Discussions - Travian version 4.6

  • Dear players,

    Changes are coming! There is at least one change I think many of you will like a lot!

    We will soon release version 4.6 of Travian!

    You will be able to read about it in this thread. At first we will only post a small teaser but next week we will reveal everything about the changes! So stay tuned! You don't want to miss this!

    You can use this thread to discuss the changes, ask questions and give feedback.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

  • Rip.

    fix1: Gisangel -> Criblizer, fix2: feltsu -> Lexyz, fix3: Tyttöset, fix4: Mad_Dog, fix5: RusketusRaidat -> Kiukku, fix6: Mehukatti, fix7: Nosporde fix9: Tim-Antti, fix11: TaylorSwift, fix12: TurhatPojat, fix13: frágile, fix14: Green Day s1(2): NotYourFriend, s1(3): Olivia, s1(4): Seilori, nordicsx4: Spede Beard, nordicsx5: CataLAN, nordicsx6: Bunny Party, nordicsx7: Jack Hammer -> Muotovalio

  • RIP Nordic servers.

    N3x4 - Zerac // N5xNYS - Zerac // N3x5 - StellarPrincess // N3x6 - Trazer // N3x7 - Mr. Tinkertrain // E5xNYS - Taz // N3x8 -Twilight Zone