NEW VIKING TRIBE!! personal fan project, creating new tribe for Travian game :)

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  • Hy @thunderlight!

    Great work, but there are some mistake.

    Order of units: base infrantry, other infrantri(es), scout, mounted units, etc. And, in the others infranties and mounted units: by training time.

    The maximum upkeep of infratry is one. The maximum cost of an unit: 665/upkeep. So Bearmonger has to been to plan. (If it is an infrantry unit, the best war values: 75/80/30, training time: 35:28.)

    Base training time: cost * 3,2 / SQRT(upkeep), and the main infranty attacker has a *0,8 multiplier.

    tier1: Free folk. By value, this unit's cost is 195, base training time: 06:24.

    tier2: Shield Maiden. Suggested cost is 385, base training time (by your cost): 23:28. or (by suggested cost): 20:32.

    tier3: Berserker (main varrior infranty): 23:15.

    Ram defend value againts ground: 30. Catapult defend value againts mounted: 10, training time: 2:30:00.

    I do not see the values of the wall (defence bonus, and the stability). the traders speed and capacity.

    And the nation's buliding values and effetc. Sorry, I see it. Maybe: the Longhouse can not build in the village, if there is a Town Hall.