Transfering Gold

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  • Hello,

    you can transfer gold after the account has been deleted via an email that you will receive at the address you used in registration. However, you can only transfer gold worth what you have bought.



  • Okay, thank you.

    Because I have read posts that said no transfer between accounts is possible. Maybe that is from an earlier rule set.

  • Hi,

    there are some limitations in gold transfers. In most cases, you cannot transfer gold from one domain to another. For example, if you play on an Anglosphere server, you can only transfer your gold to another (or the same that you have deleted from) Anglosphere server but not to servers in other domains. In your case, this is not a problem.

    Some special servers that are technically running under International domain are an exception to these limitations.



  • As far as I know you can not transfer gold from one account to another.

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  • As far as I know you can not transfer gold from one account to another.


    The only way to transfer gold to another account is to delete your account and only then you can use the link to

    transfer your gold to another account. But keep in mind that you can only transfer the amount of gold you once bought for.

    So for example if you once bought 600 gold you can only transfer max 600 gold even if you have 1300 on the account.

    So the highest amount you have bought for sets the limit you can transfer.