~ 4 resources of each are left in stock

    I raided him like 5 times, every time "Links deleted by mod" I was able to gather little resources. And he always stuck on 140 population. I suspect he is someone's botted farm. I'd like you, the administration of travian, banned all his associated accounts.



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  • Hello,

    from the account profile you can find this button, which you can use for reporting the account. The Rule Enforcement Team will then have a look based on your report.

    Best regards


  • It could be so that the player in question is under constant farming from other players.

    If this is the case you would always end up with no resources or very few.

  • Reporting him won't help since Travian seems to not care about botting, but anyway, try your luck :D

  • Now for the genuine answer. You simply dont report them because trav wont do jack sh$t with your report anyways, they might ban some, but those are only the idiots that forgot to make their proxy last longer or something. Rarely will they use any remote sense of intelligence, they will only cling to ''hard evidence''. And seeing how the chance of your lovely cheater being a total and completely utter idiot, is quite small, the chances of him getting ''caught" are quite small. Dont even bother reporting dude, its a waste of time.

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...

    maybe you can hire The SPIKE-Team:

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  • From your description alone, I think there is a lot of account like that.

    Most of them called inactive account and usually farmed by every raider in your area.